Just Believe

Its About a Girl who finds herself in serious trouble but also turns out to have some kinds of powers she got out of no where. She tries showing her mom what it is. But ends up being kicked by her Mom. READ TO FIND OUT MORE!


2. Being Tested On!

"Huh?... what where am i?". "I cant move...". "I cant open my eyes....WHAT IS GOING ON?!". That day I didn't know was going on i ended up outside a building I don't know where but somewhere. I was lost. I couldn't find my way home I didn't have my phone on me. It was in my backpack. But I didn't have my backpack. For some reason. I was feeling thirsty. I put my hand out hoping for some water cuz it was no where to be found. Suddenly a Glass of water was placed On my hand. I opened my eyes and I saw no one. I was scared to drink the water but I did it anyway. It was the good water which I drink the whole cup.


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