'A mystical embodiment that can make you special, a new evolution. A new type of human, otherwise known as the indifferents.'

4 people meet because of the same man. Snake. Can they settle their petty differences and work together to find him?


5. Part 1- Getting Along At This Awkward Training Camp

Part 1- Getting along at this awkward training camp.

Felix was taken aback as two Americans gave him a big warm welcome, he cowardly introduced himself and scanned the room. A glasses boy, blonde, fair skinned, very excitable. He called himself 'Jack'. The next one was called Jade. Long black hair, brown eyes, a tinged orange tan, she was quite...forward. Felix looked at the last person, olive skin, dyed red hair, all choppy and layered with a little plait beneath the mound of hair. Felix and the girl looked straight at each other but the girl eventually averted her gaze. "You're name is...?" Felix asked. "My name's Bea, h-hello..." She mumbled quietly.
"She's the boring one, not very interesting at all." Jade informed Felix. "Really now..." Everyone heard Bea mumble. Jack looked anxiously at Felix and he gave a 'nothing much we can do now' shrug. "Yup! I'm the one who all the guys want, better looking, better power since I'm a blood manipulator, bigger breasts...!" Jade boasted. "You think you're all that because your Mom works here."


Suddenly Bea grunted and sat up straight after being slumped on the sofa. "Come here..." She said grimly. "Who, me?" Jade pointed at at herself. Bea rolled her eyes. "Yes."
Bea took a deep breath in and out. "Better looking, huh? Bigger breasts? More interesting?" Bea grabbed Jade's low cut t-shirt. "Says the one who pads her chest with a shittonne of tissue!" Bea began throwing tissue out of the girls top. "And you wonder why I try and be boring, because when I choose to speak, me or someone else gets extremely pissed off!" Bea slumped on the sofa and hid her face in her hoodie.

More silence.

"Oh my god..." Felix began to laugh. "You think this is funny?! I thought we had a thing!" Jade pouted. "A thing?! As if!" Felix kept laughing.
"I admit, that was funny, but it's not that hilarious man, what's up?" Jack laughed slightly. "Because it was so awesome yet so out of character for this girl!" Felix smiled. Bea looked up at him. He gave her a thumbs up and she smiled back. "Well! Interacting with you 3 is going to be fun!" Jack laughed.

Then, there was a knock on the door. Fiona poked her head through. "Wassaaaaap! My home flies?!" Everyone looked at each other in confusion. "Please stop embarrassing me..." Felix said disgustedly. "A-and, isn't it home FRY? N-not flies..." Jack mumbled shyly.
Fiona looked around the room, scanning everyone. There was tissue on the floor, Jade was on one side of the room, moaping, Felix and Bea were still giggling over what just happened and Jack was looking at them, wanting to join in. "Hehe. So I guess everyone is getting along, huh?" Fiona smiled. "NO." They all bluntly said. Fiona giggled. "Ah, working here is going to be awesome, okay little humans, follow me!"

"How old is your...uh...aunt?" Jade asked. Felix shivered. "She's my guardian, she is the care worker that looked after me since the incident with Snake, I refused to live with her because she's so hyperactive. She's 25 now." Felix explained. Jade snorted. "Sounds like a riot."
"Down here are the dorm rooms. Bea's mother sorted the room out for you all. It's quite a big room all four of you will be sharing..." Fiona explained.



"It's only for like 2 nights then you are going to a special camp." Fiona shrugged. "Wonderful...I love watching everyone argue." Jack said sarcastically. Fiona opened the door, there was a girls side and a boy side and a curtain to separate both sides. Bea immediately jumped on a bed and sighed happily. "Soft..." She mumbled to herself. Jack wondered over to a large door built into the wall, he opened it and his face lit up. "No way guys! We have an IN BUILT wardrobe." He flung the door open further and ran in. "You're shitting me!" Jade gasped and ran in after him. Now Felix and Bea were left alone. Felix felt his stomach twist, this girl was too quiet and he wasn't used to it, but he felt like he could just stare at her all day. He noticed little things about her, the small, star shaped beauty spot beneath her right eye, the way she she fumbled with her hair when they were alone, the rosiness of her cheeks. Everything.

Felix began slowly pacing around the room, the walls were blue with light blue spots on it, the carpet was soft and fluffy. He eventually turned around to Bea's bed and she was glaring right at him. "What? Are you looking at this stretcher in my ear?" He asked. "Because it's face, I still want a job." Bea shook her head and bit her lip. "Um...My Mum said..." Bea paused again and started fumbling around with the small plait under her hair. "She said you JUST discovered your powers 2 days ago...I-is that true?" She said quietly.
Felix grinned a wide grin, he felt very proud Bea was starting the conversation, she seemed so untouchable or someone who pushed herself away from the world. "Yeah, I unconsciously used them to get awake from Snake for the second time." Felix explained. Bea's eyes widened, she crossed her legs on her bed and patted it, urging Felix to sit down. He hesitated for a moment and stammered, but Bea then furiously patted the bed and Felix ran over and practically leaped of the silk, purple coverings.

"What's your power, uh...Felix? Can you control it?" She asked him. "Fire and can't really control it yet, haha." Felix rubbed the back of his neck, he felt embarrassed, not being able to control his powers. It looked like Bea was going to start laughing at him. She might as well shout 'You're a such a noob!'
Bea shrugged. "Oh well. I couldn't control them either at first, I...I kept thinking of happened with Snake and my shadow powers would cause chaos. I would knock things over with my powers, accidentally cause power cuts. The usual for me." Bea smiled sadly and let her feelings pour out to Felix, she didn't care who heard, but this boy was sitting there and actually listening to her. Felix nodded intently while Bea talked about her clumsy self caused mayhem everywhere. Felix found her amazing, he could imagine her tripping up all the time. "But, uh, Bea. Why are you telling me all this? Why do you want to know if I can control these powers or not?" Felix curiously asked.

"I can help you control them." Bea nodded. "Try enveloping your whole body with fire."
Felix nodded. He breathed in and out, in and out, in...out. He closed his eyes tightly shut and tried to think about fire. Fire dancing around him and surrounding his body, he tried and tried to make a single flame but it was straining him and his head suddenly started throbbing. "Argh!" Felix clutched his head. Bea rolled her eyes. "What?" Felix angrily said through his teeth. "You're meant to empty your mind and think about one thing, only. Close your eyes again." Bea sighed. Suddenly Bea grabbed Felix's left hand. "Think about something...Cool, or new, or maybe an interesting memory. Think about maybe, sound, smell or touch. Something that your head can't stop being happy about." Bea tightened her grip on his hand. Felix's heart started to beat faster. 'Why is she holding my hand?' Felix began to think. 'Why am I so happy about her touching my hand?' 'What's up with me?!'
Suddenly Felix felt a tingling sensation down his back. "Hehe, I feel ticklish..." Felix smirked and fire surrounded him. Bea squeaked and her hand jerked back. Felix opened his eyes, he looked at the fire surrounding him, he made it jump around his arms and hands. "Haha!" Felix grinned.  "You did it! You really did it! You're so awesome!" Bea shouted excitedly and gripped Felix's hands. The fire stopped and once again, she flinched and jerked her hands back. She left one hand open and stared at it. "S-sorry, I just kinda got excited you know, I've never taught anyone before, it's not like we're FRIENDS or anything like that..." Bea began to mumble to herself. Felix smiled gently and grabbed Bea's hand, their fingers interlocking. "It's because we ARE friends!" Felix kept a grip on Bea's hand. The moment was forgettable. Suddenly, an orange, darker hand planted itself on top. "Yeah! We're all gonna be friends, right?" Jade grinned. Bea looked at her skeptical, Jade's eyes narrowed. "I guess we can try..." Bea slightly sung. "Mmn." Jade replied. Jack ventured over, and nervously perched himself next to Bea. He sat there, looking at the pile of hands. "Ugh! Just...just...HERE!" Jade grabbed the boy's hand and planted it on top. "Friends, right? No pulling tissue out of bras, no saying you have things with guys you've just met. Fresh. Start?" Jack gruffly asked. "Right." Everyone said together. And with that got ready to sleep.



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