The memories of Fred and George weasley

There they were, the two twins wands, they hadn't been touched since they married those two muggles, they didn't want to touch the wands because of all the bad memories, but it was oh so temting and before they could stop themselves they were walking towards these wands,and not stopping...


9. action

"Muu'uuuuum,I really want to get a head start at hogwarts so can I get normal twigs and just copy of my books?" "of course darling,I think that's a brilliant idea,I'm so glad that your exited about going to school"replied Ruby eagerly .(meanwhile)"mum,can I practice magic before I go to school,I know it's against the law but if I used normal twigs...could I?" "Ok babe,just keep using the twig, I don't want you to go to magic jail before you start,"replied Leanne softly with a laugh "ohhhh I know I'm not magic and never going to magic school but it'll be so much fun if me and Bill could learn too"chips in Jessie "of course my little lambs,as long as Luna doesn't mind you using her books too"said Leanne with a smile "oh I don't mind,come on guys,hey Ginny,do you wanna do some magic?" Asked Luna "Magic ,magic,magic,bibadybobadyboo!!!"replied Ginny "ok let's go then,oh wait mum can you and dad help?"of course,we're not magic but...George get out here and help the kids with me!" And out came their dad "help with magic,I'm coming,I'm coming!"out they came and the first thing they saw was uncle Fred and Aunty Ruby helping Charlie "oh look now we all get more help"says Luna optemisticly "hi guys mind if we join"

"Course not"

"Ok but before we start I really need the toilet"

"So do I "

"So do I"

Jessie,Luna and Charlie run into the house

"Just stay out here with Bill and Ginny,back in a min" shouts Jessie as she runs for the house,they get inside and stop at the attic" ready cuz"retorts Charlie with a grin,Luna takes a deeep breath and without answering,runs up the stairs closely followed by her cousins

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