The blind date


2. chapter 2


We walked inside and I hugged all of the little ones and when Sadie saw me she came and hugged me. "Bells!!" She yelled. We both laughed and I said "Sadie this is aaron. Aaron this is Sadie." They said their hellos and Sadie whispered "you two are so cute!" "Shut up." I said back. After introducing aaron to everyone the fierce5 or "Phil, Si, Jace, Jep, and Willie talked to aaron... Not good.. I caught up with john luke and cole. Then they came out and he walked over to me and I said "how was it?" "Okay, they just said not to hurt you or anything. I told them they have my word." I laughed and then I showed him around the house and we played with the little cousins. After we ate he drove me to my house.

I got out and he can inside with me. "Me and my friends are going mudding tomorrow.. Do you want to come with me?" He says. "Well sure! I have nothing to do until later that afternoon plus I haven't been in a while." I say smiling. "Good I'll pick you up at 11?" He asks. "Sure I'll be ready!" "Oh wear something toucan get mid on." He says smiling. "Don't worry I will." I say laughing.

"Good!" He hugs me and I hug him back. "Good night bella, see you in the morning." He kisses my cheek and I say "night aaron! See you later!" Then we take random pictures before he has to go. We say goodbye again and I go inside and up to my room.

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