'A mystical embodiment that can make you special, a new evolution. A new type of human, otherwise known as the indifferents.'

4 people meet because of the same man. Snake. Can they settle their petty differences and work together to find him?


2. Bea's Story

Bea's Story

A girl walked alone across the stone path, in her private boarding school. Nobody liked her, she wasn't like the others. Bea was stranger than the other girls and boys here. "Eh...Isn't that her?" People would mumble as she walked by. "Yeah, yeah it is." Others would say excitedly in reply. "The indifferent girl, she's not to be trusted. That shadow girl."
Bea always tried to ignore everyone, but since that incident with than man Snake, she's never been the same. Never ever. Whenever she thought of that man her powers would go berserk. Bea controls the shadows, so people don't trust her, people would constantly be paranoid and look over their shoulder just in case she was 'watching them from the shadows'. As if she'd be that creepy. Slowly, Bea was becoming rejected from the world. Her power was pretty dark, but she never used it in school. One day, she believes that she'll slowly but surely disappear from this world and nobody will notice her. And Bea will become a world rejectee.

Suddenly Bea jolted up and hit her head off the seat in front of her. "Crap..." She rubbed her head. "Excuse me, you don't say that word in front of me!" Bea rolled her eyes. Just a dream. She's still on the plane to America. "That's barely a swearword...." Bea sighed. "If you wanted to be a pain, you should of stayed back in England." Her Mother smiled at her.
"You know I wanted to get away from that boarding school....And to find out why Snake did that, t-to Dad..." Bea mumbled. She didn't feel like talking, she never usually did. Mainly because when she does blurt out something, people become very angry. "I know, and plus, your lovely Mum works at this power place too, so much more Mum for Bea!" Her Mum laughed. Bea rolled her eyes. This was the first time she's been abroad, being on a plane was weird, like a bus, but in the sky. "Anyway! There's a few pictures of people I'd like you to see! They are the people you'll probably see when you arrive, they are here for the same reasons you are." Her mother, Alice, shoved the phone into her daughters hands. "The first one is a very cute one! He's named Felix! Look! Look! He's ginger." Alice giggled. Bea rolled her eyes, her mother was too old to fan-girl over ginger hair. She looked at the boys face, blue eyes, ginger bed head hair, but it suited him. "I think you'll get along with him he's from England too."

Bea grumbled. "Do you have all the people who have came here just to beat up Snake on your phone?"
"Yes, since I am one of the moderators. I need to recognize everyone." Alice swiped the screen. "Here's the other two. Americans!" Bea made an annoyed grunt. She looked at the picture of the long, black haired girl.  "She's stuffed her bra. She's trying too hard. Do I have to interact with her? I don't like speaking to people." Bea shoved the phone back to her Mum. She hated speaking to new people, because of her distant attitude she's hated straight away. Even though she hated this girl already, Bea really didn't want to make a bad impression. A bleeping sound suddenly came out of nowhere, Bea looked up. The 'Seat belts on' sign was flashing. They were here. America.
After another hour of traveling, Bea and her mother arrived. At the training school. Basically another boarding school, Bea thought. "Now the two Americans arrived a while ago. That Felix boy hasn't arrived yet, so it will give you time to get acquainted. Her mother explained as they walked down a marbled hallway. They came to a mahogany door to their left. Bea smirked. "Effie...." She mumbled under her breath. "Now go in." Her mother patter Bea's back. Bea looked up, confused. "We leave you all here for a while, just so the grown ups can chat...See you soon, Bea." Alice kissed her daughters forehead and pushed her in.

A girl, "big breasted." Showing off cleavage shot straight up and glared at her. Another boy with glasses beamed a smile at her. "Hey!" He said loudly. The unfamiliar accent twanged in her ears. She felt nervous and couldn't speak so she grinned and nodded at them both and sat down on the nearest sofa. "Ugh...A boring one. How sad." The bra stuffer scoffed.
Bea rolled her eyes. 'Great a bitchy one, how annoying' Bea thought. Why did she have to suffer through this?! Why can't the other English one get here soon? "Hey! You two, to make things a little more....exciting, when the last one comes, let's give him a big surprise welcome!" Miss bra stuffer grinned. Glasses boy agreed and Bea sighed. "Why? It'll just freak him out."
"It won't it will be nice and not boring as some of the people in here are...." The thing looked Bea up and down. Observing her. Suddenly, there were footsteps approaching. Everyone stood up and looked at the door. "I can hear a British accent." Glasses informed. "Oooh goodie, a nice British boy for me!"

The door swung open and a shock of ginger hair poked through. "HELLO!" The two Americans shouted happily. Bea looked over from the distance and then averted her gaze as Felix's blue eyes gazed over at her. "Whoa....Uh, um...Hey." He awkwardly waved. What an odd bunch of people they were. Bea sighed. The realization hit her. She probably will have to spend most of her time with this odd lot.



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