The memories of Fred and George weasley

There they were, the two twins wands, they hadn't been touched since they married those two muggles, they didn't want to touch the wands because of all the bad memories, but it was oh so temting and before they could stop themselves they were walking towards these wands,and not stopping...


7. the plan

'So,here's the plan'declaired Charlie, " we will distract the adults by..."yes,by..." Luna prompts "well,any ideas?"says Charlie in the end with a sigh "oooooo I know I know!!!!"answers Jessie, extremely exited "I could steal your wands for next year and do magic all over the house, then mum and dad'll give me a row and then the ministry People'll come over and cause chaos,and I can just make my cute and innocent face and say " why aw you in my houshe,youw scawy,I didn't know that it was against the law,I just saw my my bwuver and my cuzens wandsh and thought they looked fun"then they'll go away"Jessie finished gushing then and Luna said". No way you will have a bad record so if some other witch or wizard frames you your case will probably fail,but maybe we could ask them ALL to teach Bill and Ginny some spells using twigs"and Charlie replies "yeah but we could all go do the wand thing then half way through say we need the loo,go to the attic and do some exploring,deal?"deal" reply the two girls."well let's get to work then"

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