Crossed Wires

Lexi has loved Ashton ever since she laid eyes on him. They've been through everything together. She would always help him when it came to coping with breakups. But now Ashton has a new girlfriend.
Will she ever be able to tell Ash how she really feels? was there even a point in doing so?


2. Chapter 2

Soon enough, school was over. It was pretty much a blur, Ashton took up most of my thoughts.
I was making my way to Ashton's locker as I always did at the end of the day, only to see him and Lizzie in the middle of a furious make out session against his locker. 
The pit in my stomach grew bigger as I turned around and walked in the other direction, acting as if I saw nothing. I pushed aside the thought of crying and started walking home as the cool air hit my cheeks. 
"Hey! Wait up!" Chrissy called from behind me. 
"Oh," I said, forcing the best smile I could. "Hey," 
"Come on babe, I know when you're faking a smile," she continued. "also when it's about a certain guy." 
I sighed, knowing she was right. 
"It doesn't matter, Chris. We're friends, it's just how it should be." So with that, we walked back to my house not saying another word to eachother. 
"So," Chrissy finally said. "We're going out tonight." She said as a matter of factually. 
"I don't know if i'm up for it," I sighed as I opened my front door. 
I knew I was being mopey and boring but I couldn't help it. 
"Look, it's just a few drinks, okay? it'll help you loosen up a bit." 
I knew she was right, so I just nodded my head. 
She squealed and clapped her hands whilst jumping up and down, "This is going to be so fun! I promise you." 

It was 5:30 by the time me and Chrissy were completely ready. She was wearing a tight dress that hugged her curves, it reached just above her thigh. She had her hair in loose waves and minimal makeup. She was sitting on my bed waiting for me to finish up my hair as I walked out of the bathroom. 
"Damn," she finally spoke. "You look hot!" she squealed. 
I was wearing a black tube skirt and a lacy black top with black wedges. It wasn't anything special, I didn't really like dressing up. 

We made our way to a club called 'RIDGES'. I never heard of it until now, but Chrissy promised me it was the most popular club at the moment. 
"Two tequlia shots please!" Chrissy yelled over the music to the bartender. She pulled out her fake ID and flashed her award winning flirtatious smile. 
"Coming right up," he nodded. 

We swallowed our shots, and one turned into two, two turned into four, and well, you get the idea. 
Soon enough, I was drunk.
"I'm going to dance!" I slurred as I tumbled off onto the dance floor. Chrissy waved me off as she was in the middle of flirting with some guy she just met. 
I felt the music pulse through my body as swayed my hips back and fourth to the music, I felt hands on my waist as I slowly turned around. There stood a boy not much older than me, he had brown wavy hair and seductive black eyes. 
"I'm Jake," He said over the music. His eyes burning into me hungrily. 
"Lexi," I managed to say. 
"Are you here alone?" He called over the music. 
"I'm with my friend," I replied quickly, nodded towards Chrissy that was sitting on a bar stool flirting with some guy. 
Before I could even think, Jake's lips crashed into mine, kissing me hard. I kissed back as my hands travelled up around his neck, pulling him closer. I knew it was just the alcohol talking, and if I was sober right now I would not be doing this, but I couldn't control myself. I pulled away from him and grabbed his hand, pulling him behind me and heading towards the bathrooms so we could have some privacy. 
Luckily there was no one in there when we went in. Jake whipped around and locked the door, his lips connected with mine once more as his hands travelled down to my hips and lifted me on the bathroom sink, my legs dangling either side of him.
His lips made his way down to my jawline as I fumbled with the hem off his shirt, begging for him to take it off. He obliged and pulled his shirt off as he continued leaving sloppy kisses down my neck and I pulled away from him. 
"I-I ugh," I tripped over my words. 
"What's wrong?" He breathed. 
"I- I have to go, I'm sorry." And with that, I quickly ran out of the bathrooms, not knowing what the hell I was thinking. What the fuck was that? 

I soon found Chrissy on the dance floor, she was swaying her hips back and fourth to the music but she was way too drunk for that. 
"Chris, we're going!" I yelled over the music. 
She just nodded and slurred a few words that I couldn't understand as we made our way out of Ridges. 
"Shit," I muttered under my breath. I realised that we had no way home and we had no luck catching a cab at this time of night. Neither of us had thought this through at all. 
I pulled out my phone and called the one person I knew I could rely on in these types of situations, Ashton. 
He answered on the third ring, "What's up?" 
"Would I be a terrible friend if I asked you for a favour?" 
"Depends," he breathed. I could practically feel the smirk that cracked onto his lips. 
"Chrissy is really drunk, and well, so am I, but that's not the point so-" 
"I'll come get you, it's alright." He laughed. "Just hold on a sec," 
"I'm sorry babe, really, but I need to help her out, you know how it is.  I'll see you tomorrow," I heard him say, there was muffled speaking on the other line and I knew he was talking to Lizzie. 
"You don't have to come, Ash." I finally spoke. 
"I'm not leaving you there, it's fine. Where are you?" 
"Ridges," I said. 
"Wait for me outside, okay? Don't go anywhere." 
And then he hung up. 

A few minutes later Ashton pulled up outside the club, I quickly helped Chrissy in the car as she could hardly walk, but I wasn't as drunk so I could easily get in myself. 
"I- I think i'm going to be sick," she slurred. 
"Please, not in my car!" Ashton continued. "We'll be home soon, just, don't throw up. Please." 




"What were you doing at Ridges?" Ash said a few minutes later, breaking the silence. 
"Chris wanted me to 'loosen up'," I grumbled. 
"Well, I guess you have." He replied, nodding to my neck. He bit his lip so that he didn't laugh.
I gave him a questioning look as I looked at my neck in the mirror. 
"Oh, god.." I said as I examined the huge love bite that was forming on my neck, following by two more on my collar bones. Now that's embarrassing. 
"Was Lizzie with you?" I asked, attempting to change the subject. 
"Yeah," he replied. 
"And you told her to leave?" I replied, just above a whisper. I knew Ashton did stuff like this all the time, but I never thought he'd give up time with Lizzie just for me. Maybe I'm over thinking it, probably. I always do. 
"I wasn't going to leave you here alone, Lex. You know that." He said as he put his hand on top of mine, and I instantly relaxed under his touch. 
"When are you going to tell him, Lex?" Chrissy slurred. I almost forgot she was there. But I knew exactly what she was talking about, my feelings for Ashton. I was just hoping she would keep her mouth shut the rest of the way home. 
"Shutup Chris, you're drunk." I tried to laugh it off, but I was just praying she wouldn't say anything she wasn't supposed to. 
"Tell me what?" Ashton said. Shit. 
"Ugh, nothing." I stuttered. "She doesn't know what she's talking about," I shifted nervously in my seat and stayed quiet until we got to Chrissy's house. 
"I'll see you two tomorrow!" She said as she stumbled out of the car. 
"I love you!" She called over her shoulder as she unlocked the door to her house and quickly went inside. 
"Do you want to stay at mine tonight?" He blurted out. 
"Okay," I said simply. Assuming he just meant it as friends, obviously he did. We used to stay at each other's houses all the time before he started dating Lizzie. 
We got to his house and he helped me out as we walked to his door and made our way inside. 
"My parents are sleeping," He whispered as we made our way up the stairs. "I don't want to wake them." 
I just nodded. 
We got to Ashton's room and I instantly flopped onto his bed, exhausted. He laughed and laid down next to me, rolling over so he was facing me. 
"Can I borrow some clothes?" I asked, breaking the silence. 
"Yeah," He said, getting off the bed and making his way to his drawers. "Here," he handed me one of his shirts. 
"I doubt you'll need anything else, it'll probably come down to your thighs anyway," He laughed and made his way back to the bed. 
"Don't look," I muttered. 
"Fine, fine." He replied as he turned around. 
"Ugh, Ash?" 
"Can you help me get my dress off? like ugh, the zip?" I mumbled. 
"Sure," He made his way over to me, and I could feel his breath on my neck as his fingers brushed my skin. My skin felt like it was on fire every time he touched me. 
He pulled the zipper down as he brushed my hair out of the way. 
"Thanks," I said, clearing my throat. 
He nodded and turned around again, allowing me to get changed. I slipped out of my dress and pulled on Ashton's shirt. He was right, it did touch my thighs. I guess Lizzie wore his shirts enough for him to know that, though. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that, and I tried to swallow the pang of jealousy that had suddenly surfaced. 
"You can look now," I mumbled as I made my way over to the bed. 
"You look cute in my clothes." He laughed nervously.
I blushed knowing that he didn't mean to say that out loud. 
I slid in next to Ashton in the bed, facing him. I felt his arm wrap around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I could feel his breath on my lips because of how close we were, my stomach was doing flips as I tried to relax. Almost as if Ashton could tell that he was making me uneasy, he inched away from me. 
"What was Chrissy talking about in the car?" He whispered. 
Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. 
"I- um,"
I didn't think he was going to ask, shit. 
"It's okay," He breathed, like he was reading my mind. "We can talk about it tomorrow, you're tired." He kissed me on the head. 
"Goodnight, Lex." 
"Goodnight, Ash." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. 

I'm going to have to deal with this sooner or later.  


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