His Sword and His Shield

Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, have just stumbled across the greatest thing they could ever hope to find; Cecelia is a young Wolf demon who has lost all her memories except for a select few. For example, she knows her last name starts with a "D" and that she is an expert swordsman. When Ciel takes her on as his new bodyguard, things quickly escalate into the greatest mystery anyone could have imagined. All leading up to the biggest question of them all: WHO is Cecelia D?
(PS: Yes, the artwork I used for the cover IS, in fact, MINE)


7. His Bodyguard, Attacked

Finni's breathing was normal now as he lay in the bed. Cecelia, however, was nowhere in sight. Instead, a large, black dog-like animal lay on the bed with its head on the boy's chest. Compared to a wolf, it was about one size larger with glossy, ebony fur and dangerous looking claws. Muscles rippled under the skin as the creature's chest rose and fell in rhythm with Finni's. A single ear twitched towards the door as it creaked open to reveal Ciel and Sebastian. A pair of golden eyes glared at the newcomers as they slowly entered the room.

"Cecelia," Ciel's eye widened in shock at the beautiful creature before him, "Is that really you?"

The boy took a step closer to the bed, only to be yanked back by Sebastian when a set of dagger sharp teeth closed upon the air where he just stood. The animal's ears were flat against her skull as she put a protective paw over Finni's chest. The sleeping boy didn't stir as she delivered a quick lick to his cheek and dropped down to the floor. Her golden eyes glared at Ciel and Sebastian with pure maternal instinct.

"Cecelia," Ciel's look went from fear to rage, "This is an order: SIT!"

A small glint flashed across the wolf's eyes as her hindquarters obeyed her Young Master. Laying her ears down in shame, she hung her head and avoided his gaze. Ciel simply glared at his Sword.

"Forgive me, Young Master," Ciel's head snapped around in surprise as her voice filled his head, "I do not know what passed through my mind."

"Simple, Cecelia," Sebastian said, "You have a certain bond with Finni. Not one you'd find with lovers or friends, but siblings. I believe you have adopted Finni as your own, thus creating this maternal instinct you have towards him."

"That makes sense," she wagged her tail, "but now how do I turn back? I don't even remember how I turned into a wolf!"

"Just look, Cecelia," Sebastian smiled as the She-Wolf yelped at the sight of her human body, "You think it, and you're body remembers on its own. But your wolf body gives me an idea."

"What is it Sebastian," Ciel asked, "I demand you share your thoughts!"

"Well, Cecelia's nose is quite the useful tool; however, some humans have begun to notice her...dog-like acts."

"Such as?"

"Sniffing the air or other items," Sebastian stared down at her, "What if, on assignments, she take her Wolf form and be your guard dog? Then, she could investigate in peace and not receive those ugly stares of pathetic humans."

Because, although he refused to admit it, he hated those curious stares. No human was worthy enough to gaze upon her sleek and perfect body. Every male reeked with the need to mate with Cecelia whenever they stared at her while she worked. The Demon could not explain it, but he wanted her. Everyday, he felt the irresistible urge to stroke her chin and feel the softness of her skin against his lips. He wanted her to run her slender fingers through his hair as he'd explore her mouth with his tongue.

"Sebastian," Ciel's voice cut through his thoughts, "I like the way you think. Very well; Cecelia, from now on, when out on assignments, I command you to become a Wolf. This will make things much quicker."

Cecelia bent to one knee, "Yes, my lord."


Everyone looked back to see Finni smile at the group. Cecelia rushed to his side, pulling him into a hug. He snuggled into her chest the way he always did, wrapping his thin arms around her waist. In the fading light, both Sebastian and Ciel smiled at the tender scene before them.


"Good to see Finni back on his feet," Sebastian smiled as he and Cecelia followed Ciel through the busy London streets, "Any longer, and he would have died without the proper treatment."

"Silence," he was taken aback by her fierceness, "don't speak like that! Finni is alive and safe now. And at least we gained an important piece of information; it was another Wolf Demon who attacked the manor. I am not the only one in this town, and I intend to find the one who did this to Finni and make him PAY!"

Sebastian smiled; here was the Cecelia he knew. Fierce and loyal down to the core. However, like her, he was concerned about this Raul boy that Claude spoke of. Was he Cecelia's lover? If so, his chances of confessing would be lost. Would she run off with him or stay at the Phantomhive household?


By now, the small group had moved into an empty street. Sebastian froze with disgust as he recognized the long red hair, red jacket, and large chainsaw.

"Grell Sutcliff," the butler snarled, "What are you doing here?"

"I felt your presence and I hurried to meet you," Grell's gaze fell upon Cecelia, "and who is this slutty thing?"

"How DARE you insult her, you filthy shinigami," the roar that escaped Sebastian's throat startled everyone, "You'll pay!"

"Dear me," another figure joined the red Death God, "he's quite a scary guy when he's protecting a woman."

The newcomer was male, around Cecelia's age with short blonde hair and square glasses. His childish sapphire eyes gazed at the Wolf with deep lust. Unlike Grell, he wore a nice looking suit and carried a small lawnmower.

"Ronald Knox," Grell scoffed, "What are you doing here?"

"I felt a certain fire in the air and knew there was an extremely hot woman nearby," Ronald gazed at Cecelia intently, "but I didn't know it'd be this beautiful creature."

"It's a DEMON, Knox," Grell shrugged, "An evil thing that has only one instinct: devour souls!"

"Aww, that's not fair, Grell," Ronald folded his arms, "you've got your little Sebas-Chan! Why can't I take the Wolf?"

Before the Shinigami could retort, a silver knife sliced into the wall behind them.

"Young Master," Cecelia drew her sword, "Please stay back while Sebastian and I handle this!"

Ronald smirked with satisfaction as he charged the She-Demon. The sparks from her blade illuminated her eyes, causing him to inhale sharply. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Grell leapt from rooftop to rooftop, trying to land a single hit on one another. Ciel watched both fights with interest. This was unlike Sebastian; he avoided fights unless Ciel ordered him to. To attack unprovoked and with such ferocity; it was almost shameful to the house of Phantomhive. Ceceila, meanwhile, remained as she ever was; cool under pressure and ever protective of her master.

Ronald continued to give her a charming smile as he attempted to catch her legs in his mower, only to have her leap on top. Giving a smile of her own, she kicked the younger Death God right in the kisser. As he stumbled away, she quickly glanced over to see Ciel standing safely off to the side. Suddenly, Sebastian's grunt of pain reached her ears. Grell had tackled the butler and held him to the ground with the saw at his throat.

"Sebastian!," Cecelia cried out in fear just as a sharp blade raked itself across her shoulder.

She howled in pain and dropped her sword as Ronald rode away with a look of satisfaction his face. With her free hand, she gripped her wound and tried to stop the bleeding. Suddenly, a large strip of film freed itself from her blood. Everyone stopped and watched as the film grew to the size of a large TV screen. Cecelia's eyes widened with shock as she watched a small child running next to a river in the forest. The child was smiling, her golden eyes laughing and her long dark hair braided behind her.

"What is this?"

"Your Cinematic Record," Ronald explained, daring to step near, "it's a piece of your memories."


Everyone watched as the younger Cecelia made her way towards a small group of people. Two were the old man and woman who were killed the day Ciel had found his Wolf. The third was a boy a year older than her with black hair and the same color eyes. He was tall and wore elegant clothes. A scar ran across his left eye, slightly ruining his handsome features.

"Cecelia," he brightened at the sight of her, "Where were you, Little Fox?"

"None of your business, mangy mutt," she growled teasingly, "You're not my Alpha yet!"

"Cecelia," the woman gazed between the two children, "watch your words. Come now, apologize to one another."

The boy hung his head and glared, "Sorry, Cecelia."

She copied his movies, "Sorry...Raul."

Cecelia's gasp of surprise caught in her throat. This was Raul?

"Just be lucky we have the same mother," Raul smirked, revealing a set of fangs, "Once I become Alpha, you'll be my Beta. We'll be the strongest Wolves to run our family! We will bring it back into its former glory."

In response, Cecelia raised her head and let loose a puppy's howl. Raul laughed and joined her. Their parents gazed with happiness at their young pups.

Then, just like that, the image was gone.

"Raul was...my BROTHER!"

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