Diary of a Shy Gal

Diary of a Shy Gal is about Ashley Duray
And she hates her life. Everyone, everything, even Ozzy. But when her evil Brother Kaleb tries to steal her fame at school, then the wars have JUST BEGUN.

Note: This story is not by me. It is written by my best friend Madison. I hope you still read it because I think it's awesome. She will try to update every weekend.

Lot of love,


3. Monday

Ugh. School today. I rolled out of bed to sneak some coffee. But my little brother beat me. But, it's Levi. He'll make compromise. Then Kaleb's up. He can't shut his face. He will keep on talking until I say " NO ONE CARES" and walk away. Then he starts talking to Levi. So I get ready and Andre takes us to school. You know how I said I was popular? Well, this was the only morning I wasn't surrounded by everyone. I walked over and all I got was a hey by Mary. WTF? I looked inside and saw Kaleb bragging in on how he was the most handsome kid on earth. What did I miss last weekend?

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