Darrel Hannigan's life was all black and white, a bore. But when the girl his heart has been waiting for comes along she starts tossing sparks of colour over his life. Now, he will never be the same again. This girl is Lily-Anne and she is the girl of this ordinary boy's dreams.


3. Yours

It's one past six. I'm late. It's one past and I am only just making my way up to the front door. She's going to think I've forgotten about her. She won't speak to me. She won't give me the chance to hand her the lily. Wait, Darrel, have you still got the lily? Yes you have. Good man, Mission accomplished. I walk throgh the door and there Is a big herd of people in front of me. I try to style out a weird side-skip through the crowd which makes me look like a huge looser. 


Lily-Anne is standing at the bar with two exotic coloured rdrinks in her hand. Probably drinking away her sorrow of me not showing up. Don't flatter yourself, mate. She sees me towering ovrr her (which would be difficult to miss) and hands me one of the pink/orange sunset coloured drinks. Making me  completely forget about the mess of panic I was not three minutes before hand. I down my cocktail, which tasted a lot like rum, but somehow Lily-Anne had finished her drink before me. The glass barely touches the table before she forces me onto the dance floor. 


Def Leppard, a band my mother would call 'The poodles of rock'. I start to sing along and soon I'm singing to Lily-Anne, with her singing back to me. She turns around and presses the back of her body against my front. She starts dancing against me. I mean, what does she I am? A pole? I'm not saying it isn't hot. It is just kind of awkward in the middle of a /public/ dancefloor. What exactly am I to her... Her backside (trying to keep things appropriate) is pressed up against my crotch. What does that mean? She turns to face me so her chest is pressed against mine and starts to do a sort of sway against me, placing my hands on her waist, I have no control over my own limbs niw. I'm breathing, heavily, trying so hard to act casual. Casual is not how I roll. 


She takes one hand and holds it, leaving the other In its current places. We dance, in a small circle to Stairway to Heaven, another Led Zeppelin song. I can tell she is smiling, even though her head in on my shoulder. I know she is smiling because she is feeling what I am (hopefully) and that feeling makes me smile. She stands on her toes to kiss my cheek and she blushes, hiding her head in my shoulder once again. I'm now also blushing trying to draw as little attention to myself, which is not possible when you're just short of seven foot.

'You know, you should let me see that beautiful face of yours a little more often.' 

'You should ask me to be your girlfriend. Can't have everything now can we?' She giggles. I'm smiling, still. She pulls me in closer and places her hands on my shoulders. I let my other hand slide down her body to join the other around her waist.


 It doesn't feel like we've been dancing for long but when I check my watch it is 11:59. We stop dancing, which disappoints me a little, and we join the crowd around the stage. A guy, the owner of this place, is making a speech. I'm not really listening, my attention Is on lily-Anne and her arm which is now around my back. I pull her to my side and the countdown starts. I prepare to get the lily as the countdown commences, making me panic. I need time!

'10... 9... 8...7... 6...' 

Lily-Anne is beaming at me and I rest my head in top of hers, trying to reach for the flower, as subtly as possible.

'5... 4...3...2...' 

I clutch the flower ready for 'one' but by the time the countdown is over Lily-Anne has already planted her plush lips onto mine. She's kissing me, her hands moving up my back and into my hair. I start to kiss her back, my hands on her hips. Her lips are tender, her hands are soft. I can feel her tongue slide into my mouth , and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. She pulls me closer once again, desperate for me, as I am for her. My hand is on her cheek and hers are now up the back of my shirt, as if she has forgotton we are in public. I don't care enough to stop her, she wants me and I want her too- what does the world matter? We've been kissing for a good few minutes before she finally pulls away. She starts to giggle, the adorable way she does and she bites her lip, making me melt. I'm a fool for her already.


She turns away to order a drink and this is my cue. I pull the lily, which is still beautiful, out of my pocket and hold It close to my chest, it hovering over my heart. I actually forgot how beautiful it is, it makes my eyes widen. She turns around with a bright red drink in her hand and gasps, the drink almost shooting out of the glass. She places it down, her hands shaking and smiles uncontrollably at me.

'Darrel... it's gorgeous!' 

I hold it out to her and she pulls it put of my clenched fist, careful not to break it. 

'Gorgeous like the beautiful girl standing in front of me.' 

She throws her arms around me and I place my hands on her back. We're both laughing. I told you, her laughter is contagious. 

'What is this for?'

'To remind you of your beauty, and yo ask you to be my lily, like that is yours..' how cheesy, Darrel. Great.

'I've always been your Lily. Since I first spoke to you.' 

She kisses my cheek and puts the flower into the bun on her head. 

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