The Hunger Games: No Escape

I must have imagined it, yes this can't be true. A small fragile girl makes her way through the crowd, walking towards her own funeral. Why didn't anyone do something? Are they letting her die this way? I couldn't watch this anymore as I made my way through the crowd, only to be stopped by peacekeepers.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' I yell, making everyone look at me in surprise.


7. Chapter 7

Prine Edenthaw, 
Finally we arrived in the Capitol. All these Capitol people looked just as circus clowns to us. I didn't see Struve anymore since last night. He wasn't here during breakfast and now that we arrived he was still gone. Finnick didn't pay any attention to Struve because curly boy didn't listen to his mentors advice, even Dixie didn't care. Yet again she was powdering her nose, making her eyelashes pretty and applying an new layer of make-up. I have never been an  girly-girl but what she did was way too much.

'Good morning' an sleepy boys voice said.

Standing in a few meter away was Struve who finally decided to show up. Seriously what was this boys problem? Did he want to die this desperately? Finnick seemed to ignore Struve and Dixie, well Dixie was doing Dixie stuff.

'Morning, you missed breakfast' I tell him.

'Nah, Don't care. I'm still full of sweets' he replied.

His normally messy dirty blond hair was now flat, showing he just took a shower or was sweating as an otter. I really started to hate this attitude of him, it was close to not caring if he would died or not. While there were screams coming from outside, it was rather calm inside. I couldn't wait until we were out of this train, I already missed breathing fresh air.


After we got out of the train we got dragged to separated rooms to "make us pretty". God, I started to hate Dixie. Softly I rub my legs, when they were waxing my legs if felt as if they were tearing my flesh off plus it burned so much, that placing your hand in an campfire was nothing compared to this. I sitting on an ice cold waiting for my stylist, I was hope that he was not an idiot like the rest. Also hoping there won't be any waxing of washing involved. They also messed up my braid, not that it was perfect after a night with a lot of turning involved.

'There she is, the girl who volunteered for someone she is not related to' a mans voice said.
I looked up to see a man walk in. He wasn't wearing any crazy outfits like most of them did here, it was simple. Almost human. His hair on the other side was fire red and up in spikes. Around his eyes was a line of orange eyeliner.

'I need an shorter nickname' I says joking.

'That you do, I am Winnow your stylist Prine' he says.

He grabs an chair and takes an seat across me. It seems he is scanning every inch on my body before standing up and walking around me.

'I have the perfect outfit for you' he says. He snaps his fingers and two ladies walk in. One with long blue hair with yellow extensions, she had the same panda eyes as Dixie had in the train and wore a short normal looking sky blue dress that resembled my own dress. The other lady had her hair up in long pink spikes with the same panda eyes and an silver dress that covered up her knees. Seeing the panda eyes was a rage here, I hoped my eyes wouldn't be covered in black. 'Blye, Katri get the dress'.

'But...' the blue haired woman said.

'No but's Katri. Get it' Winnow said again.

This time the ladies stepped out of the room to get the dress. Winnow looked around before turning back to me.

'So Prine, is there someone special back home' he asked.

His dark eyes seemed black and looked through my soul, at least that was the feeling I got. Thinking about home seemed as a memory from another life. Was there someone special back home, yes my dad was special to me but not in the way he meant. Kian? No Kian and I barely spoke to each other. Maybe Skene? He did kiss me but that took me by surprise.

'I don't think so' I finally answer him.

'Oh that's good, I've heard from one mentor that her tribute is having a little crush on the tribute 4 girl, meaning you. You know that if he is an Career, that might save your life' Winnow asks.

It seemed Willow cared for me, probably because of the volunteering. But I didn't understand why this information was important. Anyway before he could continue Katri and Blye came inside.

'Here is the dress you requested' Blye says while handing over the dress.

While Katri caught our conversation. 'An Career is falling for you' she screeches excited. Dude, these people were just too happy, all the time.

'No way' Blye says. 'But then we need to make you even prettier, this could make you win'.
'Or she could fall for that guy and it might turn out to be fake, what then' Katri asks, clearly not interested in the rest of the conversation.

'No Careers are strong but they don't have the mind to come up with something that false'.

'Everything is possible in the Hunger Games, especially when the odds aren't in my favour' I say softly.

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