Darrel Hannigan's life was all black and white, a bore. But when the girl his heart has been waiting for comes along she starts tossing sparks of colour over his life. Now, he will never be the same again. This girl is Lily-Anne and she is the girl of this ordinary boy's dreams.


7. almost.

Home now, thank God! Free-and safe- from the traumas and pressures of heroism. I am no Jesus. 


Home sucks, but anything is better than the great outdoors. It's a usual day here: blasting loud music, air-instruments, pleasing children and bloody arguing. I think you get my drift. Amongst all of 'The Foo Fighters' tunes, 'The Pretender', to be precise, I hear a tapping, slow at first, on my big glass balcony door. The tapping becomes persistent and Eddie is getting stressed out so I have to do something. Stopping air-drumming and exploring for the core of this racket. I look out of the huge door-window mechanism thing (sorry for the bad description, I don't know what It Is). I mutter under my breath 'who on Earth would want to do this to /my/ window, what have I done to you, huh?' Throwing in a few swears as I go. I open the thing, let's call It a door, and I stop when I see her, I feel terrible for saying what I did when the realisation of Lily-Anne hits me. 

'Great aim, darlin'' 

'You,' she points at me, smiling, as always, 'broke the laws of 'luuuurve' you were supposed to meet me-' 

As soon as she says this I remember where I was supposed to be and cut in 'Oh shit! I'm sorry, I am terribly bloody sorry. I'm a horrible boyfriend-'

She then cuts into what I was going to say with a roar of laughter. Through this outburst she says to me 'hey, baby, chill 'kay?' 

'Sorry I just- oh this is awkward- I was petrified of losing you and I still am.' I'm red in face and I'm cringing away from her direction. 

'I'm not goin' anywhere, boo.' 

I let out a large sigh, big enough for her to notice and she takes this as a cue to climb up a long tree onto my balcony. She's leaning on the banister, trying to seduce me- it's working. Her body curves in all the right places and she knows it. I don't think this is something my little brother should see at such a young age but I don't really care. I'm staring at her, admiring her. She giggles and pulls me Into her, pressing her chest against me. 

'Kiss me, monseur love' she giggles at herself and I just stare at her, confused.

'Have you never seen 'Much Ado About Nothing', Shakespeare?'

As I shake me head, she whispers 'you should' and she wraps her arms around my shoulders and kisses me. I place my hands on her sides, where her body curves inwards and kiss her in return. Her lips are soft and tender. Biting my lip, she runs her hands down my back and up my shirt, so her hands are on my bare back. I have no idea what i'm supposed to do so I just kiss her, my hands now in her hair- I don't even know how they got there. She slips her tongue into my mouth and I can feel the blood rush around my body: excited. My tongue runs itself along hers, out of its own freewill. It's like our tongues have a kind of chemistry. She sits herself on the ledge of the balcony as I run my hand up her thigh and under her skirt. Her hands are still on my back, our skin touching. This is so hot. I can feel things I've never felt before and I don't want them to stop. I've been turned on before, but not like this. She lifts my Han Solo t-shirt off of me, revealing my body-abs and all- not that I'm bragging. The stars are glittering above us, as if they're there just for us and I remember the night I met her. Lily-Anne wraps her legs around my waist and I caress her legs, running my hands along them. As I kiss her neck she whispers into my ear 'I love you' and she pulls me in as close as she can get me. My hands find the buttons on her shirt- her school shirt- and I undo them, slowely. 

 'Coughcough.' It's my mother. I panic. I turn around and hide lily-Anne as she buttons up her shirt. I completely forgot that Eddie was there. My mother is staring at me, smiling away.

'Do you have any awareness for your brother.' She doesn't ask this as such, it's more of a statement, which throws me off a little. Luckily I don't need to say anything.

'Uh, hey Miss. Hannigan'.

'Oh hello, it's nice to meet you. Probably be nicer If it was in a different situation huh?' 

We all laugh. This is so awkward.

 'Next time you want to 'get freaky' as you kids say, make sure it isn't in front of your brother, m'kay?' That was a question which I reply to by nodding. 

My face is once again red and I notice Lilly-Anne is in hysterics, once again, as she looks over the balcony. I too gaze over to see that my t shirt has been thrown over. Lilly-Anne pulls me in and feels my abs, kissing my chest, before hopping down off the balcony and walking into my room, still as sexy as ever. 


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