He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.


4. TWO

Because Ashley was not on the same block with Paige, all he got was listen to his friends talk about her. How the more gorgeous she become, how her sexy curvy body sends all the guys in their class drooling whenever she comes into the classroom. And how smart student she was, answers all questions given to her by their professors as payment for her absence last week, she scored all A's on every subject during their end of week exam, this impressed the professors and the guys intimidated. 

Ashley was impressed himself just hearing the stories, and he found that he wants to spend some time with Paige and get to know her. Not all girls are like her, right? Interesting and cool. On friday night Ashley drove up to their family mansion in Castlelea, which was an hour travel, to spend the weekend with his parents. Isaac and Raymond were going home too, so mostly that weekend will be spent playing musics and airsoft.

He parked his car in his usual parking space which was in front of the door of their mansion (his parents had been scolding him about it because they've got parking lots and he never used them at all ever since he got his own car), then he went in. His father was standing in the middle of the hall, dressed in a white pants and flower print button down shirt, a luggage beside him. "Dad," he spoke.

"Hello young man," his father smiled and embraced him. "I thought you aren't coming home this weekend, your mother and I are booked for a cruise this week." his father told him with a frown.

His parents always wants him to join them wherever they went, it was sometimes embarrassing because they still treat him like a little boy. He's just thankful that he's in college now. "Dad I'm cool," he told his father. "Don't worry about me. I think it's time you and mom go on vacations without me."

"That is not possible young man," it was his mother who came down the stairs, wearing a white dress and a white sandals.

Ashley smiled at his mother and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. "Mom that's not what I meant. Of course I still love to go with you guys on vacations, but I'm in college now and my course needs a lot of focus."

His mother looked at him knowingly. 

"So do you want me to drive you guys to the airport?" he asked.

"No need for that son," his father answered. "Albert will drive us there." Albert Montgard was their family driver.

Minutes later, their white land cruiser pulled up on the drive way. Ashley helped his parents with their luggage, after he embraced them good bye he went back into the mansion walked straight to the kitchen. 

Ashley's father runs Walker Corp for twenty years now. He inherited this from his father who inherited it from his grand father, and Ashley will one day soon inherit it too. But he was not fond of the family business, and his parents had expressed a great deal of disappointment when he told them about it. His mother advice Ashley's father that it was too early to talk about it because he was only eighteen, his father just nodded his head and retreated in his room. When Ashley was left alone with his mother, she gave him a never ending lecture. For now, till he graduates college they won't be pressing on him to start working for the company and familiarize what business was all about and whatever there was to know. 

So Ashley made his mother a deal. He will take up aeronautics, be on the band as long as they can still make musics while he was still at the university, it will be very tough but he vowed to himself to make things work his way, graduate college, get a job then work on getting his highest ranking license. He asked his mother to give him just ten years, then he will join his father's business. Ten years is all he needed to do what he wants for himself, compared to inheriting the family business which will take all his life time. His mother agreed. When she told his father about this, he was furious, he couldn't wait for ten years before Ashley joins the company. Thanks to Mrs. Walker who convinced her husband to give Ashley the time he wants to spend for himself.

Mrs. Alders, the family cook, came in from the back door of the kitchen holding a basket of freshly picked vegetables. His mother and Mrs. Alders had kept a small vegetation plot at the back of the kitchen, it was to their liking that it was much better to harvest their own crops at least they know that there aren't any chemicals sprayed on them.

"There's beef stew and grilled fish," Mrs. Alders spoke. "Do you want to have dinner now?"

"Maybe in an hour," Ashley answered. "Mrs. Alders, you are neighbors with the Benningtons right?"

"Oh yes they are my neighbors," she placed the basket beside the sink and one by one washed the vegetables. "Why do you ask?"

"Nothing, just asking."

Mrs. Alders studied him closely. "Interested of that young Bennington? She and her twin brother went to school with you right?"

Ashley took a glass of cold water and sat on a stool. "Yes. And they both are attending the same university I'm in, the same course too."

"She's taking up aeronautics?" 


Mrs. Alders shook her head. "Such a waste that girl. I knew it ever since she was a child, she's a tomboy."

Ashley coughed from his glass, and sputtered water all over the floor.

"Are you alright son?" Mrs. Alders looked at him worriedly.

"Yes I am, I thought I hear you say she's a tomboy."

Mrs. Alders nodded her head. "My son Matthew used to like her. They dated actually."

"But Matthew is two years older than us."

"I know, age is not a difference if two people like each other."

Ashley raised an eyebrow. He didn't know Paige dated Matthew Alders, the star quarterback of his time! "How long were they dating?" Ashley felt a pang of jealousy, Matt was a handsome guy, he's probably much more handsome now that he's a college dude. He's not gay alright, but he would never deny that he appreciates a handsome guy when he sees one. A very handsome guy.

"Two years. Paige was a freshman that time and Matt was a junior." Mrs. Alders smiled at the memory. 

He stood beside their cook. "You allow your son to date a girl two years younger than he is?"

"You see Ashley, my children and the Bennington's children had been play mates ever since they were kids. So it's normal for them to like each other. So when Paige was finally in high school, Matt decided to date her then they went steady for two years straight."

"How come I didn't know about this?"

"You were busy minding your own business," Mrs. Alders answered.

Ashley shut his mouth.

"Paige isn't a show off for a girl to be dating the high school quarterback. She loves being unseen, so she made Matt promise her never to tell anyone at school that they were dating. Matt did what she wanted. When he finally graduated in high school, she broke up with him for no reason at all."

"But Matt's happy now with his girlfriend right?" 

"I think so,"

"So how is Paige a tomboy now?"

"Because she plays games for boys, toys for boys. She never joins her sister and my daughters play at their doll house. Paige was always playing war games with my sons and her brothers. That kid," she shook her head.

"Well you don't make that as a basis for announcing that she's a tomboy Mrs. Alders. Maybe she just loves the things boys do."

"Why are you defending her?"

"Because you seem to hate her so much."

Mrs. Alders sighed. "I don't hate her. But she's the reason why Matt traveled to another country to study college. Paige broke his heart."


***     ***     ***


On Saturday mid-morning, Ashley met with his friends at the Castlelea Airsoft center with his airsoft gears. There were ten people at the safe zone area, Isaac and Raymond was one of them. Some of last years football team were there too and nodded at Ashley when he came in. 

"Is this our team?" Ashley asked Raymond.

Isaac was putting on his gear pads.

"Yeah," Raymond answered. "We're green team, blue team's ready so get dressed."

Ashley was already wearing his brown camouflage pants, combat boots and black shirt. He put on his safety vest and doubled check his pellet magazine that he placed earlier in the pockets. He put on his belt pouches that was also filled with magazines. He was using his electric M4A1 carbine and his Beretta M92FS. He put on his black finger gloves and ready his balacava and eye protector.

"How many are playing?" he asked Raymond and Isaac who were both busy filling their magazines.

"Ten, ten" Isaac answered.

"And guess what, Paige is on the blue team." Raymond winked at him. 

"She is? She plays airsoft too?" Ashley asked in disbelief.

"Interesting right?" Isaac asked. "What's more interesting is, she doesn't have a boyfriend."

"You asked her that?" 

"Raymond here did," Isaac pointed a thumb at Raymond who was now putting on his balacava.

Ashley gave him a stare that said: explain yourself.

"What?" Raymond asked him. 

"What did you tell her?"

"I asked if she wants to go on a date with me, that's all."

"And why did she tell you she doesn't have a boyfriend?" Ashley pressed. 

"Because I said that maybe the reason why she didn't want to date me was because of her boyfriend. And she said no she doesn't have a boyfriend." Robert explained. "Happy now? Are you planning to ask her out?"

"Yes," Ashley answered putting on his balacava, so to make it clear to his friends that they were hands off Paige.

Raymond chuckled and took CM16 carbine. "She's all yours dude. And good luck."

The game started. Castlelea Airsoft Center, was mad up of a huge space with two buildings built just for the game. There was a land area with barrells, wooden houses concrete houses and whatever obstacle there was for the players to hide on. Then there was the jungle area, where it was really difficult to identify your opponent. That game though was held on the two storey building. It was an easy game, shoot the other team. No one could cheat once hit because there was always marshals who monitor the hits of each team. 

Ashley, Isaac and Raymond always work together every time they play. Ashley was the shooter, Raymond was the seeker and Isaac was the bait, and they always win with their game plan. Each of them had already eliminated someone from the other team, making seven more of the enemies left, but they were not so sure yet. As the game progressed, moans and shouts could be heard from those who got hit. Ashley was hiding in one of the rooms and watched from a whole on the wall as one by one their team mates got hit themselves. Isaac signaled that he was going out and Raymond and Ashley nodded their head.They waited five minutes, then Raymond went out too. Ashley don't know where the enemy was located, but he was sure there was one more left because there aren't any players on the ground left. He waited for five minutes, then went down to the ground floor.

He peered from inside the door and checked for Isaac or Raymond, but the were not there. He was the only one left now, and maybe two more from the opponents. Ashley started to move out of the building but got shot in the middle of his chest, the buzzer went off signaling that the game was over and there was a winner. Still he couldn't fathom who the shooter was he scanned the other building no one was there, where the hell could that sniper be?!

Every one went back inside the safe zone and took off their gears. Blue team won with only one remaining player left. They waited for that player to come into the safe zone. And when the player did, Ashley knew who it was. Paige Bennington. She was in full battle gear, she carried her sniper rifle nozzle up and rested on her left shoulder, her finger safe from the trigger. Her balacava and head gear rested on her forehead, she was covered with dust. Her team clapped their hands as she walked towards them. She smiled briefly at them, then walked past Ashley like he wasn't there at all. 

It drove him crazy. She was the first girl who ignored someone popular like Ashley Walker! 

Both teams wanted to play a second game, but there were other players on cue so they exited the airsoft center. Ashley invited the Isaac and Raymond over to his house. He told them that his parents were not there and they could do whatever they want, which was band practice. The guys left to leave their things at home and change clothes, Ashley didn't left yet he waited for her.

When he saw Caleb coming out of the building, Paige walking behind him talking to someone, Ashley then took the chance and went near Caleb. "Hey," 

Caleb smiled and nodded at him. "Hey, you got kicked by my twin!"

Ashley laughed. He'd want to lose to any game as long as Paige was the winning team. "I know. Best sniper your team got."

"She works long range combat, she's comfortable with it." Caleb answered.

"Hey, I was wondering if it'd be okay to talk to your sister?" Ashley asked.

Caleb raised an eyebrow and grinned. "You're asking my permission?"

He shrugged. "Well I thought it's much safer if I asked your permission before I talk to her."

"Go ahead, talk to her."

Ashley said thanks and Caleb walked to his car waiting for Paige. When Paige was done talking with the guy from her team, he glanced at him briefly then looked straight while walking. "Hey Paige," he said when she was near him. He thought she'd go on walking.

She stopped. "Yeah," she spoke in a friendly tone compared to last week, and looked at him.

"Are you free today?" he asked.

She raised an eyebrow. "What did you say?"

"I wonder if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight." he asked.

She looked into his eyes. "Ashley Walker, thanks but no thanks. I'm having dinner with my family tonight-"

"Dessert then?" he interrupted.

Paige glared at him. "I just declined right?"

"I'm not gonna stop until you say yes." He was that determined.

"Give me a good reason Walker, for me to go out with you," she told him. "And when you finally do, let me know and if it is a good one then I'll go out with you."

Ashley slumped forward, she really wasn't going to say yes. "Even for a friendly date?"

"Why, were you planning to go out with me on a-not-friendly-date?" she asked. "One of your friends had asked me out earlier. So what makes you think I believe you?"

"No, it's not what you think," he quickly answered. "And Raymond was being an asshole. The thing is I really want to get to now you."

She laughed. "Oh, the rockstar wants to know Paige Bennington. Come on Walker, we both know the type of girls you prefer dating. So quit pretending and just be yourself."

"I am being myself," Ashley pressed. "I really want to get to know you Paige, I swear."

She crinkled her nose. "Again, give me a reason why I would like to go out with you. If you do, come to my house."

"Can I have your number then?" he asked.

"If you seriously want to get to know me, you will come to my house and talk me out of staying home for the weekend." With that she walked away and hopped into her brother's car.

Caleb waved at him grinning.

Damn! Why was she being hard on him? Normally girls would say yes when he asked them out, or even when he haven't asked them yet, they'd already say yes. But Paige? She was impossible!












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