A series of poems for my ex. Can be consider as 'dark' but this is how I felt.


4. Broken iiii

I took a bottle of pills, just to let you know. While texting you. When I asked you to tell me that you loved me, I swallowed 10 pills. But earlier that day, in the library, did you notice that I was shaking? Probably not, you were too busy trying to get into my pants. But anyways, that was because I took 6 pills while texting you. After you said you loved me, I took the rest of the pills. You tried to call. So many times. But I had already blacked out. The last text I remember getting from you was 'If you kill yourself, I'm killing myself too'. I knew that it was a lie. Just like all those times you said you loved me. I remember responding 'Then I guess we are both going to die'. Wasn't the response you wanted I bet. But I was done getting hurting over and over again. I wanted to end all the pain that I would've suffered in this fucked up world, and all the lies I would've been told.

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