A series of poems for my ex. Can be consider as 'dark' but this is how I felt.


3. Broken iii

What will one blade do? You were my source of happiness. Without you, I'm a zombie. No heart, no mind. Just an empty body without a soul. And through a text! You broke up with me through a fucking text!! But once you found out that I was going to commit suicide, you tried to tell me to stop. For what? They're just cuts. The blade only sliced through skin. What is skin? Apparently nothing. Nothing at all. Just some worthless shit to slice through, because of the pain you caused. The shame I'll go through, because of what I did. Because of what you did to me. You had me convinced, so convinced that you honest-to-God cared about me. Once those words 'I'm dumping you' came through to my phone I lost it. I couldn't take it. At all. I broke down and cried. My password used to be our initials, now it's just fuck him. Just as a reminder.

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