Ariadne was just a quirky second grade teacher in a small town in Montana. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. But one day, everything changes when she is taken to Greece and gets the surprise of her life.


2. Chapter Two

    I had no idea where I was. I was in a bed, but I wasn't sure that it was mine. I tried to open my eyes but I didn't have enough strength. I could hear things around me, but it was all a dull murmur, nothing more. No distinct voices or words. I started to panic. I could feel my heart beat picking up. I felt myself start hyperventilating. With OCD, not knowing what was going on was one of the worst things that could've happened.
    However, as my panic attack continued, I felt something coursing through my body. It made my heart rate slow back down, and my breathing even out. I started to fall deeper into sleep. The gentle hum of my surroundings got quieter, and I slowly drifted back into unconsciousness.


     I couldn't tell how long I was out. But when I woke up again, I felt stronger than the first time. I could hear individual things around me. There two people talking. It was a man and a woman, but their voices were unfamiliar.
    "You know you shouldn't have brought her here," said the male. "And especially not him. He doesn't have a single connection to us."
    "Well, what did you want me to do?" the girl countered. "We need her to help us. And it's not my fault she brought him here."
    "Not your fault?" he said incredulously. "Not your fault?! It was completely your fault! It wasn't your business to bring her here, but you did anyway! And then she brought that... that scum with her! Our world is in jeopardy because of you! What will Luna say? She'll be so mad. Don't you dare try to pin any of this on me!"
    "Whatever, Eric."
    I was so confused. Thousands of questions zoomed through my head, but I could only form one into actual words.
    "What the hell is going on?!" I said, sitting up and opening my eyes. The man and woman whipped around to look at me, but didn't say a word. The girl's big brown eyes met my green ones as she stared at me for what seemed like hours.
    "Did you not hear me?" I asked, anger beginning to rise in my voice. "What is going on? And who are you?!"
    After some more awkward staring, the boy snapped out of his trance. He walked towards me and kneeled beside the bed I was sitting in.
    "Hello, Ariadne," he said as I gave him a weird look. "My name is Eric. It is nice to finally make your acquaintance." How did he know my name? And why is he kneeling by the bed.
    Wait. The bed. It wasn't my bed. I took this awkward silence as an opportunity to inspect my surroundings. I was sitting in a huge bed. Like, bigger than a king sized. The room containing the room was probably as big as my entire apartment. It was white, but the walls and ceiling were gilded with solid gold. The floor was pure marble. All of the furniture was a deep mahogany with gold edges to match the walls and ceiling. I had a feeling that if I broke a single item in this room, I'd never fully pay it off.
    "Please," I begged. "Could someone just tell me where I am?"
    "You're in Athens," the woman said. her dark hair was pulled up into a high ponytail which made her face seem sharp and almost cold.
    "Athens?" I questioned. "Like, Athens, Georgia?"
    "No," Eric answered. "Like, Athens, Greece." I stared at him for a minute. He had to be joking. There's no way I could possibly be in Greece. I was just in Montana yesterday. Was it yesterday? How long was I asleep?
    "You're not serious," I said. "You can't be. How did I get here? How long was I out? Wait, where's Mason? What did yo-"
    "Ariadne!" the girl, who had still not told me her name interrupted. "Just stop. We will explain everything. As for your friend, don't worry. He is in the hospital wing."
    "Hospital wing?" I asked. "What is this, Hogwarts?"
    "Hogwarts?" Eric asked confused. "What do bumps on a pig have to do with any of this?"
    "Never mind," I said. How did he not know what Hogwarts was? Did he not read? Or at least watch the movies? Pushing that out of my mind, I turned towards the dark haired girl. "You still haven't told me your name."
    "Lissa," she said , smiling. "It is truly nice to meet you."
    "Same," I replied. "So, start explaining. Why am I here? How did I get here? How do you know my name? Oh, and anything else that might help me not freak out."
    "We'd love to explain," Eric said. "But right now, we need to take you to see Luna. Be careful with your words. She isn't the most level headed person." I wasn't worried, but that's probably because I was picturing sweet, quirky Luna Lovegood, or somewhere along the lines. unfortunately, my expectation was very wrong.


    Eric and Lissa lead me down multiple hallways that each extended for hundreds of feet and were decorated with paintings of Ancient Greek scenes. A lot of them were completely brutal; a guy getting stabbed in the heel for example. Others were beautiful and sweet, like a beautiful woman emanating power handing a man a cluster of golden apples. The paintings raised something in me. A certain familiarity, like I personally knew every person depicted in the creative strokes of a master's brush.
    We soon arrived at a set of grand, golden doors that must have been four times my height. Eric knocked loudly on the door three times and a stern voice replied, granting entry to the room.
    I say room. It was much too big to be considered a room. It must have been the size of the Hogwarts Great Hall. Maybe even bigger. And remember. I was a serious book nerd. I knew Hogwarts Castle like the back of my hand. The Great Hall, as I referred to it, looked even more expensive than any part of this place I had seen yet. Gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, you name it. This room had everything.
    And at the very end of the Great Hall, sat a woman on an ornate throne. I figured that must have been Luna. Well she did have blonde hair and blue eyes. But that was where the similarities stopped. This woman didn't look sweet and quirky. She looked mean and cold, like she could turn you to ice just by looking at you. Her pale skin made her look almost dead. Her cheekbones jutted out of the side of her face like Benedict Cumberbatch's. Oh yeah, I liked BBC shows as well as books. 
    Luna stood from her throne. As she did, her white chiton fell into place perfectly around her feet. I only know what that's called because I was a Greek goddess one year for Halloween. That was a fun year. Mason and I got hammered at this party and... Oops. There's the ADHD.
    "Eric, Lissa," Luna said, sounding just as cold as she looked. "Who have you brought?"
    "Luna," Lissa replied as Eric looked uneasy. "This is Ariadne. Ariadne Anassan."
    "Anassan?" Luna questioned, looking shocked. "As in..."
    "Yes, Luna," Eric replied, seemingly fed up with something. "As in the only Anassan alive. The only person who can take your place."
    "And," Lissa cut in. "The only one who can help us."
    Luna looked at me skeptically. She didn't seem impressed by the person who apparently could be taking her place.
    "What do you mean take her place?" I was so confused. "Can someone please just tell me why the hell you brought me here and when I can go home?"
    "Lissa," Luna said. "She doesn't know? Anything?"
    "No," Lissa replied. "Nothing. Her mother thought it best that George and Ashleigh not tell her anything."
    "Wait," I couldn't have heard her right. "What do you mean my mother? Ashleigh is my mother. And what did she not tell me."
    I might as well have been talking to the one of the paintings out in the hallway, because I wasn't getting a word from any living person in the room anyway.
    "What-" Luna seemed as confused as I was. "Why did you bring her here, Lissa? Have I not been doing enough?"
    "No Luna, of course not," Lissa said carefully. "You're just not the rightful queen. Ariadne is."
    "OKAY, ENOUGH!" I had completely lost all patience with these people. "Could you not just clue me in here? What in God's name do you mean by 'rightful queen'?"
    "Listen," Eric said to me. "You're the queen of this realm by birth. You were meant to be the ruler over us and our people. And right now.... We need you."
    These people were crazy. I couldn't have been a queen. And what realm were they talking about? I could feel my self slipping out of consciousness again. I collapsed and right before I hit the ground, I saw Eric run towards me and felt strong arms wrap around me.

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