His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


1. His Bodyguard, Employed

"Sebastian," the tall butler glanced up from the teapot, "what are the plans for today?"

"Well, the Queen has not given you any assignments for today," his red eyes locked with his master's single blue one, "I suppose today would be a good day to take a break. After all, Young Master, it is unhealthy for one to work for long periods of time."

"And what do you suppose I am to do today," Ciel snapped, "I cannot simply sit around and do nothing!"

"Perhaps we could find something entertaining to do," Sebastian continued, "We could play a game of chess or go for a walk-"

"They both sound nice," the boy's attitude seemed to lighten a little bit, "why not take a walk to the lake and then play a game of chess?"

"Sounds delightful, Young Master."


The warm afternoon sun beat down upon the pair as they made their way towards the glistening lake. Birds chirped in the air and a soft breeze caressed their skin Suddenly, Sebastian put a firm hand on Ciel's shoulder.

"Dear me," he said, "what do you suppose that is?"

Ciel stared ahead of them. Next to the shimmering water, standing over a small form on the ground, were two large men. Ciel froze as the mound began to move. A young woman glared up at the two men as they smirked down at her. Next to her, covered in red liquid, lay an older man and woman. Both Sebastian and Ciel gasped in unison as they recognized the liquid as blood. Both the dead gazed at the sky with sightless gray eyes, their throats slit open.

"Easy there, Cecelia," the taller man said, "you took quite a beating."

"Ce-Cecelia," the girl tilted her head in confusion, "Is that...my name?"

"Wow," the shorter man chuckled, "Looks like you hit her a little too hard, Jorge."

"Yeah, Johnathan," Jorge smiled, "This little monster probably doesn't even remember who she is or what she is."

"You there," both men turned to see Sebastian and Ciel, "why are you treating this young woman so terribly?"

The girl turned to face them, and Sebastian froze as he noticed a large trickle of blood running down the center of her face. Her long hair was very dark brown, almost black, and her eyes were the deepest of gold.

"Young Master," he whispered in the Earl's ear, "this girl is a Demon. These men must be Demon Hunters."

Ciel didn't answer as he glared at the men, "I asked you a question!"

"Listen kid," Jorge sneered, "this ain't none of your concern! Why don't you run home to your mama and let us do what we're payed to!"

"I believe the Young Master asked you a question," Sebastian snarled, "now he demands an answer!"

Johnathan gave the girl a kick as he stormed up to the pair, "And we believe we told you to beat it! This girl won't be missed by anyone. Trust me. She's nothing but a monster!"

"You there," Ciel glanced at the girl, "what is your name?"

"They called me Cecelia," she answered, "I think that's my name. I'm sorry sir, but I don't remember anything."

"Very well. I do hate Demons," Ciel glared at the two hunters, "but I hate it even more when a group of men pick on a defenseless woman. Sebastian! Take care of them."

His butler smirked and bowed, "As you wish, my master."

While the tall man descended upon the two men, Ciel held a hand out towards Cecelia. With wide eyes, she slowly accepted the small gesture of kindness. Screams caused her to glance up as the dark butler grasped Jorge's slender throat. Johnathan froze as he noticed Sebastian's glowing red eyes.

"He's a-"

"Demon," Sebastian smiled kindly, "surprise!"

Cecelia squeezed her eyes shut as she heard the sound of flesh being torn from bodies. She froze as a sweet scent filled her nose. Drooping to her knees, she hugged her sides and slowly opened her eyes. Red liquid seeped into the ground near her. Reaching forward, she dipped her fingers into it and brought it to her nose.

"Johnathan Clyde," she said, her tone becoming distant, "Age: 37. Height: Six foot, three inches. Weight: 143 pounds. Eye Color: Blue. Hair Color: Chestnut. Occupation: Demon Hunter. Crimes: September 24th, the murder of the Murdock family. October 12th, the rape and murder of Suzanne Love. March 3rd, the murder of Gregory Smith. June 18th, the rape and murder of Wendy Brown. All victims were Demons of various breeds. Verdict: Guilty. Sentence: Death."

Sebastian and Ciel glanced at each other in confusion.

"It appears we have a Wolf Demon on our hands, my lord," Sebastian explained, "In the Underworld, they're said to have the abilities to see the crimes committed by the deceased simply by smelling their blood."

"Apparently, they can see much more. Their height, age, hair and eye color, occupation, and weight."

Cecelia gazed at her rescuers, ignoring the remainder of the blood next to Jorge. Suddenly, something off to her right glinted in the fading sunlight. A large sword lay on the ground, the blade covered in blood. The young Wolf Demon's eyes glinted as her slender fingers wrapped themselves around the hilt. Shivers shot up her arm as she got to her feet. The hilt was a beautiful gold with a silver crest embedded on the side. A pair of howling wolves with a large "D" in between them.

"It appears that sword is yours, my dear," Sebastian reached forward and grabbed a small pendant which hung around her neck. It was the same crest as on the sword, "The crests are the same. I'm guessing your last name starts with "D". If you stay with us, you may be able to find out who you were."

A serious look overcame Cecelia's face, "I do remember one thing: Humans and Demons can create Contracts together. The Demon will serve the human faithfully, and when the time comes the human's soul is devoured by their Demon. However, a human cannot have more than one Contract, so that way the Demons will not fight over the soul."

Sebastian smiled and nodded, "This is true. But there is no law stating that a Demon cannot live with humans without a Contract."

Cecelia smiled and walked up to the young boy. She bent to one knee, holding her sword before her.

"Ciel Phantomhive," she began, "My name, to the best of my knowledge, is Cecelia D. I am a Wolf Demon and a swordsman, this I also remember. You have saved my life, therefore I will serve you until I have saved yours. You have my sword...and my service."

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