'A mystical embodiment that can make you special, a new evolution. A new type of human, otherwise known as the indifferents.'

4 people meet because of the same man. Snake. Can they settle their petty differences and work together to find him?


3. Jade's Story

Jade's story

Jade's life never really went as well as it is now, facing horrible things which made her renew herself. Be more confident, she just wanted to be popular now. Cool. Looked up to. The one all the gossip went to. But how the hell was she meant to do that when she was a teenager working for the government? Despite her attitude, she was pretty brainy and being an indifferent, the government just had to snap her up. Jade made designs for new gadgets, she would build them too, with help. But after practice she became a pretty good engineer.

Waiting for the last two people to come into the room where her and another boy was boring, she already knew Jack, he works for the government too, a brain box of a kid. They pretty much share the same past. Being caught by Snake, having to bear that horrible torture. She shivered. "Hey, glasses." Jade suddenly said to break the silence. Jack looked up. "Did you come here for the same reasons as me? To find out the truth about Snake? And why he did what he did to us?"
Jack nodded. "Obviously, I want to smash his head open. He caused everyone to suffer. Probably like the other two who'll be here soon..."
"I see..." Jade pushed up her bra. "Hm. Well I hope a cute guy comes walking through the door, so I can flirt and make. Him. Mine." Jade smiled. Jack shook his head. "Be nice to them, otherwise they'll hate you. You aren't really that great at making first impressions since you're so bitchy." Jack pushed up his glasses.
"Rude!" Jade pouted.
Jade closed her eyes as the long wait carried on. Where the hell are these people? They must have came from very far away.

Suddenly, an image flashed through Jade's mind, she was about 8 in this image, locked inside a pod. A very clear picture of Snake was right in front of her. "Turn it on." He said gruffly. A switch was turned to on, was was it going to do. Jade's 8 year old self started to thrash about, she knew what was going to happen. A static charge pulsed around the pod. The little girl screamed out in agony. She started to cry out the words "I won't tell! I WON'T TELL!" Jade's body shivered. She didn't want to remember.

"Jade..." A voice called out.  Who was that? "Jade! Wake up!" The voice said again. "Jade! I can hear voices outside!" Jade snorted as she bolted up and saw Jack looking at her, angrily. "Finally you're awake...Jesus Christ..." He said impatiently. "Now, let's see what the hell they bring in..." Jade mumbled to herself as the door opened.


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