The Hunger Games: No Escape

I must have imagined it, yes this can't be true. A small fragile girl makes her way through the crowd, walking towards her own funeral. Why didn't anyone do something? Are they letting her die this way? I couldn't watch this anymore as I made my way through the crowd, only to be stopped by peacekeepers.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' I yell, making everyone look at me in surprise.


5. Chapter 5

Prine Edenthaw, 
It seemed hours ago that I volunteered, said goodbye to dad and Kian. Well and let's not forget about the sudden kiss from Skene. With my fingertips I rub my lips slowly. I sat on the bench in front of the table in the train that would bring us to the Capitol. Struve was sitting in front of the television watching the other tributes being chosen. It disgusted me how the tributes from District 1 & 2 felt honoured to go. They do have a better surviving chance than I did, but still come on don't be so cocky. Finally he reached the final District 12. A girl from my age screamed she wanted to volunteer. I already had respect for this girl, she was the first tribute from District 12 who volunteered. Seeing how she volunteered to keep her sister safe made my eyes all watery, I wish I could see him again.
'Please don't tell me you are a softy huh' a low man voice said. It wasn't Struve because he barely hit puberty, let alone to have such a low voice. I look up to see my mentor who takes a seat across me at the table, where all kinds of delicious food was standing with all kinds of lemonade in any colour you could think of.

'I am not an softly, she just reminded me of someone I miss Finnick' I say.

From the corner of my eyes I see Dixie walking towards us, she changed that awful red dress with the brown buttons and glitters for an even worse canary dress with ruffles and black stripes on her sleeves. I hoped that when we were in Capitol, they would have some more normal clothes for us, I would hate to walk around looking just like an peacock with colours that just don't look good together. Back to Dixie, she now had black panda eyes instead of yellow plus her eyelashes were orange. Her lips were covered in blue lipstick which made her look as a fish. Both Finnick and me look horrified at her.

'Do you see what I see' he asks.

'You mean the walking fish'.

But it seems the Dixie didn't hear us, plus she was proud to wear what she wore. Those people in the Capitol looked as if they ate an paint bomb. They just wore too much colour. Dixie took a seat next to Finnick while looking in her mirror if her hair was still perfect and if her lips were still blue. Did I mention her orange hair now being green?

'You two will just love the Capitol. The food, the clothes and all the other fancy things you are not used to' Dixie said happily.

'Yes and don't forget the murdering' I mutter under my breath.

Yet again she didn't hear me, it was almost as if she didn't listen to all the negative things we said. Finally Struve turned off the television and sat next to me at the table. He immediately grabbed a few cupcakes and shoved a few down his throat with a bottle of blue lemonade, that had the same colour as Dixie's lips.

'So what's the plan' he asks with his mouth full.

'Your plan is to never talk with your mouth full ever again' Finnick says while he wipes some of the crumbs from Struve away. 'The other plan is stay away from Careers, as far as you can. Stay close to water, don't only use it for food and water but as a hiding place if your a great swimmer, if not climb as high as you can in trees. Most Careers can't climb trees'.

'Well that's clear'.

Finnick has a small smile on his face while he grabs for the last cupcake on the plate, unbelievable  how many Struve ate within a minute or two. The bottle of lemonade he had was also empty. 'I'm tired, see you tomorrow' he says and disappears to his room.

I couldn't believe how Struve was acting, it was almost as if he wanted to die. Why didn't he listen to our mentor instead of eating and sleeping.

'Well then I will only ask you this. What is your weapon in the Arena'.

I start to think back at my conversation of this morning with Kian at the lake. He told me I am good at fighting with rods, maybe I could train with swords. 'Eh I use to fight with fishing rods but if I get the chance I would like to try out swords' I answer.

'Well then, when the usual training is over you can go back to the training area after dinner and when no ones there you practise swordfighting and knives, while training do something like surviving skills so no one knows what your weapon is'.

I nod simply because of all the information I am receiving. It was becoming too much for me, but I was glad that Savera wasn't sitting here in my place. Suddenly I feel an hand on my shoulder.

'I have respect for what you did today and I am already proud of you' he says with an smile covering his face.

'Plus she is really pretty' Dixie said putting her mirror down. Yes but of course her comment was useful, not.

I see the television wasn't turned off and see the muscular tribute of District 2. To be honest he is handsome, dangerously handsome. 'I'm tired too, goodnight and I will see you tomorrow' I say softly.

'Goodnight Prine' Finnick says.

'Yes, get a beauty sleep so he can't kill you' Dixie says with an serious facial expression while pointing to the District 2 guy. That lady really belonged to an mental institution. As if he won't kill me when he gets the chance. Without saying anymore I walk towards my room to get some well deserved sleep.

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