Darrel Hannigan's life was all black and white, a bore. But when the girl his heart has been waiting for comes along she starts tossing sparks of colour over his life. Now, he will never be the same again. This girl is Lily-Anne and she is the girl of this ordinary boy's dreams.


6. hero

I think, in fact I know everyone expects me to be the hero in every situation. I'm not a hero, I am a teenager who overthinks and acts in the heat of the moment. Not a hero. I'm a hero for Lily-Anne, anything to please her. I must admit, I am slightly-no very- terrified of losing her now.

I'm walking around school and every fight, every bicker, they come to me to stop It. A lab experiment in science goes wrong and I have to stop. Teachers are in classrooms but they pluck me out of the corridor to save them. When your life is threatened and you're on the brink of extinction I will come to your rescue. I'm no superman: useless powers. I save my powers for those who need them and I have no control. I'm Hulk.

A girl runs up to me (I can't lie, she is pretty), crying and destraught and she says to me 'oh, my tyre. How on Earth am I supposed to get to that party tonight. Everybody is going to be there. Oh, wouldn't it be great if someone could help me.' She bats her eyelashes 'oh I have an idea, you can say no, but could you be my hero?' It all sounds very forced if you ask me. I'm sick of being a hero, why can't they get a different hero? I wish I had the balls to say 'no' but I'm not manly enough. Instead I sort out her tyre. I can see her reflection in the metal of the wheel. She's checking out my backside as I'm bent over pumping the tyre. I'm out of breath and she grabs my collar and pulls me down, onto her lips.


'What, never been kissed before?' She tries to do this cute giggle. How fake.

'You see, I'm used to my /girlfriend/ kissing me.' She turns her head, flicking her blonde hair at me. As she walks away I mutter 'not sluts like you.'

Cheerleaders really are dumb. They don't even know you've seen through all the giggling and eyelash-batting. I have one word for them: simple.

I'm sick of all of these people wanting me to protect them. The only person I've wanted to see all day is Lily-Anne. She keeps me sane, not these blonde bimbos around school, wanting to be my 'damsel in distress' it will never happen. They have never noticed me, never spoken to me until I'm the big, buff legend in town.

I don't understand why people won't drop the rescuing business. Anyone could do what I did. Or am I just too modest? Either way, I do not appreciate this attention. I'm nothing special, nothing worth hyping about. My first word wasn't 'Morrissey' was it? No! Just leave me alone, okay? Okay!

I sometimes wish I never saved Carolyn. I know it is a horrible thing to say, She could have died but I wouldn't have to save every other human on the planet. Save one little girl and you end up being the whole world's saviour. That is not what I asked for, I didn't sign up for this. It is in no way fair.

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