The Hunger Games: No Escape

I must have imagined it, yes this can't be true. A small fragile girl makes her way through the crowd, walking towards her own funeral. Why didn't anyone do something? Are they letting her die this way? I couldn't watch this anymore as I made my way through the crowd, only to be stopped by peacekeepers.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' I yell, making everyone look at me in surprise.


3. Chapter 3

Prine Edenthaw, 
I couldn't believe what I just did, I just sacrificed myself for Savera. My dad will be very proud or very very angry at me. Two peacekeepers guide me to an old room with only a few wooden chairs and an dusty old window. Now was the moment where friends and family will have a last time talking to me before I will be heading to my own funeral. My dad and Kian were probably the only ones that will visit because I didn't have many friends. Before I can even take a seat someone walks into the room without me noticing it. I see my dad standing before me with tears in his eyes, he forces me to take a seat on the chair so he can kneel before me.

'Prine I want you to know how proud of you I am. I can't believe you would sacrifice yourself for Savera'. He pulls me into a hug while tears roll down my face, I never thought about volunteering before. He let's go of me and points towards the necklace hanging around my neck. 'Your mum will be watching over you so you will come home safely'. Before leaving he kisses my forehead with an watery smile he leaves, knowing Kian wanted to talk to me as well.

I rest my head in my hands for a second as I feel a headache come up, until I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders. Kneeling in front of me is Kian. I see some tears stuck in the corner of his eyes as he is watching me. 'He Turtle, I am proud of you for volunteering but why didn't let me volunteer as well' he asks. I wipe away a tears that rolls down his cheek and put on an watery smile. 'Listen Ki, I know we never really been friends but still I don't want to be responsible for your dead. If you want me to come back alive, I need to go alone and need to know you will support me'. He pulls me into a hug before I can say anything else. 'I understand Turtle'. Way to soon he let's go of me, he seems to notice my surprised facial expression. 'There is someone else who wants to talk to you'.
Leaving me utterly confused he steps out of the room, as fast as he came. I wipe away some of the falling tears from the corners of my eyes. I was curious who wanted to talk to me, everyone I expected already came and left. Softly the door opens and an boy with raven black hair walks in the room. His blue eyes looked thankful as he made his way towards me. Just as the other he kneeled before me.

'I want to thank you for volunteering for my sister' he says.

'It wouldn't be fair if she went' I say softly.

I never been so close to him, but now looking at him I never realised how handsome he actually is. His handsome smile, his breathtaking eyes and how sweet he actually is. He puts both of his hands on either sides of my shoulders.

' I don't care about that, you saved my sister and that is what I am grateful of. Just promise me you will come back, alive' he asks with an serious facial expression .

'I promise' I say stuttering.

His handsome smile returns to his face. Softly he wipes strains of hair out of my face and strokes my cheeks. 'Stay beautiful' he suddenly says as he kisses my lips.

A million thoughts run through my mind, was Savera's brother, Skene, seriously kissing me right now? Did he seriously told me to stay beautiful? What was it with guys with spilling their feelings at the last moment, when it was just to late. I feel his warm lips leave mine, without looking in an mirror I know I have red cheeks covering my face. I see his pink cheeks as he winks at me, I surely didn't expect all of this to happen. He slowly moves his lips back at mine when the door opens.

'Three minutes are over' they mutter.

Skene let's out a soft chuckle and kisses my forehead instead. 'Stay alive Prine and come back to me'. He gives me one more wink before he leaves. I couldn't believe what just happened. Deep inside I wished I would wake up from this horrible dream, that my mum would stroke my hair and tell me that there is no such thing as the Hunger Games, but of course I wasn't dreaming. This was the cold hard reality. I was going into the arena, I will die and never see my dad again. I wanted to tell Skene that he wouldn't see me again, well probably dead but certainly not alive anymore. I watch him leave the small room.

Farewell Skene Perthsmith, don't count on seeing me again...

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