His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


8. His Bodyguard, In Love

"Cecelia," Sebastian screamed, "Look out!"

Ronald took another swipe at the she Demon. This time, instead of dodging, she put her arm directly in the path of the weapon. The blade made a shallow cut on the back of her hand. She gritted her teeth in pain as another strip of footage exited her wound.

This time, the scene showed Cecelia glancing up at a young boy with fear and confusion. A tall man stood off to the side, killing two Demon Hunters. It was Sebastian and Ciel; the first time they had all met. Cecelia growled in frustration, wondering why the Cinematic Record gave her this memory.

"If the cut is shallow," Ronald answered her confused look, "the memory is more recent. If you want to go farther back in time, then I have to cut you deeper."

Cecelia held out her uninjured arm, "Then cut me!"

"Cecelia," Ciel screamed in shock, "what are you thinking? He'll just kill you!"

"I have to know," she screamed, tears beginning to fall, "don't you see, Ciel? I can finally get my memories back!"

"Cecelia," Ciel snarled, "I forbid you from allowing these pathetic Death Gods to harm you any further!"

"You are a child," Cecelia said quietly, "you wouldn't understand!"

"You don't need to worry about it anyways," Ronald shouldered the tiny mower, "I'm not going to harm her any more."


"You're no fun if you just let me cut you up," the Reaper sighed, "I like women with a little resistance in them. You're hot and all, but you don't put up much of a fight."

"I'll fight you if that's what you want," Cecelia pleaded, "just make sure you cut me as deep as you can! I HAVE TO KNOW!"

Suddenly, a firm hand smacked against the back of her neck. Her eyes closed as she fell unconscious into Sebastian's arms. The butler carried her cradle style and returned to Ciel's side. The two of them watched in silence as the Shinigami fled, Ronald helping an injured Grell.


The pale white ceiling in Cecelia's room was a welcomed sight. Her head swam as she sat up; however, the scent of tea caused her to glance at her beside table. A single cup and a plate of small sandwiches sat there along with a note.

"I do hope you are feeling better today, Cecelia. The Master has ordered you stay in bed today. I'll be by to check on you periodically. Sincerely, Sebastian"

She wasn't sure how, but a smile made its way across her face. She was sure he was the one who subdued her last night. Being a Demon, she wasn't entirely unconscious; merely stunned. She felt herself wrapped up in his arms as he carried her back to the mansion. Even now, she could still feel the cold sensation of his touch. There was something else too, right before she truly did pass out. As Sebastian had pulled up her covers, he bent towards her. Cecelia couldn't remember anything afterwards.

She laid her head back on the pillow. What did he do? Did he whisper something in her ear? Suddenly, her eyes went wide as she recalled feeling something pressed up against her forehead with something brushing her nose. Something or someONE had gripped her shoulders tightly and pressed its body against hers. Then, one hand had moved to slowly caress her face. There was only one person who would do that. But no...Sebastian wouldn't...would he?

"Cecelia," her gaze met crimson as the butler himself opened the door, "oh good. You're awake."

Her smile came naturally, "Sebastian."

How come she never noticed the intensity of his gaze before? The way he moved around her? The way he stopped himself from reaching out to her.

As he opened the window to let in fresh air, she sighed, "Sebastian...I'm sorry about last night."

He did not turn to face her, but merely stared out the window. She didn't need to see his face nor hear his troubled sigh; he was upset by her actions. Last night she had scared him half to death. It had taken every ounce of his strength to evade Grell and control her.

"Cecelia," his gaze was now one of pain and frustration, "there is more than one way to regain your memories."

She averted her eyes, resulting in a grim stare. With a snort, he sat on her bed and took her chin in his hand. She glanced at him with sadness. His own gaze softened as he lost himself in her. All she had ever wanted was to know who she was and what she had been. Now that she knew of her brother, she'd more than likely try to leave and find him. He fought the scowl as he thought of Claude.

The Trancy Demon knew of Raul and sought out Cecelia. Claude must have some plan with her, yet Sebastian could not even begin to guess what it could be. If the house of Trancy was after the She-Wolf, then he'd have to keep a special watch over her. And if they were holding her brother against his will, then he'd do anything to help rescue him.

"Sebastian," his thoughts were brought back to her, "you don't have to worry about me. I promise to never let a Shinigami harm me in battle ever again. I'll fight to the death, and if they cut me it will not be my doing."

He couldn't help but give her a wide smile, "There's our obedient dog. Long time no see."

A growl formed deep in her throat as the butler got to his feet. After all, he still had much work to do. She watched him as he made his way towards the door. Had she imagined everything last night? There was no possible way Sebastian had true feelings for Cecelia, was there? He had turned the doorknob as she got to her feet.

She had to know.


He turned, only to gasp in surprise as she flung herself into his arms. Wrapping her arms around his abdomen, she copied Finni and buried her face into his chest (since that was all she could reach). The butler and Bodyguard stood there; neither saying a word nor moving. Her gaze traveled up to his, and she noticed the red in his cheeks. He more than likely saw the ones in her own.

"I'm sorry, Sebastian," she said quickly and went to move away, "I don't know what came over me."

Suddenly, she felt his steel arms wrap themselves around her. A gentle hand guided her head back into his chest as he rested his own on top of her skull. She could hear him breathing in her scent as if he had waited for this day for eons. Once again, she gazed up at him and found comfort in his soft red eyes. His fingers stroked her chin as she raised herself up on her tiptoes.

At first, her lips simply brushed against his, then he bent down to reach her. Their eyes closed in unison. Sebastian kept his hand on the back of her head as hers clutched his face. Suddenly, his tongue exploded into her mouth, exploring every nook and cranny. He stroked the roof of her mouth and fought against her own tongue as she tried to do the same. Somehow, they fell onto her bed. His free hand pulled her shirt up to expose her belly. She gave a soft moan as his finger tickled her sides. Removing a hand from his jaw, she began her own assault on his body; stroking his leg from the back of the knee to his rear. Suddenly, something hard poked her leg, yet he wouldn't let her look down to see what it was. But she had a very good idea.

"Sebastian," Ciel's voice rang out throughout the hallways, "come here at once!"

The two Demons broke apart with sadness. Sebastian smirked and gave her a swift kiss before straightening himself up and fleeing the room. Cecelia remained laying on the bed, refusing to move. So this is what love felt like. Had she ever felt it before? And, if so, what was he like?

"It doesn't matter," she smiled to herself, "Sebastian is all I want. I will find Raul and we will be a family again. But I am no longer interested in my past. I think I'll simply focus on the future...with my beautiful Raven."

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