Bind Your Love

"I wasn't supposed to fall in love with her," Zayn muttered beneath his breath. "it was unexpected"


4. Once again

Aubrey Rose POV

The weeks went fast, and all i could think about was how dirty i felt like. Having One Night Stand with a worldwide known celebrity. What if their fans finds out? I shooked my head, no they won't found out i'm pretty sure they won't. I still haven't told my bestfriend, Ally. I don't know how she's going to react, she warned me about him. I guess i'm one of those girls, who falls for bad boys. As i sat up on my bed, i received a text from Ally.

Ally: Where are you Aubrey? Haven't seen you in weeks.
Aubrey: Just not feeling well.
Ally: You haven't been at school at all since that party, whats going on?

Aubrey: You will hate me for this, can you come over?
Ally: Yeah sure.. I'll be there in 5

I got ready for Ally to come, i don't wanna look like shit when she's here. I fixed my hair and makeup first. Then found some clothes for today.

A few minutes after i heard a knock on the door. I opened the door, and smiled brightly to Ally. She looked at me, with a nervous smile. She walked inside, and looked at me once again.

"What going on Aubrey?" She asked
"Its something about what happened at that party" I said, closing the door after me."
"What about that?"
"I met Zayn," I said, taking a deep breathe. "I kind of took him with me home."
"You did what?!" She almost yelled.
" I didn't think it would end up like it did, i'm really sorry. I feel so disgusting. I needed to tell you."

She sighed, and then looked at me. "It's alright Aubrey, you could tell me earlier."

I smiled to her, not knowing what to say at all.

"No matter what you do Aubrey, even when i say you not to do it. I still love you"
"I love you too Ally," I smiled.

Ally was with me all day, trying to make me feel better. We watched a lot of girly movies, and it did make me happier. I needed to forget what happened, and just hang out with my bestfriend. Thats what i needed.

About 12 in the night she decided to go out and party, and tried to get me with her. I would love to, but i wasn't in the mood. So she went to the party by herself.


Zayn Malik POV


The boys kept asking me who she was, and how old she is. All i know is her name, and thats it. I still picture her in my mind. I can't fall in love with a one night stand, can i? Since i met her, i still kept on having One Night Stands, it just didn't feel right. I felt like i was cheating on someone, even though i'm single. Every where i went, i had a bad feeling. I dont even know why.

The boys and i still went out partying, or not Liam. He found some girl he's crazy about. To be honest, i hate seeing them together. I feel like i'll never get a real girlfriend. Aubrey is my type, but i don't want a girlfriend right now. And i am probably not going to meet her again.

Harry, Niall, Louis and I went to a party later, then we didn't have to look at Liam and his girl. We arrived at the party, and got inside quickly. Ofcourse all girls were all over us, as always. Who wouldn't want a worldwide known celebrity as a boyfriend?

I looked over at some blonde girl, and smiled gently. As i walked over to her, some girl pulled me away from the others. I looked at her, i swear i have seen her somewhere.

"Zayn are you really going to do this every night?" She whispered.
"Do i know you?" I asked, looking at her.
"Aubrey's bestfriend, Ally."
"Oh, well i guess yeah," i said, and smirked.
"You have no idea how Aubrey is feeling right now. She feels disgusting because she was just one more of your one night stands, keep doing what you do." She said harsh, and went on partying.

I looked around in shock. Was all the girls feeling like that? I shook my head. No they can't be, i mean look at me. I smirked to myself. As i looked around the room i noticed the blonde girl once again. We got eye contact, and then i went over to her. After what Ally said, i just went all in on this girl. We got home to her place. I tried going all the way, but i just couldn't. I laid down next to her, and sighed.

"I'm sorry, but i can't do this anymore" I said, and got up from the bed.

I took on my clothes, and rushed out of her house. What Ally said hit me. I hurted Aubrey, and i realised i really do love Aubrey.


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