I Told You So ~ 5SOS~

Forever is the name, I'm suisidal, i am bipolar, i cut, i have anxiety, i have no one. The day i have the guts to jump, someone saves me, but they left, i knew who it was, ashton irwin, he saved me and talked to me, i learned a lot about him but one day that son of a bitch left i moved on, i hate the world and the world hates me


3. please read

I'm very sorry for the people reading this but Forever (the author if this book) committed suicide last night

She left her family a note and she left me a note , I was her only friend and I didn't notice she was struggling. It didn't faze me when she wore long sleeves in summer. She asked me to post in all her social media sites including this one

I'm very sorry to tell you like this.

I knew her very well and I blame myself for her death. When I saw her scars she said it was her cat. I believed her. I was the one who found her.

She loved you guys xx

And I love you guys xx

All your kind words to her made her last a little longer x I noticed to late .

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