His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


3. His Bodyguard, Cunning

Cecelia drew her sword and took off down the hallway with Sebastian close behind. The two Demons burst through the door to the study and watched in horror as Ciel was lifted from the ground by a large man of Italian heritage. A smaller man sat at Ciel's desk, watching the scene unfold with amusement. Cecelia snarled deep in her throat as she recognized the man from the chess tournament.

"Senior Rodriguez," Ciel gasped for breath and clawed at the hand around his throat, "you shame your noble family."

"Little Phantomhive," Antonio Rodriguez giggled in delight, "you cheated me this afternoon. I believe the prize money is mine."

"You are unworthy to speak my master's name," Cecelia held the blade before her, "leave his sight before I am forced to take unnecessary measures!"

Antonio glanced at Cecelia and Sebastian, who held a series of silver knives between his fingers. With a slight scoff he snapped his fingers, causing his companion to place Ciel in a headlock. Cecelia tensed and she saw Sebastian doing the same; of course, he was probably acting. After all, nothing seemed to phase Sebastian. Cecelia, however, was terrified for Ciel. He was just a young boy with his whole life ahead of him...well, until Sebastian devoured his soul.

"Let us just calm down," Antonio smiled, "All I want is the money i won today."

"That money is mine, and you know it," Ciel struggled against the burly Italian, "It was not my fault that you fail to protect your king properly."

"Silence, you little brat," Rodriguez got to his feet and stalked over to where his captive struggled, "where's my money?"

Ciel remained silent, causing Antonio to strike him across the face. Cecelia gave a roar and charged, her blade raised above her head. Suddenly, she felt a strong arm grasp her around her waist. She glared back at Sebastian, who gave her a cold look. She sighed; he was right. If Cecelia did anything rash, Ciel's neck could quite possibly be snapped.

"Smart butler," the henchman said, "No control wench, then boy die."

"Such terrible grammar," Sebastian remarked, "I take it he knows little English?"

"Afraid not," Antonio nodded, "Hernando can understand English quite well, however he does have some problems speaking it."

"So we've noticed," Cecelia pouted, "just be thankful Sebastian stopped me. Otherwise I'd have a horrible blood stain to scrub out of the Young Master's new carpet."

Ciel smirked, "Cecelia, my faithful Sword, you never cease to amuse me."

"Enough chitty-chat," Antonio roared, "the money! Where is it?"

"Ask Cecelia," Ciel continued to smile, "I asked her to keep it safe. Even Sebastian doesn't know where she's hidden it."

The Italians glanced at the young female, regarding her physique and height. Hernando seemed uneasy about the sword she carried.

"Very well. You will lead me to the money or else I'll kill little Phantomhive. Do we have a deal?"

"I suppose I do not have a choice, do I?"

Antonio smiled in triumph as Cecelia removed her sword and handed it to him. While he bound her hands behind her back, Hernando tied Ciel to his chair and stuffed Sebastian in the small wardrobe in the corner of the room. With his belt, he tied the knobs together tightly.

"Do you honestly expect to get anywhere like this," Cecelia asked calmly, "Finniy, May Rinn, and Bard are all downstairs. If they see me bound like this, they'll take serious action. even Mr. Tanaka isn't someone to trifle with. I suggest you unbind my hands."

"Nice try, chica," Antonio smiled, "but I am not worried about a few bundling fools."

"Those bundling fools are highly trained assassins," Ciel retorted, causing the Italian to glance at him in shock, "You don't think I'd hire just ANYBODY, do you?"

"Very well," Antonio released Cecelia, "but any trouble and I'll scream. Then Hernando will kill both the Earl and the butler. You don't want their deaths on your conscience do you?"

"I wouldn't if I had one."

Confused, the Italian followed the Swordswoman out the door and down the hall.

"Cece," she flinched as the house gardener, Finni, rushed to her side, "are you alright? I herd the master scream. What's wrong, Cece?"

Finni was younger than her by a good year or two (actually a good hundred or two) with long blonde hair and dazzling eyes. He wore a straw hat, white shirt, and checkered pants with boots. His long bangs were kept out of his face by a pair of black barrettes. His gray gloves were dirt stained and left smudges on her hands as he grabbed them in concern.

"Finni," she sighed, "how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? My name is Cecelia, not Cece."

"Sorry," Finni snuggled up to her chest, "It's just that I like the name Cece. It's just as pretty as you are!"

Cecelia sighed; unlike Bard, who had a crush on her, and Sebastian, who felt a strong friendship with her, Finni treated her like a big sister. He loved to be by her side and snuggle up close. Cecelia hated to admit it, but it was kind of cute. She knew his feelings for her never went past that, and she was grateful. One lovesick fool is enough.

"Finni, I have something I must do," she gently pushed him away, "didn't Sebastian tell you to weed the garden out back?"

"Oh that's right," Finni gave himself a facepalm, "but what about the young master? Is he alright?"

"He simply tripped over an untied shoelace," Cecelia smiled as she bent down to eye level with her companion, "nothing is wrong, and I'd advise you to tell the others that as well. Now, get back to work."

As the young boy ran off, Cecelia couldn't help but smile. what an interesting place the Phantomhive mansion was.

"Well done, chica," Antonio lad a hand on her shoulder, "now where's my money?"


Ciel pulled at the ropes around his wrists while Sebastian stayed quiet in his tight prison.

"No use to struggle, little Earl," Hernando smiled, "Hernando tied ropes good and tight. No one ever get free from my ropes before."

"First time for everything," Ciel smiled, "besides, I'm not trying to escape. I'm just occupying myself. Cecelia will return shortly."

"Why Earl so sure?"

"Well, unless I'm mistaken, Cecelia will lead Antonio to the money and then you'll leave us in peace, correct?"

Hernando remained silent as Sebastian began to push on the doors of the wardrobe. He was glad the young master could not see the worry on his face. Without her sword, how could Cecelia hope to defeat Antonio? Demon or not, she had no memory of any fighting style besides swordplay. Perhaps she'd overpower him with her strength or decapitate him when he wasn't watching. Or, if she was crazy enough, she could take on her true form and rip the intruder to shreds. Bottom line, Sebastian was worried about the she-wolf.

"Young master," he called through the door, "can you hear me?"

"Unfortunately," Ciel replied, "what is it now, Sebastian?"

"Perhaps I should go help Cecelia? Are you certain she knows where the money is?"

"Of course she doesn't."

"WHAT," Hernando leapt to his feet, "what is young Earl talking about? Chica not know where money is?"

"Of course not," Ciel smiled, "do you honestly think I'd trust a servant with the whereabouts of my money? That was just a way to separate the king from his knight. Now, while my Shield takes care of the knight, my Sword with go for the king. It is a simple divide and conquer strategy. Your boss is just as terrible in life as he is in chess. Now, Sebastian-"

"Why you little brat!," Hernando charged the young boy, who remained eerily calm.



Cecelia's ears perked as she caught the beautiful word. With a sly smile, she stopped by the kitchen door.

"The money is in here," she said, "I thought it was the last place Sebastian would think to look. After all, he's in here most of the day."

"Very clever, chica," Antonio nodded in approval, "you're doing very well. We're almost done. Now open the door."

The Wolf obeyed and entered the small kitchen, which was in the process of being cleaned. Bard looked up from the table he was scrubbing. His eyes lit up at the sight of her, only to darken as he noticed her companion.

"Cecelia," he got to his feet, "What's going on here?"

Antonio laid a hand on her shoulder as a familiar glint flashed across her eyes.


Antonio gave a cry of surprise as the Demon leapt away from him, yanking her weapon out of his grasp. Thinking quickly, Bard reached under the table and grabbed a Luger P08 from its hiding spot and fired. The bullet lodged itself into the Italian's leg, causing him to scream and drop to the ground.

"You fools," he smiled, "Hernando was sure to hear that. Your little Earl and that buffoon of a butler are dead now!"

"Now, now," everyone turned to see Ciel and Sebastian in the doorway, "it's not nice to call people names."

"What have you done to Hernando?"

"I'm afraid," Sebastian smiled, "in all of the excitement, he lost his head."

Antonio froze as he noticed the burlap sack in the butler's hand; the bottom stained red and dripping a few small drops onto the floor.

"You see, Senior Rodriguez," Ciel explained as Cecelia drew her blade, "You made the mistake of attacking me on my home turf. I have with me my Sword and my Shield, who would give their lives for me should I order it."

"You heartless little mongrel! Are these people nothing but tools to you?"

"This coming from the man using another to make up for the brawn he lacks," Cecelia chuckled, "you are a coward, Rodriguez. And all cowards perish...at one time or another."

Antonio Rodriguez's screams echoed off the walls as the large shadow fell upon him.

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