His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


4. His Bodyguard, Invited

Cecelia stood silently as Ciel slowly chewed on his breakfast. Sebastian worked close by, pouring the Young Master's tea into a delicate looking cup decorated with blue and white flowers. The Wolf Demon raised her nose and tested the air; it had been almost a week since the Italian chess-player had attacked her Master. She was not going to give some other lowlife the same chance. Even without a Contract to bind them, Cecelia "D" was as loyal to Ciel Phantomhive as a common dog.

Using her nose, she calculated that Finni was pulling weeds (or what he thought was weeds) in the garden out back, May Rinn dusted the front hall, Bard snored peacefully in the kitchen instead of preparing Ciel's mid-morning snack, and Tanaka wandered aimlessly around the mansion. Other than that, no new scents reached her.

"Cecelia," she turned to her master, "Do go check the outer grounds. I do not want even a rat to get in."

"As you wish, my Lord," Cecelia bowed low and exited the room, "Take good care of him, Sebastian."

"But of course," he smirked at her, "what kind of butler would I be if I couldn't even accomplish that simple task?"

Cecelia ran full speed out of the mansion; even with Sebastian watching him, she didn't want to leave Ciel alone for too long. Upon reaching the gate, she paused to taste the air. Everything sat silent and still around her. Nothing stirred even as she began to walk the perimeter. Suddenly, the sound of a carriage reached her ears. Turning, she saw a Taxi carriage stop at the gate and allow someone off.

It was a young girl Ciel's age with bright blonde hair pulled into pigtails. She wore a beautiful (but extremely frilly) pink dress and white flats. Around her neck was a gorgeous necklace made of expensive looking pearls and diamonds. Her emerald eyes sparkled as she took in the mansion and its surroundings. With a squeal, she paid the cab driver and began the long walk up to the magnificent house.

"Oh no," Cecelia thought, "Lady Elizabeth has decided to pay us a visit. The Young Master will not be pleased."

With a sigh of annoyance, she hurried to catch up to the young girl.

"Lady Elizabeth," she called out, forcing a smile, "what a...pleasant surprise."

"Oh, Cecelia," Elizabeth's high pitched voice stung the Wolf's sensitive ears, "how lovely to see you. Still wearing those same dull clothes, I see."

Cecelia glanced down at her outfit, which had not changed since when she bought it. Ciel had thought it looked so fitting on her that he special ordered about 20 of the same one. Now that Cecelia thought about it, it was really the only kindness he extended towards her with a smile.

"The Young master believes this outfit suits me."

"Wait until you see the outfit I brought you! It'll look so much nicer than that boring, dull green."

Cecelia felt shivers run down her spine. The last time Lizzie had shown up she tried to put the Wolf in a frilly periwinkle dress with satin ribbons in her hair. Cecelia had hated every second of it, but did not wish to hurt the young lady's feelings. How on EARTH was Ciel persuaded to marry this obnoxious girl?!

"Allow me to escort you to the house," she offered, "I'm sure the master will be quite pleased to see you."

Lizzie nodded excitedly and began jabbering on about all the clothes she brought everyone, which she kept in the trunk Cecelia carried. To a normal person, the trunk would have been impossible to carry alone; however, Cecelia hoisted it up onto her shoulder and carried it with ease. Lizzie gaped at her in amazement.

"How are you so strong, Cecelia," she asked, "it took two men to get that thing onto the cab!"

A familiar line of Sebastian's came to her, and she smiled, "Now, Ms. Lizzie, what kind of bodyguard would I be if I couldn't lift even this little trunk?"

"I still think having a woman as a bodyguard is revolting," Lizzie held up her hands defensively, "not that I think you're revolting, Cecelia! But a pretty young woman like you should try to get a nicer job like a maid or perhaps a nanny."

"Well, I suppose you could think of me as the Young Master's nanny," by now, they had reached the giant front doors, "after all, I care for Ciel, do I not?"

"Yes, I suppose you're right," Lizzie smiled widely, "well then, you make a terrific nanny! Perhaps, when Ciel and I have our children, you could babysit!"


However, Cecelia knew that day would never come. Once Ciel avenged the death of his parents, Sebastian would devour his soul and the name of Phantomhive would be lost forever.

Cecelia opened the door and followed the young girl inside. May Rinn looked up from her work and gave a squeal of fright. Lizzie, however, took it as an overjoyed greeting. Running up, she wrapped her arms around the maid and squeezed.

"I've missed you too, May Rinn," she giggled, "but there's no need for all that excitement."

Ciel, who had heard his maid scream, entered from the drawing room, "What's going on out here?"

His eye widened in surprise as Lizzie embraced him. She twirled him in circles and began talking about all the clothes and gifts she had brought him as Sebastian joined the group. Quickly taking in the scene, he stalked over to Cecelia, who had just set the trunk on the floor.

"What is she doing here?"

"Who knows," the Wolf shrugged, "you know Lady Elizabeth; she shows up whenever she wants for the craziest of reasons."

Sebastian sighed with annoyance and watched as his master desperately tried to remove his fiancee's fingers from his own. The two children had been together all their lives. Their marriage was decided years after they were born, since both were nobility. When Ciel disappeared, everyone thought he had perished in the fire with his parents. Apparently, Lizzie was devastated when the news reached her. Upon the young Earl's return, his wife-to-be had not been happier; however, even she noticed the difference in young Ciel.

"Lizzie," Ciel finally escaped her grasp, "why are you here?"

"Do I honestly need a reason to see my betrothed?"

"I'd like one, yes!"

Lizzie hung her head, "I'm sorry, Ciel. I just wanted to see you."

Ciel's glare did not waver as he turned his back on her, "I don't have time to entertain you today. I'm very busy. Go home; I'm sure your mother is worried about you."

A single tear escaped Lizzie's eye, earning the young Earl a glare from his Wolf.

"Young Master," she said sternly, "Lady Elizabeth has traveled a long way to see you. Are you really going to just send her home?"

"What do you propose I do, Cecelia," Ciel faced his bodyguard with a sneer, "I've got a full schedule today."

"Why not let her stay for dinner? We can send her home afterwards."

Ciel did not answer, but nodded in approval. Lizzie brightened up a bit as Cecelia dabbed at her tear.

"Thank you," she whispered, "I promise I won't be a nuisance."

"That'll be the day," the She-Demon thought to herself, "I give her about five minutes."


It only took two. Lizzie forced the brush through Cecelia's long hair as she wrapped it tightly in a black satin ribbon. The Demon could feel her delicate fingers begin to twist and braid her dark brown locks.

"What is all this for, Lady Elizabeth," she asked, "Certainly you don't expect a simple bodyguard to join you and the Young Master for dinner,do you?"

"No, but I DO expect you to join Ciel and me for the festival in town tonight," Lizzie said, "There will be dancing and music and food served! I hope Ciel will escort me. And Sebastian could escort you!"

Cecelia went rigid; Sebastian accompany HER to a DANCE?! Why would he? She wasn't beautiful nor was she anything special. She couldn't recall if there was a man in her life; oh, how she wished she could remember her past. Was there someone special waiting for her to return? If so, they probably heard of the death of her companions and thought she had perished with them (whoever they were).

"Cecelia," Lizzie tapped her shoulder, "did you hear me?"

"Huh? Oh, forgive me, Lady Elizabeth. Could you please repeat that?"

"I said Im going to apply your eyeshadow. Please close your eye."

The Demon obeyed patiently and waited until Lizzie gave a sigh of satisfaction, "When is this festival, exactly?"

"It starts in one hour," Lizzie squealed, "I have already informed Sebastian. He's helping Ciel get ready as we speak. I told him to be sure Ciel looks his best for tonight. I hope he'll have as much fun as I will."

"I am not sure the Young Master remembers what fun is," Cecelia chuckled, "He's such a serious lad, after all."

Lizzie frowned at the older woman, not pleased with her comment.

"Forgive me, Lady Elizabeth," she bowed her head, "that was too bold of me."

Lizzie just shrugged and motioned for her to look in the mirror. Unsure of what to expect, Cecelia braced herself for the worst. Upon gazing at her reflection, her eyes widened in surprise. The dress she wore was a deep, midnight blue that hung close to her body and slightly touched the floor. The shoulders were bare, but a thick strap wrapped itself around her neck to hold it up. There were no frills or sequins, but the whole outfit glittered like a star. Her feet were covered by a pair of black heels and around her neck sat her crest pendant. Her make up was subtle, with a lighter shade of blue around the eyes and thick mascara and eye liner. Her lips were left alone since they already had a nice full color. A pair of diamond earrings hung from her earlobes. Lizzie smiled at her handiwork, frowning when she noticed the pendant.

"Oh dear, that's not cute at all. Hand it over, Cecelia."

Her eyes narrowed as she gripped the necklace tightly in her hands and backed away, "Don't touch it!"

Lizzie stood still, shocked at the girl's sudden ferocity. In all the time she had known her,Cecelia had never risen her voice at Lizzie. The two girls stared at one another for a moment before Cecelia regained her composure.

"Forgive me," she bowed low, "but this necklace is the only link to my past. You see, I have no memory beyond the night the Young Master and Sebastian found me. All I knew was my name. This pendant bears the letter "D" upon it. Sebastian believes it is the first letter of my last name. I believe he's right. Ever since then, Ciel has opened his home to me; a complete stranger who doesn't even know who she is."

"Is it that much of a mystery," she glanced at Lizzie in confusion, "You're Cecelia D, the bodyguard of the house of Phantomhive...aren't you?"

The Wolf Demon hung her head, "I am only the Young Master's bodyguard until I discover who I TRULY am. Once I accomplish that, I am leaving this place. I never intended to stay here forever. There's possibly a family out there waiting for me. Perhaps a man who I had loved. I cannot abandon them simply because of the life I have created here."

"But what about Finni?"

"What about him," Cecelia shrugged, "he'll find someone else to annoy, I'm sure."

Before Lizzie could retort, a small knock came from the door. May Rinn poked her head inside and gaped in awe at the two beautiful women.

"Master Ciel and Mr. Sebastian are waiting for you two downstairs."


"Honestly, how did I let you talk me into this," Ciel grumbled, "This dinner festival is going to be a waste of time!"

"Remember what I taught you, Young Master," Sebastian replied, "smile and act like you're having a good time, otherwise Lady Elizabeth may be offended."

Ciel sighed as the girls came downstairs. Both boys felt the air leave them as they inspected their partners. Ciel blushed at the sight of Lizzie's rosy pink dress and pearl necklace. As always, she wore white flats so as not to be taller than him. She smiled and grasped his hand firmly, blushing back.

Sebastian's eyes were wide with admiration as Cecelia strolled up to him. Her dress glittered in the light of the crystal lights hanging overhead, casting rainbows of color upon the walls.

"You look...splendid," he gasped quietly, "that dress really suits you."

"Thank you," Cecelia quickly glanced over his suit and gloves, "you look good too."

With a smirk, the two Demons joined the children as they loaded into an awaiting carriage. Before Cecelia got in, she paused to take one last whiff of the mansion. She froze as she scented something new, coming from the back door. With a sigh, she called Tanaka and May Rinn over.

"We have unwanted company," she whispered, "tell Bard and Finni to be on their toes."

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