The memories of Fred and George weasley

There they were, the two twins wands, they hadn't been touched since they married those two muggles, they didn't want to touch the wands because of all the bad memories, but it was oh so temting and before they could stop themselves they were walking towards these wands,and not stopping...


5. Luna's confuseda

'How could it be possible'Luna thought,Luna had always thought that she was, in awful words a mudblood,what next,was her mum a witch like her,or maybe her Aunty?! It was obvious that it was her dads and uncles wands, they just suited them!then she thought,with her mind trailing 'hey,maybe I could be like ollivander when I'm older,wait keep on track Luna you need to find out if you are half blood or pure blood and there's only one way to do that'yes,Luna was going back in the forbidden attic but she needed back up and she needed a plan but most of all she needed Charlie and Jessie.she ran straight to Charlie's room and as she thought Jessie was there,she wasn't happy or comforted about what they were doing'she was sure it was a prank meant for her 'hey guys,so are you curious about the wands'she asked hoping she sounded normal'ummmm yeah I guess'Jessie replied ' I know I am and theirs only one way to find out'Charlie exclaimed with a sly smirk'i know I know don't make it worse'said Luna sadly 'so,what's the plan?'

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