The blind date


1. chapter 1


I put on a simple light blue dress and wedges. My best friend kait and her boyfriend cameron (yes the cameron dallas) set me up on a blind date. They won't even tell me his name! I'm in Louisiana visiting my family here the Robertson's yeah I'm related to the duck dynasty gang. I love them to pieces their so fun. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs to be greeted by cam at my front door. "Ready to go?" He says putting his arm over my shoulder. "Sure." I say laughing. We get in his car and head to my blind lunch date.


I was dressed in a plaid shirt and khakis. I put on my cologne and grabbed my phone and wallet and put them in my pockets. Cam and kait set me and one of kaits friends up on a blind date. I was so nervous. I walk downstairs and meet kait outside. "Hey Aaron!" She says. "Hey kk." I say hugging her. She looks up at me and says "ready?" "Nope!" "Don't worry she'll love you!"

*at the restraunt*


Cam and I just arrived at the restraunt the only thing I got out of him about this guy was he's five days older than me.. Hey at least he's the same age. He made me turn around so I wouldn't see him. Crazy kid.


Kait and I got out and went in the restraunt. I got that she was five days younger than me out of her. She stopped herself from telling me and more information. We walked in and I saw cam and I girl with her back facing towards us. She had long brown hair curled down her back. I heard cam say something and she turned around.... She was beautiful.


"Turn around" cam said. I turned around and saw a guy in a plaid shirt. He had black hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was sooooo cute! "Good job guys." I thought to myself. "Your welcome." I heard cam and kait say. "Did I say that out loud?" I ask. They all nod their heads and laugh. "Well be over here!" They say walking away. "I'm Isabella Robertson. Nice to meet you." "Aaron carpenter. Pleasure is mine." He said smiling. We sat down and I said "truth be told I thought you were going to be some weird kid that was obsessed with me and my cousins." "Nope just a normal kid that is famous for his vines." He says smiling. "Why would someone be obsessed with you and your cousins?" "My cousins are Sadie and John Luke Robertson. My mom is willies half sister." "Oh really? That's so cool." He says.

"Yeah I get a lot of hate too on twitter and stuff." "Why? So do I but my fans deal with that." "I honestly don't know. And I bet it's boxes to have fans" "yeah their like my family. Their so nice but there's a lot of drama with them." "I bet let me guess fighting over you?" I say laughing. "Yeah it is." He says laughing with me. "Well tell me about yourself." He says. "I'm a open book what do you want to know?" "Random stuff, stuff no one knows about you."

"Well.. I love to sing. I've always wanted to be a singer I post a lot of vines of me singing. Uh I'm shy I don't like meeting new people especially when their weird. I love to water skii, wakeboard, and hang out with family and friends." "You have a vine? I will follow you." "Really?" "Yes really." He says laughing. He takes his phone out and then my goes off saying aaron carpenter has followed you on vine. I smile and he says "do you have a twitter or a Instagram?" "Both, it's @isabellarobertson." "Okay I'll follow you." "So what do you like to do?" I ask.

"Well I like to make vines, hang out with family and friends, travel and meet new people." "I love to travel I've always wanted to go to California." "It's great. Me and Magcon a group of viners are going there you should come. Kait is going with cam." "Really? I don't want to be a bother." "Your not actually some of the guys watch your vines and they love you." "Really? Like who." "Nash and hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Jacob whitesides, shawn mendes, and the rest of them." He says. "Oh my god!" I say. "What?" He asks. "I can't believe this.." "What is it?" "I just gained 12 more followers on vine I almost have 350k!" "I can make that double if you'd like."he says smiling.

"Really you would do that for me?" "Sure anything for my new best friend." I see him typing on his phone then he shows me the tweet 'everyone go and follow my new best friend on vine!! She's an amazing singer @isabellarobertson get her to 400k!!' I smile and say "your the best!" "Your. Welcome." He says.

"Oh I'm going to my cousins after this would you like to come? Their going to grill and have games and stuff it will be fun!" I say. "Really? You'd want me to come with you?" "Well duh! Plus I've been telling them about this blind date and they said they would love to meet you!" "Well sure if love to." "Great I wouldn't eat a lot because kays cooking is amazing."

And with that said we don't eat a lot. He pays but I pay him the money back after. After arguing so he wooly lad take it. We took a bunch of pictures together and it was hilarious because cam and kait would photobomb us. I put one of me and him laughing and something on Instagram. Kait had sent it to me. The caption said 'caught in the moment laughing with my new best friend aka the blind date @aaroncarpenter_ photocred @kaitttlynn' then a bunch of people were commenting stuff like "cute, are you two dating, that's aaron!"

Sadie commented "is this your blind date???? @isabellarobertson" "yes it is!!" "Omg you two are soooo freaking cute! He better be coming with you to our house!;)" "I asked him and he is!! Cam and kait are going to tag along as well! @sadierob"

We stopped at my house to drop kaits car off and so I could change they all came in and kait and cam gave aaron a tour while I changed. I changed into a nash grier shirt cam has gotten me, blue jean shorts, and vans. I went back downstairs and said "leggo!" I drove to uncle willies house. When we pulled up I heard aaron said "woah this is huge!" "Wait till you see the inside." I said to him.

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