The memories of Fred and George weasley

There they were, the two twins wands, they hadn't been touched since they married those two muggles, they didn't want to touch the wands because of all the bad memories, but it was oh so temting and before they could stop themselves they were walking towards these wands,and not stopping...


2. the kids

Fred and Ruby had two children one was a muggle girl called Jessie who was 8 yrs of age and then there was Charlie who was 10 and starting hogwarts next year(obviously Charlie is a wizard) George and Leanne also had kids,3 in fact the eldest was a witch called Luna who was 10 and starting hogwarts next year too,then a wizard called Bill who was 8 and then a muggle girl called Ginny who was 5 these five kids were more like siblings than siblings and cousins,they lived together,they went to the same school(well for Luna and Charlie it will be different next year) some of them even shared bedrooms! One day Ginny had gone missing, they didn't want to tell the adults so the searched for her themselves,the searched everywhere until there was one more room to search, the forbidden attic! 'No, we can't go up there you know are parents don't let us' said a calm organized Luna 'yeah it'd be a betrayal of their trust'said an everloyal Bill 'oh come on'said cheeky Jessie 'they never have to know,you know'said a mischievous and childish Charlie 'and anyway don't you want to get Ginny back'said Charlie with a knowing and mischievous grin, Luna wavered 'well I guess,we could,oh fine but only for Ginny's sake'said Luna frustratedly and up they went and there they saw there father/uncles wands in glass cases,and a split second later they saw Ginny and to their horror her reaching her grubby fingers to the wands but Luna was quick thinking and lunged forward grabbing Ginny's ankles and then clamping Ginny's mouth closed so she wouldn't scream they then ran down the stairs like their lives depended on it into Bill's room as it was the closest and collapsed on bill's bed,Luna took her hand away from Ginny's mouth and Ginny started to scream and scream like there was no tomorrow obviously then the adults came up as fast as possible 'what happened here?'demanded Fred 'oh nothing'replied Charlie'we were just playing and she fell over'the others nodded like crazy 'oh my poor little lamb'said Leanne in her welsh accent 'are you ok babe'said Ruby and Ginny cuddled up to Leanne,calming down a little 'ok since everything is ok now up here we have prepare dinner for you spoiled little brats'George tease and the adults went down stairs 'never again guys ok? Never again!'said Luna

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