Haunted Past

An alternative story about Viktor Fischer´s past.
A past that makes his future look so far away and unreal.


1. Part 1

I finally arrive at the training field and see that only one of my teammates is training. He is running around and shooting balls into the goal. I thought I was late because before I left I checked every window it it was closed, locked every door and even set some traps to see if someone would break in. The old me was taking over and I didn't like it at all. I changed so I could have a career, something that would make my parents proud. From the corner of my eye I see where he dropped his bag so I decided to drop mine there to. Then I realise I don't know this person, he has short brown hair so I assumed it was Joël Veltman, but when he turned around he looked like someone else. He sees me to because he walks over to me. I just hope that he doesn't think I tried to rob him or something. But I see he has a smile on his face so maybe he was a fan asking for an autograph.

"Hi, I'm Leon" he says and extends his hand.

"Viktor" I say simply but I smile politely at him.

He rubs his forehead and makes and understanding noise. "You're Viktor Fischer. The Danish wonder boy right".

"I guess I am" I say laughing. I never knew what kind of nickname they gave me, but I have to admit that I like this one. They also included me into the Danish Dynamite in Ajax.

I see how he grabs his bag and takes out a water bottle. While he is drinking I start wondering how he knows me. The name Leon didn't ring any bells. Plus nobody told us about a new player and he is not someone from my past. When he speaks he as an accent which I can't place.

"So are you a new player or something" I ask as casually as I can.

"Well actually I'm on vacation with my brother and sister at the moment. I play for Schalke 04 but I might transfer this year. Ajax offered me an contract and told me that I participate a training before I decide".

"So does that mean you like this club" I ask carefully. You never know what kind of person he is, but he does seem nice to me. "I mean you are thinking about transferring to Ajax after this training".

He nods and points behind me. There is no more that he needs to say because I have the feeling that the rest of the team is walking behind me. I knew because I heard them talking and someone running.

"Fiiiischeerrr" a loud cheering voice yells.

I feel someone jumping on my back and from the corner of my eyes I see who it is. My mouth curls into a smile when I discover that it is my fellow Dane, Nicolai Boilese. 

"Nic, how much coffee did you have this morning" I ask.

"Well I guess a few".

He jumps off my back and puts an arm around my neck. We both look at Leon who is just smiling shyly at the ground. I see how the rest of our teammates join us, being curious about the new boy on the field. They were all shouting questions at him at the same time, almost like a henhouse.

"O.k. guys, one question at the time. You are scaring him away".

We turn around. Standing there is our trainer who has the usual frown on his forehead but I knew that he is in fact in a good mood. He walks towards us and it's quiet because we are all wondering what is about to see. Once he joins the crowd he puts an hand on the frozen Leon, who looks us confused.

"This is Leon Goretzka from Schalke 04. Recently he has been offered a contract here at Ajax but since he never played for a club outside his country we offered him a deal. He will join us in one training before he makes up his mind. Now be kind to him".

To be honest I still didn't know who he is. I don't even know where he is from. It was clear that he still felt nervous because looked at the ground the whole time.

"Hi Leon, I'm Nicolai. May I ask where you are from" Nicolai asks, the first to break the silence.

"Eh I'm German" he says quietly which earns a lot of understanding noises. It made a lot clear since he plays for Schalke 04.

"I'm Daley, what if you accept the deal from Ajax. Will you be living her from now on alone" he asks.

Leon looks up and I see that he doesn't know the answer to that question yet. It's the same problem I had but I now live on my own. Then my eye falls on a girl that is standing at the gates looking at us. I couldn't see her that well her eyes are focused on Leon. She looked like she knows him and that was odd because he isn't an Ajax player yet.

"I guess my brother and sister will be coming with me. My sister would never let me live alone in a foreign country" he says with a shy smile.

"Well enough chatting guys, you will have enough time to chat after training".

Leon seems to be relieved that the attentions was drawn away from him. When I passed him by I gave him an encouraging pat on his shoulder. He looked at me surprised but that quickly transformed into a smile. I saw how he looked at the girl, who was still standing in front of the gates, and waved at her. To my surprise she waved back.

Our coach, Frank de Boer made us do a warming first before we had to run laps. I had to be completely honest and say that after the second lap I started to collapse a little. But I kept running because even the new guy Leon seemed to be unstoppable. Once in a while my eyes fell on the girl at the gates. She seemed to be interested because she kept looking at us, instead of playing with her phone or looking bored. 

After we had been running at least four to five laps we had to lift weights. I made sure that I was standing next to Leon to chat a little and maybe ask who the girl is.

"So who's the pretty brunette looking at you" I ask him.

He looks up startled and looks at the girl who waves at him with a smile on her face. Next thing she does is take her phone out of her pocket. Then he looks at me. Suddenly he starts laughing loud.

"Oh you think she is my girlfriend or something" he says while laughing. "No she is my sister, older twin sister to be exact".

"Well now I feel stupid".

We both laugh which makes coach walk our way. He starts encouraging us while we lift the weights. It doesn't matter how often I do this, my arms still ache after we are done. After some short exercises and a little friendly game we are done for today. I am one of the last who leaves the field because I was trying my new shooting technique.

"Hi Viktor".

I look up to see that Leon didn't leave yet. I simply greet him because I was bending to grab my bag. When I look up I see that his sister is still standing next to the gates with her phone in her hands. My eyes go back to the smiling Leon in front of me.

"I have to admit something to you. At first I was scared to transfer clubs but after playing with you guys I realized that this is a great opportunity for me, so I accepted the offer they gave".

I smile back at him and give him a friendly push. "No way. So you really are going to be my teammate".

"I am and I discussed it with my sister and she is fine with staying here so I won't be alone. Actually I wanted to introduce you to my sister if you would like that".


While I lift my bag from the ground he already starts walking over to the girl. I felt honored that he told me about his plans first before announcing it to the rest, plus that he wants me to meet his sister. She clearly didn't know that we were coming her way because she was still busy with her phone, which is no surprise because a lot of girls act that way. She seemed different somehow. Anyway I caught up with Leon and was standing in front of his sister.

"Sis I want you to meet someone" he says after he grabs her phone from her hands.

"Damn it Leon, give it back" she said not knowing I was standing right in front of her.

It was when I chuckled she realized that I was here. Her cheeks turn red and she turns to her brother. It was actually kind of cute seeing how embarrassed she was. I notice her long brown hair and dark eyes. She didn't really look like her brother but more as an entirely different person. But her quirks such as staring at the ground when she was embarrassed is just like Leon.

"Hi, I'm Viktor Fischer" I say and extend my hand to her.

She looks up confused but grabs my hand and shakes it. "Hi Viktor, I'm Floor Goretzka".

She smiles, still a little embarrassed. Her name sounds pretty Dutch but she since she is Leons sister she's German to. With her other hand she removes some hair strains from her face and tucks them behind her ear. I let go of her hand.

"Nice to meet you Floor. So how did you like watching us practice" I ask her.

"Well I'm already used to watch trainings and I have to admit that this one is better than the one at Schalke 04. So it's safe to say I survived it".

"You don't mean that" Leon says and before I know it I am in the middle of a sibling discussion. Which makes me miss my brother, but there was no way I could visit him or the other way around. Although I am pretty sure they already know where I am. What I am grateful for is that I didn't use my real name back then.

"So did you two go sightseeing yet" I ask interrupting them. They both look at me and then at each other before they start laughing softly.

"Not yet, Floor slept all day yesterday and the day before that one we arrived here in Amsterdam. So I guess we will wait for our brother, right".

Floor just nods at her brothers answer. She looks at me with a shy smile. "Maybe you can give us some advice, where we could go to first".

"Of course or I could show you" I say.

"That's settled then. You can show Floor around and then I get the change to sign my contract tomorrow" Leon says.

I want to object but after looking at his sister I admit it's not a horrible idea. She is pretty cute and it wouldn't kill me to go out once in a while. "Sure just text me the details".

Floor looks at the two of us with her mouth open. She probably didn't know what she caused herself. Both Leon and I have a hidden smile on our face while we exchange phone numbers.

"I'll see you guys later" I say when we are done. They say their goodbyes and as soon as I turned around I could hear them discus again. I shake my head while I walk back home.

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