The Hunger Games: No Escape

I must have imagined it, yes this can't be true. A small fragile girl makes her way through the crowd, walking towards her own funeral. Why didn't anyone do something? Are they letting her die this way? I couldn't watch this anymore as I made my way through the crowd, only to be stopped by peacekeepers.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' I yell, making everyone look at me in surprise.


4. Chapter 4

Skene Perthsmith, 
Nervously I stood next some huge guy, Kian. I knew that if he would be chosen in the games, no one would survive. A smirk covers my face because of my thoughts. He had the same build as a bear, a blond bear. Anxiously I look at how Dixie, our Districts escort. She was one crazy lady, it was almost as if we were her little toys that had to fight to death for her entertainment.

' Welcome! Welcome! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour! Now, before we begin, we have a special message from the capitol!' she says excited and points at the screen.
I don't even watch the video anymore, the images are burned into my memory. That video will hunt you your whole lifetime, it will wake you up at night or you'll have nightmares because of it. That was the result I had after my first reaping. This year would be my sister, Savera's, first reaping. Her name was only once in the bowl but I was still scared to death she would be chosen. I didn't even care if I would be chosen, as long as she was save. Then Dixie's voice brings me back to reality.

'I just love that!' she says happily. 'Now, as usual, ladies first' . She walks over to the big glass bowl with girls names in it. I pray and hope it won't be my sisters name. She is only twelve, way to young for the games, she won't stand a chance.


Shocked my mouth falls open, this can't be true. No not Savera, not my baby sister. They can't do this to her! I want to run to my sister and beg someone to take her place. But before I can do something, I see Prine make her way towards Savera but peacekeepers prevent her from going further. The next that comes out of Prine's mouth is something I will never forget for the rest of my life, what she said saved my sisters life.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' she yells.

Everyone looks surprised at Prine, she seems confident about her choice. I wish I could prevent her from taking my sisters place, I see the determination in her eyes. No one could change her mind.

'Well, it looks like we have a volunteer'.

The two peacekeepers that stopped her earlier guide her towards the stage. I look up at Kian, he seems to be very upset by Prine's decision. My eyes go back to Prine who passes by a crying Savera. It seems Savera said something but I am a terrible lip reader. Once she is on the stage, Prine doesn't look up to face Dixie, instead her eyes scan the boys section. She sees an angry and confused Kian and than looks at me. I wish there was another way to keep her here. I have to admit I am selfish, I don't want my sister to go and Prine shouldn't go either.

'What's your name' Dixie asks trying to make eye contact.

'Prine Edenthaw' she says that is inaudible for the ones in the far back.

I look thankful her way, for saving my sister. I still wish that it could have been different. Because secretly I loved her, she was my world but I have always been to afraid to tell her my real feeling. But now she will never know.

'Isn't this exciting' Dixie asks cheerfully. 'How sweet that you volunteer for that little girl, any reasons why'.

Prine slowly seems to remember Dixie but doesn't look as if she wants to answer her. She takes a deep breath before explaining her actions. 'It's not fair that she has to go, she's still to young' Prine softly mumbles. I bet everyone in the back didn't hear her answer.

Dixie puts an arm around Prine's shoulder which she doesn't seem to like. She looks at Dixie as if that orange haired lady lost her mind. Just as sudden she let's Prine go and walks towards the guys bowl to take a name out. I secretly hoped it would be mine so I could protect her, but that would crush Savera.

'Now, for the boys' she says. 'Struve Duncain'.

A small boy with curly dirty blond hair makes his way towards the stage, he was only a little older than my sister. But no one seemed to want to take his place. Except for the blond guy standing next to me. Roughly he pushes boys out of his way towards the stage, but suddenly stops. I see Prine look at Kian and she shakes her head, almost unnoticeable. It's obvious how nervous the two on stage are while Dixie is excited. It makes me so sick to see how happy the capitol gets when we kill each other. Struve and Prine shake hands before Dixie says her final words.

'Here we are, Our tributes from District 4'.


I stood in the hallway waiting with Kian. He seemed to be surprised I was standing here.

'You here to thank her for saving your sister' he asks.

'Yeah, sort of' I answer. He didn't need to know why I was here.

'O.k. then I will make it short for you' he says suspiciously.

As that was a cue, Prine's dad walks out of the room with tears in his eyes. He didn't even look at the two of us, he walked straight out of the building. After I am done with talking to Prine, I should visit him. When I look up I see that Kian left. With a big sigh I take a seat where Kian just sat, the chair is still warm I notice. I hoped Kian would be done fast because we only got two minutes in total to say goodbye to Prine. For my feeling it took Kian to long when he walked out of the room.

'Good luck mate' he said slightly pushing me towards the closed door.

Softly I open the door to see Prine sitting in an wooden chair with red eyes. I look at her thankful for what she did for me, with an soft smile I kneel before her to look into those big brown eyes.

'I want to thank you for volunteering for my sister' I say.

'It wouldn't be fair is she went' she softly responded.

Why did it have to be her, I wish the two of us could just escape. But she wasn't even aware of my feelings for her. I put my hands on either of her shoulders and look into those sad eyes. She probably thought she broke her dads heart by doing what is right.

'I don't care about that, you saved my sister and that is what I am grateful of. Just promise me you will come back, alive' I ask her. Because I love you and would die if you died.

'I promise' she said stuttering.

I hold her face in my hands and wipe strains of her hair out of her face and stroke her pinkish cheeks. Without thinking I softly press my lips onto hers. A million questions run through my mind, what was I doing? What will she think? Does she feel the same, Why didn't you say your feelings first? Why didn't I do this before? I break the kiss and look into her shocked eyes, her pretty red cheeks from embarrassment. I wink at her to hide my own embarrassment, I wanted to stay cool for her. I want to give her a final kiss, but before I can the door opens. I just hate the timing of those guys.

'Three minutes are over' they mutter.

I let out a chuckle and give her a kiss on her forehead. 'Stay alive Prine and come back to me'. Hoping this wouldn't be the last time I could kiss her, I give her a final kiss on her forehead before I leave.

Please stay alive Prine, I love you to much too lose you...


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