Diary of a Shy Gal

Diary of a Shy Gal is about Ashley Duray
And she hates her life. Everyone, everything, even Ozzy. But when her evil Brother Kaleb tries to steal her fame at school, then the wars have JUST BEGUN.

Note: This story is not by me. It is written by my best friend Madison. I hope you still read it because I think it's awesome. She will try to update every weekend.

Lot of love,


2. Sunday

Me and Mac had another sleepover yesterday. When I woke up, I was on the bed ... By myself. She left me with her mom's iPad. I had just finished watching the first episode of pretty little liars and it was just like how Alison disappeared. I checked outside of her room to see if she was playing on the xbox. She wasn't there. So, I went upstairs to see if she was just chilling on the couch while I hear footsteps. 💩. I woke up the dogs which wake up Mac's mom. I told them to lay down but they kept on following me. Mac was on the couch but she was sleeping. It was really awkward. I took her iPad and slid my way through the baby gate. I went back into the room and started messing with her stuff. Then she came down the stairs. I was caught red- handed. Then, we started watching more pretty little liars.

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