His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


12. His Bodyguard, Returns

"When is Cece coming back, Mr. Sebastian," Finni asked sadly, "I'm starting to get worried."

The tall butler ignored the gardener. Truth be told, he was also worried. However, Ciel had ordered him to go about his daily business. The young lord had complete faith that his Wolf would return to him, no matter how long it took. After what had happened at the Trancy estate, Ciel had become cold and distant. He didn't even want his evening tea, and had even requested his dinner be brought to his office rather than eat in the dining room.

Even the servants had become silent as they worked. Bard moved slowly about the kitchen, taking his time with the master's dinner. May Rinn went through the estate with her duster, lightly going over objects without knocking them over. Finni hadn't even touched the garden, rather he sat sulking on the sidewalk until Sebastian came to check on him. Even old Tanaka sat motionless in a corner, his cup of tea forgotten at his side. Yes, life in the Phantomhive had become cold and quiet.

Suddenly, Finni noticed an elegant coach racing through the gates and he stood up with a glare. Sebastian, who had heard the coach approaching over a mile away, scowled as it pulled to a stop and Raul left the driver's seat to open the door for Claude and Alois. The young blonde smiled as his two Demons flanked him, followed closely by the triplets (who had been riding on the back).

"Finni," Sebastian hid his anger behind a handsome smile, "please inform the Young Master that we have guests. Also, could you grab the others on your way back? I think we should all be present to greet them."

"Sebastian," he gazed the the boy in surprise, "that one there...the one who looks like Cece. He's the one who took her picture!"

Raul raised an eyebrow before giving a smirk, "You're the little brat I bit, right? I'm shocked you're not dead. Don't tell me my sister actually saved someone like you? How pathetic," he spat on the ground, glaring up at the estate, "this place has made her soft! I'd like to burn it to the ground!"

"Easy Raul," Alois smirked, "You'll get your chance once we've got what we came for."

"Cecelia is not here," Sebastian stated frankly, "I'm afraid we haven't seen her since our little visit to your estate, Lord Trancy."

Scowling, Alois crossed his arms, "Where the hell is my Wolf Demon?"

"She is not your Wolf Demon," Sebastian turned to bow in greeting as Ciel appearing in the doorway with the rest of his staff flanking him, "we have already established this, Alois. So will you please gather up your trash and get off my property?"

"How dare you speak to my master so casually," Raul snarled, his canines growing, "where is your respect, you little-"

"Down Raul," Claude snapped, earning him a whimper from the canine, "I'll handle this."

"You'll handle nothing," Ciel snapped, "Sebastian! Finni! Get this filth off my lawn!"

"Yes, my lord."

"With pleasure, Young Master!"

Raul drew his sword and aimed it for Finni, who nimbly dodged and swatted him away as though he were a fly. Sebastian and Claude leaped at one another from the rooftop, each dodging the other with a simple twist or turn of their body. Ciel glared at Alois, who smirked as he snapped his fingers. The triplets then made their move, rushing the Phantomhive as their nails grew into claws.

"May Rinn," the boy held out his hand, "your glasses, please."

The once cheery maid became deadly serious as she obeyed. Handing her glasses over, she yanked off her apron to reveal a large array of firearms. Taking a pair of pistols, she took careful aim and fired. The triplets split apart, each rushing her from a single side. Closing her eyes, she waited until they were mere inches from her before jumping and using their heads as a platform to leap away. She led the way around the house to the backyard, shocked when only two twins followed her. The third stayed behind to rush Ciel.

"Bard," she called out, "protect the Young Master!"

"What do you take me for," he smirked, pulling a rocket launcher out of a nearby bush, "an idiot?"

As Ciel watched each of the fights unfold, his gaze fell upon his rival. Alois smirked, crossing his arms and chuckling.

"This would be so much easier if you just gave me Cecelia," the blonde sneered, "the fact that you're hiding her is bad, but to be willing to die for her is just ludicrous."

"Yes," Ciel's commanding tone startled the boy, "we are all willing to die for Cecelia. She's important to all of us here at the Phantomhive estate. She is my bodyguard. My sword," he paused for a split moment before finally admitting, "m-my friend!"

Alois burst into a fit of laughter, "Friend? Ciel Phantomhive has friends?! What crazy fantasy do you live in?"

As he pretended to double over in laughter, Alois retrieved a small knife hidden in his sleeve.

"It doesn't matter what you say," Ciel snapped, "either way, I'll never let you enslave Cecelia!"

"Very well," Alois' eyes glinted in happiness, "you want friends? Then you'd better prepare to die for them!"

The knife caught Ciel by surprise, not at all giving him time to dodge. The blade sunk into the flesh in his shoulder. Screaming, he fell back.

"Young Master," Sebastian called out in worry, "hang on!"

Claude, noting how the Raven tried to get around him, blocked every escape route with deadly accuracy.

"Finni," he glanced over to see the blonde trapped beneath Raul's now massive Wolf body, keeping his fangs away by a mere shovel handle, "May Rinn," she seemed scared as her bullet chambers became emptier by the minute, "Bard," he sunk to one knee, gasping for breath while trying to ignore the multiple cuts he had received from his opponent, "shit!"

Ciel tried to crawl backwards, terror in his eyes as Alois approached him. Placing an elegant boot on the boy's chest, he reached forward and yanked out the knife. Ciel screamed in pain, clutching the wound in attempts to slow the blood flow.

"Poor little Ciel," he teased, "no one is going to save you, this time. No Demon to bail you out. No one to die in your place. How does it feel, knowing there's no way out of this?"

His single, blue eye widened in fear as the knife slowed raised higher and higher into the air. In mere seconds, it would come sailing down into what he could only guess would be his heart. He shook uncontrollably and squeezed his eyes shut.

The knife began its descent.


Alois gave a cry of fright and pain, causing the young Phantomhive to open his eyes in shock. Everyone stopped to turn and stare at the Wolf Demon as she stood protectively over her master, her leg still in the air from her kick. Alois now lay unconscious near his coach.

She glanced backwards to smirk at Ciel, "You called, sir?"

Giving a sigh and a glare, Ciel sat up, "You sure took your sweet time getting here, Ms. D."

"Duncan," he looked up in surprise, "my name is Cecelia Duncan," she turned to glare at her brother, "and I am the head of the Duncan Family; Satan's Assassins."

"Cece," Finni cried out in joy, "you're-"

Giving a snarl of hatred, Raul grasped the shovel and tossed Finni aside. The boy slammed up against a tree and fell to the earth, out cold. Giving a roar of rage, Cecelia raced towards Raul. Leaping, she turned in midair and landed with a gigantic THUD before him. Ciel stared in utter shock. Cecelia was HUGE! Her glossy black fur rivaled her brother's, yet it was easy to tell the two apart. While Cecelia seemed to resemble a normal giant wolf, Raul had two tails and a pair of large bat wings.

"This is what the head of the Duncan Family looks like," he howled for all to hear, "you have no right to that title, Cecelia!"

Snarling, she charged him. By now, everyone had forgotten their own battles as they watched the two giant canines become a single mass of fur and snarls. Sebastian froze in fear. While it was true Cecelia was smaller and more agile, Raul had an advantage with his wings. He could easily turn this into a aerial battle, leaving Cecelia on the ground. This battle, he knew, would be intense. This battle, he knew, would settle once and for all who was the new Family head.

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