'A mystical embodiment that can make you special, a new evolution. A new type of human, otherwise known as the indifferents.'

4 people meet because of the same man. Snake. Can they settle their petty differences and work together to find him?


1. Felix's Story


There are things in this world, things you only read in books and see in films. Magic. A mystical embodiment that can make you special, a new evolution. A new type of human, otherwise known as the indifferents. Most indifferents are shunned upon, forced to live a life on loneliness. However, others are chosen to fight for us, and some are about to begin their journey...


Felix's story.


'Where exactly am I going?' Felix said over and over again in his head. Sneaking out of a care home to go wondering about was never one of his smart moves but Felix was so bored. No actual family to talk to was annoying. But sneaking out at night was exhilarating.
He began to start getting a skip in his step. The excitement of sneaking out was cool, it wasn't like him to be like this.

 Felix shivered, he swore he kept hearing noises. He shrugged it off and carried on walking.


Felix span around. "The art museum." He mumbled under his breath as he ran towards it. Should he really be checking out strange noises. Felix wondered if this was idiotic, he may not be the dumb one out of a horror film who checks out every noise under the sun; boy was he being assertive right now. As he ran towards the museum he saw shadows, a lamppost light flickered on and off. Felix gasped and stopped straight in his tracks. That man, the thin, slender, quick thinking criminal of the underworld. Snake. An infamous man set out to kill anyone who gets in his tracks, like what nearly happened to Felix and what what happened to his family. Felix was shocked, to see the man who killed his family when he was 7, it was like some scary fate. He started to move forward slowly, but started hesitating again. Snake looked Felix's way. Felix squeaked in panic and tripped over his own feet.


Right into the hard stone ground. "Who's there?!" A voice called out. Felix stayed to the ground. 'Thump thump thump!' Footsteps were coming, and very quickly. There seemed to be more than one person there, however Felix stayed stuck on the floor. "Who the fuck is this?!" A man grunted and kicked Felix repeatedly in the side of his stomach. "A-aaargh!" Felix let out a cry. "STOP IT!" He shouted. The man laughed and carried on kicking him.
"Wait....Stop, that voice. Rob stop kicking the boy." Felix knew that voice straight away, Snake. Rob kept kicking the boy, he spat out blood. "JACKASS STOP!" Snake shouted and pushed the 6 foot man away.

There was a slight pause, then a snigger. Felix felt a boney hand slide across his neck and grab his collar. He was dragged up. "Ah. So it WAS you, boy...Haven't you grown into a strapping young lad after I murdered your family, you've toughened up, huh?" The man, Snake hissed. Felix looked away. "Maybe not. Should I kill you to? It was a shame that you got away, young organs are good on the market. But before that boy, how did you find me here? Stealing some lovely art? Did you follow me?"
"Likely, you're the one in my territory, so if you would kindly unhand me and get back to stealing so I can go home, it would be much appreciated." Felix sighed, he was shaking badly, this all happened too fast. If only he didn't try to be assertive and sneak out. A thin grin grew on Snake's lips. "Oh but my boy! Felix, that wouldn't be right now? After this nice reunion, I thought we could do some recapping on various events, hm?"
Felix began to move side to side violently, trying to escape. 'I wanna go home, I wanna get back. Jess will be angry and worried. My guardian will wonder where I am.' Felix repeated those words to himself. "AAARGH! I WANNA GO NOW!" He screeched. Snake sighed, he looked and the men beside him and scratched his chin.

Suddenly, the 6 foot, burly men launched at Felix and slammed him to the floor. Snake's voice went gruff. "It isn't nice to rudely leave here after I haven't told you what happened to your family again, right?" Snake laughed manically. Felix shook his head quickly. ", no, no, no, please.....Don't...." Felix breathed in and out slowly, he was tired and scared. His voice was shaking, his fringe was strapped to his forehead with sweat. "First, your lovely sister and father. They, well they didn't struggle much. Me and my men grabbed your father and slit his throat. Aaah, the blood gushing from his neck was wonderful, he buckled to the floor whilst your older sister cried out bloody murder. Get it? Bloody murder? Haha, I do find myself funny."

The other two men who has Felix strapped down chuckled. "Shut up! SHUT THE HELL UP! LET ME GO HOME YOU SICK COLD BLOODED FREAK!" Felix began to shout again, struggling under the weight of Rob and the other tall man. Snake ignored his pleas and carried on. "After your father, well your sister was easy, just a quick twist of her neck and she was out like a light!" Snake looked Felix straight in the eyes. "And I saved the most brutal death till last...."
No. Not her, Felix didn't want to remember her death. He grew angry, a warmth in his chest began to bubble and Felix began to sweat even more. He began getting hotter and hotter. His blood boiling, veins pulsing. The two, strong, angry men let go of Felix and bounced back. They looked at their hands which were all burnt and singed. "O-oi Boss! He's burning up! Boss! S-Snake! Are you listening to me?!" Rob panicked. Snake ignored him. "The most brutal death was...your mother." Snake gave an icy grin. And that was it, the trigger word which made Felix snap. Felix leaped up and growled. He felt like he was burning up!

Suddenly, Felix took a sudden instinctive to look at his hand. A light began to surround his hand, it didn't hurt him, but it sort of...Tickled. Fire leaped and danced around his hand, no wonder he felt so hot. Then, without Felix's control, his fiery fist planted itself on Snake's face. Snake staggered back. "I've decided, next time I see you, I will fucking kill you. When I'm stronger, I will have you! SNAKE!" Felix yelled and ran off into the night. Snake's two henchmen readied themselves to run after the boy

"Wait, don't run after the boy, Rob, Mark..." Snake's tongue flickered. "Things are getting interesting....I never knew this boy had the indifferent gene like his shitty family of his."
Felix leaped over a wall and ran as fast as he could, his breath, uneven, his hand, shaking. The light around his hand wouldn't go. "Stop! Why the hell is there fire envoloping my hand?!" Felix stopped whilst he waved his hand up and down furiously, he seemed to be getting odd looks by the people around. Then it clicked. How did no one hear him yelling or screeching?! How did Snake not be seen by people passing by? Why could HE only see Snake? Was it this strange power? The fire eventually faded away. Felix clenched his fist and glared at it, he felt strange. What was he now, he felt like an outcast in a way?

"Gotta get back to the care home..." Felix mumbled shakily under his breath and ran around the corner, a few metres down the road and skidded left; he eventually encountered his carehome. Felix pushed the tall, curved metal gate and stood beneath one certain window. He bent down and picked up a few small rocks. And kept throwing them at the window, again and again until the window flung open. "H-hey...." Felix looked up at the girl sheepishly. She rolled her eyes and opening up the other window. "Tried to be adventurous, huh? Sneaking out...AGAIN. Get the hell up here."
Felix sighed and launched at the pipe and began to climb up it, eventually he grabbed the fair haired girls hand and got dragged in with brute force. Felix began to shake. "Jess...." He sighed. "I saw him...."

"Saw who? God Felix, who? The police? A black cat? What?" Jess looked at him and her eyes widened as a single tear came from the boy's face. "W-wait....Y-you don't mean him?!"
Felix nodded quickly. "But something happened, something odd, Jess." Felix stood up and stared straight into the girls green eyes. "W-what....What happened?" Jess said, hypnotized by Felix's blue eyes. Felix sighed and looked at his hand, he clenched his hand tight so it rolled up into a fist; a fire span around it. The fire disappeared after a few seconds and Jess giggled. "Hey? Why are you laughing? This isn't funny, I have this random ball of fire that appears outta nowhere!" Felix began shaking his arm up and down wildly. Jess shook her head. "My dear Felix, I have no powers and I know more about YOUR condition that you." Jess grabbed her phone and went on Youtube and began stabbing rapidly at her phone.

"Watch this." Jess threw Felix the phone. He stared intently at the screen and watched as a man shot jets of water out of his hand, it looked like he was trying to make a fire settle down. The water danced and splashed around the mans arms like a majestic dance. "H-he's like me..." Felix mumbled, wiping the single tear from his cheek. He was finally calming down. "Yup..And there's many more like you Felix. Ever heard of people called 'indifferents'?" Jess asked him.
"Yeah but, I thought they were people from myths. Not actual real life people!" Felix kept replaying the video. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Indifferents are the next generation of humans, they''re special." Jess put her hand on shoulder, however she tightened her grip. "What's up, Jess?" Felix stuttered.
"However, in modern day society, most indifferents are shunned upon, because well...they're different! Because they're powerful than others. So, I advise you to keep these powers a secret between you and me, 'kay?" Jess looked at Felix with a very sincere expression. He nodded.

"I'll go to bed now. It's late Jess, and we don't want Fiona screaming bloody murder at us and especially me for sneaking out of the care home, haha! Thanks for being a good friend." Felix smiled at Jess and she smiled back. "If only you didn't see me as JUST a friend...." She mumbled sadly under her breath.
"Say something, Jess?"
"Nope, good night."
"Good night."
Felix jumped into bed and sighed. "What an eventful night...." He sighed. He kept making the fire come and go, it didn't hurt him one bit. It just tickled. Suddenly Felix's door shut, he quickly made the fire go away and bolted straight up. Who was watching him? Is he just being paranoid? He shrugged it off and drifted off to sleep. He had to go to school tomorrow, and he can't let his secret slip out.
Felix slowly opened his eyes, instantly he groaned. School. How was he going to stop himself from scaring the people he hates with his fire powers? He chuckled a little thinking about a really strong guy running away from puny him. Felix yawned and slumped his half naked body over to his phone. The time was 11am. Felix rubbed his eyes furiously, what? No. 11am? Seriously. In a rush, he just slipped on some dark red skinny jeans and ran downstairs. "Oi! Oi! Fiona? Where are you?" Felix ran around the roomy house. "Why didn't you wake me u----oh...Hey..." Felix ran into Fiona, the care worker of this house. Her black hair was always tied into a loose bun and her dark brown eyes were guarded by thick rimmed glasses.

"I did it on purpose. I know where you've been going Felix, I know you saw Snake yesterday and I know you're an indifferent." Fiona looked at him dead straight in the eyes. Felix started stammering and began to think of a lame excuse to back himself up. "Don't think of any excuse, Felix. I know you. I'm not here to punish you. I'm here to give you a suggestion. See Snake is a big man in the indifferent world. Everyone wants to kill him, but not many people know him personally, like you." Fiona paused for a second to let Felix take this all in. "We want to catch him, but to catch him we need people who have been up close and personal to him. So we want you to fly off to America and go to a special magic training school. There you will train to help your powers grow stronger. And then with other people, you will head out on a mission to capture and possibly kill Snake. You up for it?" Fiona grinned.
"So....If I go to this school, there will be people like me? And I will be able to get vengeance on Snake?" Felix asked cautiously.
"Yes. If that's why you want to go. I'll allow it." Fiona smiled again. Felix looked at the ground and began to think. This way, he can meet others like him and make friends with people who understand him. Maybe they will know a possible location of where Snake may be. "I'll go. But answer me this, how many other kids like me have a past with Snake? Does he attack indifferents only? Who will I be teaming up with? Is anyone being told right now?" Felix asked quickly.
"Whoa, whoa and here I thought it would just be one question...Okay.  There are about 12 kids ranging from ages from 12 to 18. Yes, indifferents are his prey, no one even knows if he is an indifferent. 3 other people so a team of 4. Yes, 3 others, who you will likely be in a team with since you'll all be meeting up on the same day." Fiona took a big breath out. "Geez man! Too. Many. Questions! Oh and get dressed my good human, you're leaving today, you're packed to go you just need a t-shirt on!"

Felix cried out loud. "Aaah! You're kidding me Fiona! You planned this didn't you? You knew I was gonna get powers soon! Argh!" Felix ran up stairs and put a grey t-shirt on and jumped back downstairs. Fiona threw a suitcase at him and they both ran outside into a car. "I do LOVE to surprised you Felix!" Fiona sarcastically said and made a heart with her hands. Felix rolled his eyes. "Oh and before we go to the airport. We're going to your school first."
"Why?" Felix asked in bewilderment. "Jess." Fiona said bluntly. "Oh...I see. A-and Fiona, how did you know I was going to get my powers soon?" Felix asked.
"I work for that place in America and they taught me how to predict when people get their powers, and with you I was right!" Fiona beamed a smile at him then looked out of the window. "Ah, she's waiting for you outside the school." The car pulled up beside Jess. Felix got out of the car to see Jess' worried face. "So...You agreed to go to that magic place, huh?" Jess sung slightly. Felix nodded. "I'll miss you, Jess. You're a good friend."
Jess laughed as tears fell down her face. She looked at Felix, grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. "When will you see me as more than that?!" Jess sobbed through her laughter. Felix stammered. What was this girl on about? "Felix. We have to go." Fiona said from the car. Jess broke the hug. "Uh...Bye Jess." Felix smiled sadly. "Yeah, bye." Jess grabbed Felix again and kissed his cheek.

Felix went back into the car, rubbing his cheek. "She, she uh, kissed me on the cheek and said when will I see her as more than a friend. She's sure acting weird that Jess." Felix told Fiona. However, Fiona burst out laughing. "HAHA! FELIX! You're SO dense!" Fiona wiped a tear from her eye. "What? Why? I'm so confused?!" Felix whined.
"She has a CRUSH on you!" Fiona burst out laughing again. Felix went red. "HAH? SHE LIKED ME?! IT'S SO OBVIOUS NOW!" Felix shook his head in embarrassment. "But...You don't feel the same way, do you?"
Felix sighed. "Nope." Fiona patted him on the back. "Let's get going to America then."

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