His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


13. His Bodyguard, Loyal

Cecelia leaped onto her older brother, sinking her fangs into his shoulder. Waves of blood sprayed into the air as Raul took flight with her clutching on for dear life. As the pair rose higher and higher, the others down below regrouped. Claude put Alois back in his carriage, gently laying him across the seat while the triplets stood watch. Bard had retrieved Finni and tended to him while May Rinn inspected Ciel's wound. Sebastian did not move as he watched the battle above his head ensue.

While she hung from Raul, Cecelia had begun to claw everything in reach. Her brother snarled and made a sudden dive, causing everyone below to gasp in fright. As he neared the earth, Raul pulled up slightly; enough to where he'd be fine, but low enough to where his little sister dragged across the earth. Losing her grip, the Demon released him and once more got to her paws. Raul hovered above her, a sadistic smile on his face. She snarled up at him, her ears flat against her skull and her neck fur raised to its highest.

"You've become weak, dear sister," he said, almost purring, "the Cecelia that our father had raised wasn't this hellbent on defending others!"

"You're right, brother. I am the Cecelia that our MOTHER raised to be this hellbent on defending others!"

"What is so special about these damned mortals? Look at them, Cecelia! A Lord who's doomed to die before reaching adulthood, a failed science experiment working as a gardener, a bumbling maid who was SUPPOSEDLY the greatest assassin to walk this earth, an ex soldier who can't even cook the simplest meal, and a butler who walks around grinning like an idiot and drinking tea! These mortals are the worst scum this pathetic dimension has to offer," his eyes narrowed as they focused on Sebastian, "Unless...it's not the mortals you stick around for," he laughed when he saw her stiffen, "of course. The RAVEN is what's tying you down. You care nothing for these mortals, Cecelia!"

"Cece," everyone turned in surprise to watch Finni sit up, "is that truly you?"

Turning, the Wolf slowly transformed back into human form as she approached him. The blonde gazed at her in utter horror, rapidly scrambling backwards in attempts to escape. Cecelia froze, the hurt from watching her best friend distance himself from her tore her through to the core.

Sighing, she knelt down and gave him the best smile she could manage. He stopping moving, staring her straight in the eyes. Cautiously, she held her hands out towards him.

"Finni," she said softly, causing him to nearly gasp in surprise when he caught the glitter of her tears as they reflected the setting sun, "I'm still me. I'm still your Cece."

Breaking into a large smile, Finni rushed into her open arms. She smiled as she drew him close. He buried his face into her chest the way he always did. Giving a sigh of content, Cecelia laid her head atop of his.

"I care about these humans, Raul," she snarled, glaring as her brother floated down to earth (turning human as he did), "I'll fight for them. And I'll die for them!"

"Touching," the dark haired man chuckled, "I'll be sure to engrave it on your tombstone. Cecelia Duncan. Disgraced daughter and mortal lover. It sounds perfect, don't you think?"

"Cecelia," she turned to Ciel, "Hear my order and obey. Defeat Raul Duncan and kill him!"

Smirking, Cecelia gently pried Finni away from her so she could turn and bow, "Yes, my lord."

"Oh, this will be fun," Raul laughed as he drew his blade, "come, Cecelia! Face your death with whatever honor you may have left!"

Drawing her sword, Cecelia shared a look with Sebastian before turning to glare at her brother. With a roar, the pair rushed each other and slammed their blades against one another. Sparks flew, igniting the hatred each held for the other. As Cecelia duck to the right, she swiped at Raul's exposed side. The cold steel slashed open his shirt and skin, sending waves of blood onto her skirt and staining the white fabric. Howling with rage, Cecelia was caught completely off guard by Raul's wing. It exploded out of his back, sending her flying backwards.

"Cecelia," Sebastian cried out, "Cecelia!"


Raul laughed as his wings gave a few flutters.His two tails exploded from his tail bone, each lashing angrily from side to side. Groaning,Cecelia got to her feet only to be knocked aside once more by the leathery wing. She crashed into the side of the building, making a large indent in the wall. Breathing heavily, her eyes suddenly widened as she coughed up a mouthful of blood. Tightening her grip on her sword, she prepared to face Raul.

"Cecelia! Above you!"

At Sebastian's frightened cry, the Wolf glanced up to see the tip of a sword coming straight for her. Dodging to the left, she sliced through her brother's leg. Roaring in pain, Raul turned and once again sent her flying with his wing. She landed in a large patch of shrubbery, becoming completely invisible.


"Finni," Bard cried out as the blonde took off towards the battle, "get back here!"

Sebastian reached forward in attempts to grab the boy, only to come up empty handed as a large blur tore him away from his outstretched fingers.

"Oh Cecelia," Raul purred, hovering over the shrubs with Finni carefully tucked under one arm, "look what I've found."

"Let me go, you freak! Let me go!"

"I can see why you've attached yourself to this mortal in particular," tossing the boy up, Raul caught him by the back of his shirt, "his soul smells simply divine! I don't suppose you'll let me have a taste, will you dear sister?"

"Cece," Finni screamed, "help me!"

"Cece! Help me," Raul mimicked, bursting into a fit of laughter, "don't tell me you plan on forming a Contract with this human, Cecelia," an uneasy silence filled the air,causing Raul to scoff, "and just when I thought you could sink no lower."

"Raul," Cecelia finally dragged herself into the open, clutching the reopened wound in her shoulder, "let him go!"

"As if I'd waste the time and energy in killing this boy. Besides, killing him would spoil his soul," Finni shook as Raul turned to him with a fanged grin, "and I like my food fresh!"

Snarling, Cecelia shot her sword towards her brother like a javelin. The blade sliced into his shoulder. Howling,he dropped Finni. Acting quickly, Sebastian leaped forward to catch the boy in his outstretched arms.

As Raul pulled the blade out of his limb, he tossed it aside in disgust. Gazing downward, he was surprised to find Cecelia had once again vanished. He turned completely around, searching anxiously for his little sister.

"What's the matter, Raul," her voice seemed to echo from every inch of the estate, "getting scared?"

"Hardly," he snarled, "stop being a coward, Cecelia, it's unattractive."

"Says the Demon who used a boy as bait."

By now, even Sebastian was trying to locate her to no avail. Suddenly, Raul gave a cry of pain. Looking up, Sebastian noticed how he clutch his now bleeding leg. The Wolf growled, gazing around in worry. His ears swiveled wildly, trying to pinpoint her location. Suddenly, a large blur raced by him, slicing open his back, only to disappear again. Roaring in frustration, Raul began flying in random directions. Even so, the blur continued to cut him in multiple spots. 

Raul howled in anger, drawing his sword and swiping the air about him. Sebastian smirked, watching the scene unfold with interest. Cecelia was using the trees to her advantage. By launching herself from the branches, she could easily attack Raul and be out of sight.

"Cecelia," Raul groaned, holding one of his many cuts, "this is ridiculous. You cannot beat me head on, so you chose to backstab."

"You're pretty cocky for a Demon who's about to die," the woman's laughter echoed through the yard, "Tell me, Raul, what would father and mother say to you if they saw us now?"

"They'd applaud me," he snapped, "I'd be obeying my master, and killing their murderer in the process!"

The air fell silent, causing Sebastian to wonder if Cecelia had frozen in shock.

"Cecelia," Ciel called out, "I order you to finish Raul off this instant."

There was no answer. Instead, the young woman leaped out of the tree in which she had been hiding.


"Cece! What are you doing?"

"What's wrong, Cecelia," Raul smirked, floating to the ground, "remembering something else? Something along the lines of you leading the Hunters right to our caravan?!"

Cecelia merely gazed at her brother in shock. Something was nagging at the back of her mind, sending sharp pains throughout her body. Slowly, she sunk to her knees and grasped the sides of her head. Raul, taking the opportunity, took a few slow steps towards her.

"No," she said, tears sliding down her face, "no no no no no NO! It's not true! I couldn't have-"

"You did, Cecelia," Raul snarled, "You waited until father sent me to town and them you lured the Hunters there. You didn't care if you died in the process, or even mother. You just wanted to kill father! You always thought him weak and spineless for leaving Hell! You called him a disgrace to our family! You broke our mother's heart!"

"No," Cecelia screamed, "you're lying! YOU'RE LYING!"

"You know I am speaking the truth, Cecelia," Raul smirked, sheathing his sword, "deep down, you know it's your fault!"


Sebastian gave a roar as he leaped at the older Wolf Demon. Black feathers were left floating in his wake. His eyes glinted in anger as he pulled out his silver knives. With a grunt, he swiped at Raul. The Wolf merely chuckled and dodged, striking forward and grasping the Raven's slender neck. Choking, the knives clattered to the earth as he tried to pry the fingers away from his throat. Raul lifted Sebastian higher, making his legs dangle. Out of the corner of his eye, Sebastian could see Cecelia gazing at the pair with dead eyes. It was as though nothing could move her.

"C-Cecelia," he choked out, "please! Cecelia!"

"She won't help you," Raul smirked, "she doesn't care for you, Raven. The Cecelia you THOUGHT you knew was the one you made her into. She's remembering all her sins! She knows what she is. She knows that love is the last thing she deserves."


Suddenly, her golden eyes clouded away to reveal a crimson red. Snarling, her canines grew as her pupils became deadly slits. Raul, caught by complete surprise, turned to face her. Turning his head, Sebastian watched as her form began to change to that of the beast. Suddenly, her back began to convulse into a series of spasms. With a wave of blood, a pair of leathery black wings erupted from her bone structure. Breathing heavily, Cecelia gave her new wings a few flutters, relieving them of any loose blood.

Suddenly, her gaze went to Raul. Her older brother froze, shaking violently. Those eyes...they were that of a true Demon. With a roar, Cecelia shot towards her brother. Her jaws wrapped around his throat and she flew upwards. Dropping Sebastian (who landed on his rear), Raul tried to pull his sister away from him.

"Cecelia," he screamed, "don't! I'm your brother! I'm your BROTHER!"

Narrowing her eyes, Cecelia growled.

Goodbye, brother.

With a roar, she completely closed her jaws. Raul's head fell to the earth with a SPLAT! Blood rained from the sky, followed by his body. Ciel gave a sigh of relief. It was over, at long last. Raul was no more.

Still in the air, Cecelia gave a howl of triumph before landing before her master. Turning to glare at Claude, she nodded towards the body.

Take your garbage and leave.

The triplets, each shivering in fear, rushed forward and removed Raul's body. Tying it to the top of the coach, One of them climbed into the driver's seat while the remaining two climbed onto the back.

Sighing in apparent boredom, Claude gave a bow, "We thank you, Lord Phantomhive, for entertaining Lord Trancy this evening. Rest assured, we shall be in touch again real soon," he turned to the Wolf, "Cecelia, a pleasure as always."

The animal merely snarled, indicating that the butler had overstayed his welcome. Bowing once more, Claude disappeared into the coach. The horses were spurred into action and were soon lost from sight. Giving a sigh, the Demon returned to her human form. She seemed to hold herself with more pride now, and her eyes remained red. 

"Cecelia," she turned to give Sebastian a glare, "you did it."

"I took no pleasure in killing my brother. Just as I took no pleasure in killing my parents."

"Raul was telling the truth," Finni gasped, "y-you killed your parents?"

Cecelia nodded, "It was an accident. I had gotten into another argument with my father and had stormed off. I was noticed by a pair of Hunters. In my rage, I didn't realize I had led them back home," she frowned as a few tears slipped past her lids, "I was going to apologize to my father!"

No one said anything as she wiped away the liquid and went to retrieve her sword. May Rinn helped Bard bring Ciel into the house as Sebastian waited for Cecelia to join them. Finni approached Cecelia, causing the butler to block out their words. After a few short moments, Cecelia pulled the boy into a hug before sending him into the house. Once the blonde was out of sight, Sebastian approached her.

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