Bind Your Love

"I wasn't supposed to fall in love with her," Zayn muttered beneath his breath. "it was unexpected"


6. Zayn Malik

Aubrey Rose POV


"I like you Aubrey. I'm in love with you." He said.

I looked at him, breathless. Should i believe him or not? I pushed him away, shaking my head.

"Do you expect me to believe you Zayn?"

He grabbed my wrists, and had a tight grip. Pushing me up against the wall, not letting me go. I tried to get away, but he didn't give up.

"I'm not letting you go, until you believe me" He hissed.

I looked at him, scared. "I don't believe you Zayn. I dont know how many girls you have said it too, and i dont wanna be that girl who believes in everything you say. I was your one night stand, i get it. Don't even try to make me feel any better. Its not helping, let me go Zayn."

"I haven't had any other one night stands, since our night. I was falling for you, Aubrey. Please just believe me. I can't go without you, i want you in my life." He muttered, looking at me.

I bit my lip as he moved closer to me. All of sudden his lips touched mine. I couldn't help but kiss him back. His lips was soft, and he took it slowly. After a few minutes he pulled away and looked at me.

"Aubrey, i want you in my life. Please give me chance, i'll prove it to you that i am not going to be that guy again. I love you."

I looked at him, and smiled. "Ofcourse Zayn,"

He kissed me once again, and then he let go of me. He stroked my cheek and smiled.

"Come with me," he said, taking my hand.

He walked towards the door, and opened it. As he opened it, my garden was full of fans and journalist. He pushed me gently away, so they couldn't see me. He closed the door again, and looked at me.

"Do you have another way out?" He asked.

I shook my head, and smiled nervously.

"Hey, don't worry. They will go away soon, don't be nervous. They didn't see who you are, so they aren't going to write anything about you okay? Just relax. I'll try to get them away from here."

He took his phone, and called someone. About 5 minutes later the call ended. "Our security guards is coming, theres nothing to worry about." He said, smilling at me.

I nodded, not saying a word. He walked towards the couch, still holding my hand.

"Sit," he then said, and walked towards the window.

He closed the curtains, so they couldn't see inside my house. He then walked back to the couch, and sat down next to me. He pulled me into him, and took his arm around me.

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