Simple life

Rosa was a normal girl living a normal life.... until she was dragged to a one direction concert with her little sister


1. Chapter 1

I heard my sister screaming downstairs so I panicked and ran to her side. "Is everything alright?" I asked, clearly worried about her. My dad laughed. "Yes Lolly, everything is fine."

Ever since the day I was born, my dad has been calling me Lolly. He has nicknames for all of us. I'm Lolly. My older brother John is HotRod. My older sister Emma is Sugar. My little sister Hailey is Snow and my baby sister Chrissy is Petals.

Hailey screamed again. I saw tears streaming down her face. "What's wrong Hailz? You can tell me."

Hailey laughed. "Mom sent me over tickets to see One Direction in concert!" I was so happy for her. She had always wanted to go to a real concert but we could never afford it. Now that Mom left for England we have a lot more money because she was the one spending it all. "Oh wow, Hailz. That's so amazing!"

Just then, John walked in. "Hey HotRod" Dad said. John sighed. "Still the same old names? I haven't seen you all in weeks and that's the best welcome you have for me?!" I ran over to him and jumped in his arms. "I missed you!" He smiled. "At least someone missed me." Hailey and Dad came over to greet John properly.

John had been over with Mom helping her settle in. He was gone for about two months and I missed him so much. Whenever I needed help or I was feeling unwanted at home, I would go over to John's. He always welcomes me in and makes me feel at home. His girlfriend is lovely as well. She is a vet so there's nearly always a sick animal staying at their house, and I love animals.

Emma arrived home a few hours later with a boy. "Welcome home Sugar" Dad greeted. Emma smiled. "Dad, this is Patrick. He's going to stay for dinner if that's alright." 

Emma is a complete manners freak. If we put out elbows on the table she will clear her throat until we get the hint. I just hope that Patrick doesn't mind her. Every other boy she brought home completely freaked when he saw her fussing about manners. But Emma deserves a nice boy to fuss over her and to love her.

During dinner, Chrissy started crying from the living room. I stand up and say, "I'll get her. Everyone else just keep eating." Dad gave me a grateful smile.

I went into the living room and picked up Chrissy.

Chrissy is Dad's new girlfriend, Diane's baby. Diane will be moving in with us as soon as she sells her house. We offered to mind Chrissy so she doesn't have to worry about her, and she can just focus on selling the house.

It was obviously just boredness Chrissy was suffering from because as soon as she saw me she stopped crying.

I love Chrissy and everything,but she can be a real pain at times, such as now. She wants me to pick her up but when I do, she cries to be put back down again. What am I supposed to do in this situation?! I just left her there and she shut up.

In the kitchen, Emma was showing Patrick to the door. I followed them without them knowing. I found them making out in the garden. GROSS! But I was still happy for Emma, she finally found someone that accepts her for who she is.

I just walked away.


A/N Hey guys. Sorry I haven't gotten to mention 1D yet. I was just showing the basics of the story. 3 comments for another chapter :)


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