Not Another Stylinson Competition Entry ~ The Bar

My entry for @michey121 's competition in her 'Not Another Stylinson' book. Written in Harriet's POV. More to come in a different POV for the competition as well.


1. The Bar

Harriet’s POV

5:00 pm. Nothing.

5:30 pm. Nothing.

6:00 pm. Nothing.

I’ve been in the damn waiting room for more than three hours. I’ve been here since quarter past two, three hours and forty five minutes, yet they tell me nothing. Nothing.

I hear the click of a lock and look up to see dad’s nurse exiting his room. Jumping up I stride over to the man and clear my throat causing him to look at me expectantly.

“Er, um, hi. I was wondering if I could see my dad yet?” I eventually stutter, the nurse looks down for a moment and hesitates before looking back up at me.

“Look, kid, your dad is alive, and he’ll recover, but unless you have a parent here with you, and by parent I mean your legal guardian, not your 20 year old boyfriend, it has been done before, you can’t see him. Just go home, come back later with your mum, or not, but you can’t stay here.” He states, with nearly no expression, although I can hear and see a bit of mock annoyance at the idea of someone bringing their boyfriend as a guardian.

I look briefly around the waiting room and turn back to see the retreating figure of dad’s nurse heading through a door labelled ‘Staff Only’. Scowling, I make my way back to my chair and grab my handbag before turning on my heel and heading to the elevator. I press the button for the ground floor and call Darcy, I feel like drinking into oblivion.

“Hello?” She answers quickly, I swear the girl lives by her phone…

“Hey Darc, it’s me, d’you wanna go out tonight? I need a drink. Badly.” I get straight to the point, because if she says no, I’ll need to call someone else, I’m going out, regardless of who comes, I’ll go by myself if need be.

“Uh, sure, let me call David too, he’ll want to come and he’ll probably get some other guys together, if we’re getting wasted, we’re doing it right.” Darcy answers, god I love this girl!

“Sure thing, text me the details, I gotta find a short tight dress to wear, I don’t think sweatpants and a hoodie will cut it at a club or bar. Cya Darc.” I respond before hanging up. The elevator stops and I walk out the revolving hospital doors and to the carpark.


I check my make-up in my dresser mirror and call a cab before walking down to the road, to wait, Darcy had told me that we were all meeting at ‘Dirty Haven’ nightclub and whatever happened from there, happened. And I had finally found a dress, it was black with a white vertical stripe down the front of the dress and sat just below my bum. I had matched it with a pair of white stiletto’s and smoky eyes, adding some rich red lipstick for good measure.


I arrive in front of the club to see heaps of the boys from the talent school standing in line, looking over to the other side of the road I see Darcy getting out of a cab wearing a short sparkly purple dress with black wedges and a smear of lipstick, her dad’s pretty strict on make-up I think.

I wait for her to come over and she gives me a sympathetic look and a quick hug before rolling her eyes at the guys who are wolf whistling. Lucas walks over with David who both give Darcy a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, David proceeds to hug me and Lucas stands quietly for a moment before hugging me sympathetically too. The boys head back to the line as Darcy and I both walk straight to the bouncer. I reach into my bra and pull out a coin which I conveniently drop, as Darcy bends down to pick it up she shows just enough cleavage for the bouncer to smirk and move aside letting us in. The guys run up to the bouncer after us who shakes his head and points to the back of the line.

“Wait, no! We’re with them! Harriet! Darcy!” Ryan calls out, Darcy laughs and I walk over to the bouncer and whisper in his ear.

“All of them can come in, except for the loud one talking, he’s a jerk.” I instruct, the bouncer nods with a slight smirk and lets everyone in, just as Ryan starts to walk through he throws an arm out and pushes Ryan back, the bouncer then gruffly states that he has to go to the back and looks at me grinning.

I smile and hand him a wad of dollar notes before proceeding into the club, the other boys hoot at me and Darcy just smiles wordlessly. That’ll teach him not to be a jerk.


An hour later and I’m yet to pay for my own drink, Darcy disappeared somewhere with Lucas and I don’t have a worry in the world. Dad’s off my mind and after Ryan finally got into the club he apologized profusely and now he keeps buying me drinks, dancing with me, and refusing other girls to try and make it up to me. And I have to say, it’s slowly working.



Hope you like it @michey121 and sorry if the grammar, spelling and punctuation are bad but it's nearly 2 a.m. and I've probably had about 5 hours of sleep in the past two and a half days, so please forgive me... xx

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