Crossed Wires

Lexi has loved Ashton ever since she laid eyes on him. They've been through everything together. She would always help him when it came to coping with breakups. But now Ashton has a new girlfriend.
Will she ever be able to tell Ash how she really feels? was there even a point in doing so?


1. Chapter 1

I could hear a muffled vibration waking me from my sleep, I shoved my head into my pillow as I tried to drown out the irritating noise. I let out a sigh of relief as it finally stopped ringing, I looked at my alarm clock sitting on my bed side table; who the hell was calling at 3 in the morning anyway? I checked the caller ID. 
Ashton (1) it read. 
I let out a frustrated sigh and called him back, surely it was important if he was calling this early on a school day. He answered on the second ring. 
"Hello?" He said. 
"You called?" I said, yawning. 
"Yeah, sorry, did I wake you?" 
Obviously I thought. 
"No, it's fine, what's up?" I said lifting myself out of my bed and raking my hands through my long brown bed hair. 
"It's Lizzie," he sighed. 
Of course it is. 
Don't get my wrong, I'm always there for Ashton, I loved being there for him. But when you like someone this much it's hard to act like it's perfectly fine that they're dating someone else.
"She just doesn't even try, you know?" He continued. "I feel like i'm always the one who puts an effort in," 
We didn't say anything for a while. 
"I'm sure she'll come around," I encouraged. "But if not, you'll find someone better, Ash."
"I don't know, Lex." He sighed again.  
"I'm sorry for laying this on you all the time," He said after a moment. "I just don't know who else to talk to about this kind of stuff, you know? You're my best friend." 
"I know Ash, and it's totally fine, I'm always here for you." I let out a breath I didn't realise I was holding. 
"I have to sleep, school is in like-" 
"3 hours." He finished for me. 
I half laughed, "Good night, Ash." 
"Later, Lex." 
I expected him to hang up, but he hadn't yet, and neither had I. 
"Are you going to hang up?" I giggled. 
"I might," I could practically feel the grin that was plastered on his face. 
"No but for real," he said. "I have to sleep." 
"Okay, go to sleep." I whispered. 
"Okay." He whispered back. "Hey, Lex?" 
"N-nothing, sleep well." 
Then the line went dead. 
That was weird. 

Knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep now, I lifted myself out of bed and went for a shower. The hot water ran over my body as I washed my hair, steam completely feeling the bathroom as I hummed my own tune. 30 minutes later I was out and getting dressed. (
 I applied some mascara and eyeliner, not worrying about foundation as my skin was already quite clear. 
I sat down on my bed, and grabbing my guitar as I started to strum 'Brick By Boring Brick' by 'Paramore'. 
"You built up a world of magic because your real life is so tragic," I softly sang to myself. 
"I always love hearing you sing," a voice said from behind me. 
"JESUS, WHAT THE HELL!?" I screamed as I dropped my guitar to the floor. I turned around to see who it was that scared the absolute shit out of me. It was Ashton.
"What are you doing!" I yelled, still flushed. 
"Sorry," He laughed. "I thought you knew I was here," He was still laughing. 
"How much of that did you hear?" I breathed. 
"Not much," he simply replied. "Chill out, babe." 
I blushed at him calling me 'babe', he always said it, but I blushed every time he did. 
"I thought we could walk to school together," He said, interrupting my thoughts. 
I nodded.
"What about Lizzie?" I asked, picking my guitar off of the floor. 
"What about her? we're just walking to school, Lex, not making out." He laughed. 
I blushed again at the thought of kissing Ashton. 
I could see him looking at me and smirking from the corner of my eye, he knew the effect he had on me, but we never said anything about it. 

We made our way down stairs, my mum was on a business trip, she went on loads of them, so majority of the time I was alone in the house. 
"Do you want to eat anything before we go?" I asked as I made my way into the kitchen. 
"Nah, I'm good. Let's go." He said as he wrapped his arm around me. 
No body ever questioned how close me and Ashton were, so people seeing him with his arm around me wasn't a very big deal, after all we were best friends, so it didn't matter.
"Want to share my earphones?" I asked as we were walking. 
"Sure," He smiled as he took one of them from me. 
Wonderwall started playing, and I couldn't help but blush, yet again. Ash seemed to notice and playfully poked my cheek. 
"Stop it!" I giggled, playfully swatting his hand away. 
"I love your laugh," He said, smiling down at me. 
"Oh shutup," I said as I playfully pushed him, trying to hide how much that made my stomach flutter. 
Soon enough we were at school, and Ashton ended up running off with Lizzie. So I then found my best friend, Chrissy. 
"You look nice today," She said. 
"I don't feel it," I mumbled. 
"Still nothing with Ash?" She asked, sympathetically. 
"It's not like there ever will be, Chris." I said, shutting my locker once I got my books out. 
"Hang in there babe, you never know what could happen." 
I gave her a weak smile as I walked off to first period. 

You never know what could happen.

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