I Told You So ~ 5SOS~

Forever is the name, I'm suisidal, i am bipolar, i cut, i have anxiety, i have no one. The day i have the guts to jump, someone saves me, but they left, i knew who it was, ashton irwin, he saved me and talked to me, i learned a lot about him but one day that son of a bitch left i moved on, i hate the world and the world hates me


2. My saviour

Forevers pov

i cant take it any longer! i am ugly fat hideous why would someone love me?

i climbed onto the bridge and was ready to say goodbye

here it goes

"WAIT!" i turned around to see a boy with shaggy blue hair running towards me

"please dont kill yourself somebody loves you!" he pleaded with hope in his eyes. I looked back at him tears running down my face, I climbed down off the bridge and back onto the path to look at my saviour. IT WAS MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD!!!!!!!!! He smiled at me and grabbed my hand, I still hadn't said anything I just wanted to die, but somehow, when Michael said someone loved me , I believed him, I have never believed anyone if they told me that but I believed him. Michael pulled me into starbucks and sat me down. I felt comfatable with him, like he was meant to find me and we were meant to meet.

" So whats your name?" he asked nicely

"Forever but people call me Fo" I didnt want to say my last name it would make him either think i was his sister or make him think i was a crazy fan trying to get to him and thought he was my future husband.. which i dont.

"Thats a nice name whats your last name?" SHIT i didn't know what to say, i breathed slowly before mumbling


"what i cant hear yyou!?" he said polietly

"clifford" i said with more confidence. He looked shocked , and somehow dissapointed , i noticed a bit of happiness though in his eyes. Before i could count to 3 he lifted me up and dragged me somewhere i dont know?! where is he going and why is he taking me ???

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