Diary of a Shy Gal

Diary of a Shy Gal is about Ashley Duray
And she hates her life. Everyone, everything, even Ozzy. But when her evil Brother Kaleb tries to steal her fame at school, then the wars have JUST BEGUN.

Note: This story is not by me. It is written by my best friend Madison. I hope you still read it because I think it's awesome. She will try to update every weekend.

Lot of love,


1. Saturday

Bored out of my mind. I could never imagine anything more boring than Mac playing on her iPad. She's testing me on my minecraft memory. I know she said it's on easy, but something's telling me it's on medium. Am I a good friend

for thinking that? I know we're " Besties " and whatever, but she's just using me to become popular. For example, she has hair brown, embre, pink , and now blonde. She said that she is a " natural blonde" and stuff but everyone knows she's a Bernet. We'll, it explains her stupidity lately. Her mom even agree's with her and her dumbness... Anyone believes me since I'm popular.

Well, it's worse. I have a FAMILY that I hate. Two brothers, a sister, a mom, a cat , and a crazy stepdad. Kaleb and Levi are the brothers. Kaleb, though, is an idiot. My parents were divorced when I was little. Kaleb's mom died of breast cancer. Anyway, Mac's showing this girl, Sarah we just met at a wedding, some pictures if Halloween costumes on Instagram. Mac's a GIRLY GIRL while I'm just a normal tweenage girl. I don't even know if we're at a legal wedding. Is having a wedding at your house legal? They had they're real wedding in Mexico. I had to Skype Mac to see everything. Well, next time I go on a vacation, it's my turn to play snob. But, I'm not going on a vacation anytime soon. I also have the WORST possible teacher you could ever have in the sixth grade. His name is Mr. Van Harten. He is such a DICK. When you start a test after he told you to be quiet, he starts playing the old acoustic just piss you off. And for the rest of the test period, your trying to find nice which tell him to SHUT UP. So if you come home with a fail, the parents will NEVER believe your story and then they'll start planning to get you a psychiatrist for Christmas.

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