The Hunger Games: No Escape

I must have imagined it, yes this can't be true. A small fragile girl makes her way through the crowd, walking towards her own funeral. Why didn't anyone do something? Are they letting her die this way? I couldn't watch this anymore as I made my way through the crowd, only to be stopped by peacekeepers.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' I yell, making everyone look at me in surprise.


6. Chapter 6

Cato Hadley, 
I almost drifted off because of the movements of the train. Sitting in front of my on the ground was Clove, she was bored so started to watch the reapings.

'Cato, wake up. We need to take a look at our competition' she said.

We are probably in this for twenty minutes and she annoyed me already. I take a seat next to her on the ground while she pushes the "play" to start the video. We start with District 1, it's only logic. I see that a blonde girl is chosen, she smiles at the camera's as if she won an beauty pageant, but I had to admit she is hot. Just the way she was standing there made guys drool, but the short dress helped as well. Clove rolls her eyes, not interested in the blonde at all.

'She is no competition' she said bored, as if we won't have any competition while we only saw one contestant.

'There are more contestants than just her Clove' I say.

Yet again she rolled her again at me, this was started to get really annoying. But before I want to do anything to her I focus on the television again, trying to ignore Clove's comment about every contestant. That was until we reach District 4. I slowly drifted back to sleep because of the boring contestants I just saw. Yes, I am cocky and proud to be.

"I...I volunteer as tribute".

Immediately I wake up. There weren't many volunteers. Even Clove next to me seems to be shocked, which was rare. I see how the brunette walks towards the stage, full of confidence. This is a girl I could like, she seemed sassy, fierce. The girl that was chosen seems to be about twelve years old, with strawberry blond hair that was braided into two braid. Both shoulders had a braid hanging over it. The girl that volunteered was standing next to Dixie, the most obnoxious, annoying and vain escort you could find.

"What's your name" she asks.

"Prine Edenthawthe girl says.

Her name was just as beautiful as she is. Her eyes were determined, she wasn't backing down, not rethinking her decision not even an spark of regret, a girl to my heart. Plus she looked good, a bit too skinny but she had strong arms. But it was a shame she would get killed. I wanted her but I knew there was no way she could be mine, one of us had to die.

'He Cato stop drooling all over that girl. I get it you only watch the reapings with me because of the girls' Clove said.

She sounded hurt, something I didn't understand. What was going on with Clove? I look back at the television and see the small curly haired District 4 boy. Dixie said something I didn't find interesting as my eyes were scanning Prine. Suddenly the screen goes black and an District 5 sign comes up. Immediately my interest is gone.

'I'm getting some food' I say uninterested in the rest of the reapings.

'You eat to much' Clover immediately complains.

'Shut up, you are to skinny' I say with an hidden smile. As result of what I said she throws an pillow my way. I only grin at her actions before walking away to the huge table with all kinds of food on it, especially a lot of sweets. I take a seat on the bench in front of the table and take some biscuits. For me the size was too small, but it was something. I turn around to watch some of the reapings until Clove is done.

'Goodnight' she says and walks towards her room.

I take the opportunity to look at Prine again. Softly I sneak to the television that Clove just turned of. It takes a while before I get how it works but finally I see the sign of District 4 again. At first the little blondie walks towards the stage until Prine yells she wants to volunteer. She looked perfect in video and I wished I could see her in person. Suddenly I hear footsteps, which makes me turn of the television.

'Still up Cato'.

I look up to see my mentor standing near the table. Her eyes look at the amount of food on the table, suddenly she got the hint why I was still up.

'It's tempting to eat it all isn't it' she asks.

'Yes it is, I can't stay away' I lie.

No one needed to know about my little crush on the District 4 girl. Especially my not my mentor or Clove. They both will laugh at me or want to slap me back to my senses, yeah of course the slapping would help, not. I see how my mentor sneakily put biscuits in her pockets while I pretend that I haven't seen anything.

'So, how do you think the competition will be' she suddenly asks.

'Not much. Would be an miracle if I did' I say cocky.

My mentor starts to laugh softly. But my cockiness wasn't something she wasn't used to by now, most of District 2 were cocky and determined to win, I am no different.

'Even the girl from 4'.

My eyes widen, how did she know... Was it Clove? Out of the blue she starts laughing.

'I am just joking Cato, the girl from 4 seems to be number 5 on the weakest list'.

'Yeah sure' I say softly. 'Goodnight and don't eat to much Enobaria' Is what I say when I walk past her.

She tries to say something back, which is hard when your mouth is filled with biscuits. While laughing I walk to my room and my mind once again drifts away, but this time I think about Prine, Yes that girl made an huge impression on me.

Prine Edenthaw, get ready to meet me, Cato Hadley. Because your life will never be the same...


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