The memories of Fred and George weasley

There they were, the two twins wands, they hadn't been touched since they married those two muggles, they didn't want to touch the wands because of all the bad memories, but it was oh so temting and before they could stop themselves they were walking towards these wands,and not stopping...


4. the first memory

There were their wands, glistening and beautiful,the twins couldn't help themselves,they lunged towards there wands and started playing like little kids!hexes were thrown and spells were cast,they then found an old box of puking pastels And more things from 'weasleys wizard wheezes'they were having the time of their life when they both cast a hex at each other at the same time, it wasn't good,they were thrown backwards and all of a sudden they heard curses being thrown and they heard these spells one time to many 'crucio','imperio' and 'Avada kadava',they were back in the battle of hogwarts,well at least in their heads they were! The twins hear the screams for the second time in there lives!then lupins gone,tonks is gone,snapes gone,nearly everyone they have ever loved,dead.they know it's just a memory but they're crying anyway,then they're back in reality 'what just happened?'asked Fred 'I dunno'replied George

'We should've just left the wands'

'Yeah we'll be in big trouble now'

'Let's just leave and put the wands back'

'Ok and just wait and see what happens'

'Hopefully the ministry won't write'

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