His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


10. His Bodyguard, Reunited

Cecelia glared at Claude as he opened the large doors. The Trancy household was smaller than that of the Phantomhives, and not nearly as elegant. Her eyes glared at everything in sight as the triplets forced her into the dining room. A long table was set with beautiful white plates and gold rimmed wine glasses.

At the head of the table sat a boy who looked a year older than Ciel with blonde hair and purple clothes. His boots had large bows on them, and he gave off a feminine impression. His sapphire eyes held nothing but cruelty as he smirked at the Wolf Demon before him.

"So you are Cecelia," Alois Trancy's voice annoyed her, "Such a beautiful creature."

Cecelia jumped slightly as the triplets began to whisper amongst themselves behind her.

"Canterbury! Thompson! Timber!," Alois snapped, "you startled her! Now apologize and bring her to me!"

The she-demon snarled a warning as the closest boy laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. Cecelia then noticed each boy had red eyes. There was also a simple distinction between all three. The one on the far left had his bangs parted to the right, the middle had his bangs parted equally down the middle, and the one on the right had his bangs parted to the left. Were all these boys Demons? If so, what breed?

"Please do not upset Lord Trancy,"the boy said in a voice so soft that Cecelia wasn't sure he actually spoke, "He does not take kindly to disobedience. You will learn that soon."

She raised an eyebrow; learn that soon? Did they expect her to stay here?!

"Cecelia," Alois smile resembled a crocodile's, "come!"

"I am sure as hell not your Wolf, you little brat," she roared, "The only one who can order me around is Ciel Phantomhive, my Lord and Master!"

Alois began to laugh and clutch his sides, causing Cecelia to wrinkle her nose in disgust. his boy was terribly immature for his age.

"Timber," Alois' smile instantly faded to a scowl, "Bring her to me at once!"

Timber, the one who had spoken to Cecelia earlier, once again grasped her gently and gave her a soft nudge. Cecelia glanced back at the blank look on his face. His eyes, however, held nothing but fear as they gazed at his Master. She understood; there was something about Alois Trancy that was to be feared.

She allowed Timber (the triplet with the middle parting) to lead her up to the Trancy Lord. He then put both hands on her shoulders and gently lowered her down to the boy's height. Alois shot forward and grasped her chin, causing her to snarl in response. He turned her head from side to side, inspecting every part of her.

"Yes, you certainly DO resemble Raul," her eye widened in shock, "You MUST be his sister. Is it true you lost your memory?"

Cecelia nodded, "Where is Raul? Where is my brother?"

"Well, you remember that at least," Alois released her and took a small whistle from his pocket, "Let's see if he remembers you."

He gave the instrument a long blow. To a human, there would be no sound; however, to dogs and Wolf Demon, the shrill cry was unbearable. Cecelia dropped to her knees in anguish, grasping her ears and giving a loud cry of pain. The whistle rang throughout her head and she squeezed her eyes shut.


The whistling stopped as a new voice joined them. She opened her eyes with a snap and looked up to see a tall man with dark hair and golden eyes. He wore a deep purple dress shirt and black slacks. His shoes were Italian and looked as though they were brand new. Over his eye were the scars she had seen in her Cinematic Record and at his side was a sword just like hers. Around his neck was a pendant bearing their family crest.

"Raul?," Cecelia got to her feet, tears streaming down her face, "Raul!"

The boy stood in shock as she flung herself at him, wrapping her arms tightly around his chest. Raul finally got over his shock and held his sister close to him.

"I thought you were dead," he wept, "When I found mom and dad, and I scented your blood. But where were you?"

"The Phantomhive boy saved me and took me in."

"Phantomhive," Raul snarled, "Well it is a good thing we rescued you when we did."

"Rescue me," Cecelia gaped at him in rage, "You KIDNAPPED me! I am a loyal servant to the house of Phantomhive, no matter what this little brat says!"

"Good decision, Cecelia," everyone turned to see Ciel and Sebastian enter the room, "Now come; let us go home."

Recovering from her shock, Cecelia bowed slightly, "Yes, my lord."

Suddenly, a large blade sliced into her shoulder. Howling in pain, she dropped to the ground in a dead feint as Raul licked the blood off his sword.

"You will not take her from me again, Phantomhive. Even if I have to break every bone in her body or slice her to bits, my sister is STAYING here with me!"

Just then, the lights went out, causing Alois to scream in fear. Ciel stood still as he heard Sebastian try to make his way to Cecelia. In the darkness, he could hear someone scuffling about, grunting and panting heavily. A second later, the lights came back on. Alois sat rocking himself in his chair, a terrified expression on his face.

The triplets lay unconscious around him, as though they had been trying to protect him from something. Claude and Raul lay on top of one another, also passed out. Only Sebastian was awake, rubbing his head and searching for Cecelia, who had disappeared.

"Sebastian. What happened?"

The Raven did not answer his master as he remembered a young man with Cecelia in his arms. He remembered long white hair and golden eyes. Fangs and claws. A nice suit and a thick black dog collar. He remembered a face he had not seen in a long time. Pluto, the Dog Demon.

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