'A mystical embodiment that can make you special, a new evolution. A new type of human, otherwise known as the indifferents.'

4 people meet because of the same man. Snake. Can they settle their petty differences and work together to find him?


6. Chapter 2- Fight

Chapter 2- Fight.
Jack yawned as soon as he opened his eyes. He smiled widely. He felt happy to be here, happy under the silk, black covers, happy to be by friends and new friends at that. Jack sat up and squinted his eyes. "Glasses..." He mumbled to himself and started scrambling around for them. "Damn..." Jack began moving his hands more furiously, he squeaked as his hand slipped off his bed, with a big 'thud' he fell on the floor. "Looking for these?" A voice called out and handed him the glasses. "Come on sleepy head, I think the girls have already ventured off." Felix nodded awkwardly. Him and Jack never really spoke before. "Lemme just...yeah..wake up and get a t-shirt...Yeah..." Jack mumbled sleepily and Felix laughed. "Yeah, haha."


Felix and Jack followed the sound of shouting and cheering until they came across a large room full of excitable teenagers. The room has fighting rings and various apparatus for free jumping. Felix looked around for Jade and Bea. Jade was currently showing off her blood powers to other people. She bit into her wrist and cut it, the blood dropped from her wrist and stopped in mid air. Jade smirked as the blood wrapped itself around her arm and made a blade. "And that's how my power is done!" She said proudly. Felix waved at her and clapped in excitement. All these new powers were incredible, everyone used their power with their own special style which impressed a noob like Felix.

"Haha! You're amazing!" Felix heard Jack laugh. He was watching Bea vanish then reappear from the floor. "I can teleport places. Short distance mostly so I can..." Bea vanished. "POP! Up on people!" Bea hooked herself around Jack and he screamed then went red. "You..." Jack stammered. "I'm sure you can do it with your fire powers, Felix." Bea shrugged. "Maybe, maybe I can fight too, I mean, I box." Felix said casually. Suddenly Jade intruded, "Ooh! A boxer! How manly! I can fight too...I can.." Jade flicked her wrist up at Jack and he buckled over and started to groan. "Do that to people...Heh." Jade smiled.
"Why is it me they pick on?!" Jack moaned.
"Because you're fun to tease." Bea smirked. "I like teasing you, it'"
Jack's face went red again. "Sh-shut up. Let's just go over there and I'll show how cool my powers are..." Jack dragged Bea away.

"Powers, they're one of a kind huh?" A voice chimed in Felix's ear. "Fiona!" Jade smiled. Fiona smiled back at the girl and gave Felix a friendly punch on the arm. "Are you two getting along?" Fiona asked. "Yup, better than yesterday. Now, what's up?" Felix asked.
Fiona grinned and looked over to where various fighting mats were. "Oh....Just to say there's a special announcement in a few seconds. So listen up!" Fiona raised an eyebrow and waved goodbye. "I wonder what's up?" Jade pondered.
"Who knows?"
Through the chatter and the enchantments a loud voice appeared through the crowd. "SILENCE!" The voiced boomed. Everyone jumped. Bea stood perfectly still and had a annoyed look on her face. "Mother..." She hissed as Jack. He nodded sympathetically. Bea's mother grinned and swished her blonde hair. She looked nothing like her daughter, green eyes, fair skin, blonde hair. Like a princess, a scary princess. "You know why you're here, to fight and to fight means to practice and practice. So, why not let you fight each other? Friendly, of course, I will take notes on each fight, to decide what activities you will do during the camp."
Everyone groaned, some grinning and some mortified out of their minds. Like Felix. Fiona got out a tablet and coughed loudly. "Kay...First two groups to fight...Jack and Bea. Second group Jade and Lily."

Jade began to whine as she moaped towards Fiona. "Hey Jack. Swap with meee! I wanna beat Bea up!"
"I want to do the same but sadly I'm gritting my teeth." Bea smiled and rolled her eyes. "On you're own time, you can fight. You have a time limit." Bea's mother explained, she nodded at her daughter and her daughter nodded back. Jade was already on the move, she ripped her skin open and a large amount of blood flew out of her a twisted around her arm, it formed a bigger blade that she has ever made. However the girl she was fighting, Lily, counteracted it with her ice magic, she grabbed the blade and froze it. Lily then smashed the blade and the blood scattered everywhere. Jade fell onto the floor and grunted, Felix leaned in to take a closer look. He saw Jade grin, bounce back up and kick her opponent in the stomach she was strong, no wonder she was picked for the government. Meanwhile Bea and Jack were just glaring at each other, everyone mumbled in confusion. "Hurry it up!" Fiona warned, tapping her watch.

Jack pushed up his glasses and smirked. He stretched out the palm of his hand and summoned a broadsword and he ran at Bea. Bea gasped and tumbled backwards, but she soon jumped up again. Jack kept attacking her with his sword, but it wouldn't penetrate the shield Bea had made for herself so he changed his weapon to a more elemental one. This time he summoned a sword whose blade was made of fire. Bea began to attack Jack again, sending balls of her dark power at Jack, occasionally getting close enough to punch and kick him. Jack would do the same back. He slashed the fire sword at Bea and she yelped in pain then fell to the ground. If Jack slashed at her again, Bea's powers would be immobilized. Bea began to grunt, a dark aura covered her hands and she grabbed Jack's sword and threw it behind her. With no more options, the pair began to punch each other instead.

"STOP!" Alice shouted. Bea and Jack froze. "I'm ending your fight prematurely, you're both as strong as each other...It's a draw."
Everyone began to whisper. "That was scary..." one person said. "They're both freakishly powerful." Another said. "They, they are amazing." Felix joined in, breath taken. Felix then looked over to Bea and Jack again. Bea had gone pale, nobody had noticed. Wait. No. Someone else had. Jade. She was looking over at Bea while she was fighting, Jade then glanced over at Felix and nodded at him. He nodded back. "Jack! Bea's going to faint!" Felix shouted and as if on cue, Bea began to buckle over and was falling to the ground. "Shit." Jack mumbled and caught Bea in his arms. She was safe. Same didn't go for Jade however, Lily was slowly advancing on her. "You keep an eye on your opponent! Not your allies!" The ice manipulator laughed, she summoned a large shard of ice and smashed it across Jade's face. Jade flew to the ground, her long black hair covering her face. Was she okay? Suddenly, Jade's hand flew up in the air. "I FORFEIT!" She squeaked and got up slowly, there was blood all over her face. Felix didn't know what to do, all his friends were all hurt now, he watched as Jack carried the sleeping Bea away, wanting to help them, he stood up to follow them. "Felix! Don't go anywhere! You're fighting next." Fiona shrugged.
"R-right..." Felix mumbled. He couldn't do anything now.


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