The Hunger Games: No Escape

I must have imagined it, yes this can't be true. A small fragile girl makes her way through the crowd, walking towards her own funeral. Why didn't anyone do something? Are they letting her die this way? I couldn't watch this anymore as I made my way through the crowd, only to be stopped by peacekeepers.

'I...I volunteer as tribute' I yell, making everyone look at me in surprise.


1. Chapter 1

Prine Edenthaw,
Today it was yet again the day of the reaping, but no one seemed to be that nervous about the fact they might end up in the games. But I am different from the rest in my village. I was in fact nervous to be chosen into the games. A million different situations played in my head; me being chosen as tribute, a child being chosen bothered me even more. I bit my lip nervously while I stared at the clear blue water in front of me. I saw many colours of different kinds of fish. As my mind drifted away, already planning to be safe in the games. I didn't have any special abilities, I am one of the best fishers in my district, but slapping someone to death with a fish wouldn't help me at all. Frustrated I start to throw pebbles in the water, only one hits a fish and a small pool of blood rises to the surface. Surprised I want to take a closer look but someone grabs my shoulders.

'Hé watch it' a low male voice said while holding my shoulders tight.

His voice seemed familiar, I was sure I heard him this very morning before I left to fish. 'I am not stupid you know' I say slightly annoyed and turn around to face him.

'You could say that but you almost fell forward, smartass' he says.

He playfully tapped my nose, which made me chuckle softly. I took a closer look and saw his messy strawberry blond hair combed into an odd model. It felt as if his grey eyes looked right through my soul. He took a seat right next to me on the big round rocks. I wondered why he was here, especially because we are not even friends. This would be his last reaping with an chance of participating in the games. I would have two more years before being safe.

'So are you nervous' he asks.

'To be really honest, yes I am. I mean I can't fight at all, I won't last 10 seconds' I say and end with a deep sign.

He starts too laugh softly. 'You must be joking. Remember when we were younger, you used fishing rods as a sword and you always won' he says trying to make me feel better. It works because a small smile forms on my lips.

'You are right, I will last 10 minutes now'.

He playfully hits me on my arm. I look up at his grey eyes who are looking at the lake in front of us.

'Hé Kian, aren't you afraid that you will be chosen to participate' I ask curiously. He makes a thinking noise before laughing loudly. 'Actually no, I would love to kick some career arses. If I get the chance of course'. Trying to impress me he starts flexing his muscles. 'Yeah sure if they don't get to you first' I say grinning and push him softly, my timing was perfect as he just wanted to stand up and lost his equilibrium and fell forward. Shocked I stand up but to see he is o.k. when he comes back to the surface. I try to hold in my laughter but his shocked facial expression was hilarious.

'Why did you push me' he asks with an hidden smile while he climbs out of the water. I chuckle and shake my head. 'I think I just felt like doing that too you'.

He grins and stands up. 'I should go back and get changed, smell you later Turtle' he says jokingly as he makes his way back towards the village. I stare at him until he is out of sight. Maybe there was a way to get out of here, maybe I could swim to freedom or something in that direction, but it's all to good to be true. I decide that it it's about time that I went back as well if I wanted to have an well deserved warm bath. I stand up to brush the dirt of my dark green jeans before I walk back to the village. I jump on the most steadiest rocks in the water until I reach the bridge. On the tip of my toes I barely reach the rails of the bridge. With a tight grip I hold the rails before pulling myself up. In one simple movement I stand back on the bridge. I look around to see if anyone saw me. When I am certain no one saw me, I run back towards the village. Just before I enter the village I start walking in an slow pace. Everywhere you look you can see children crying, when younger then twelve they cry they can lose their older sibling, when older they cry because of the chance of never returning when chosen. I turn my eyes away from all the sadness around me. The feeling slowly fades away when I reach my house, just hoping my dad isn't home yet.

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