He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



Ashley, Isaac and Raymond decided that they wear a coat and tie for the Christmas Eve celebration. They paired this with a black sneakers and red santa hat. It was an hour before midnight and they were on stage in a large dining hall (which housed five hundred to a thousand people) for the sound check, they will be starting in about ten minutes.

Their family were somewhere in the crowd sitting on one of the long tables. The crowd buzzed as people came in one by one and taking their seats on tables that was meters away from the stage. The manager had managed to separate the diner tables from a free space below the stage where people could dance for that night. Ashley began tuning his guitar.

"I love you Ashley!" a male voice called and everyone laughed.

Ashley waved at them then went on tuning.

"Guys," the events manager came to the stage. "Five more minutes and you're good to go."

"We got that," Ashley said and the manager left. Turning to his friends he asked, "Ready now?"

"I am," Raymond said.

"Me too," Isaac smiled.

"Okay," Ashley walked near the mic in the center of the stage and sang, "The time has come..."

The crowd screamed and one by one went near the stage to sing and dance while Ashley sang. Maybe he's got his heart broken, maybe he will never have that chance to be with Paige the girl he loved, maybe everything happened for a reason. But that was not stopping him from making his fans happy and shouting his name. He was sure the next album will have heart broken songs, but he don't care at all. In music he can express what he feels and share it to the whole world. Let them know he is hurting, it isn't bad at all. Everybody hurts, at least now Ashley knows what it feels like to be in love and what it feels like to have a broken heart.

If the time will come when he and Paige would meet again, which will likely happen because they study in one university and live in the same compound, and he still have that feelings for her, he vowed to himself to tell her over and over again until that feelings will be gone for good. 

With the months spent with Paige, he had started to plan for his future with her. He even went to the extent of planning to marry her, have a home and family together. Love was such a strong feeling to be felt by both people. It was true what Paige said that love is wonderful at the same time addictive, everything seems perfect and no one else matters except the two of you. But it is also unfair, because that wonderful thing that both of you shared is the weapon that will break the two of you apart.

He didn't know why but a tear escaped from his eye and slid down his cheek. He wiped it with his finger after singing the fifth song. It was ten minutes to midnight, and he told Isaac and Raymond that they were playing 'PAIGE' near midnight. So he cleared his throat on the mic and spoke, "Everyone welcome to the Garia Grand Hotel!"

The crowd clapped their hands.

"Thanks to the management for giving us the opportunity to play in this five star hotel!"

The crown clapped once more.

"Now this next song is for someone special," he paused.

"Is that serious?" someone from the crowd called.

He looked at the crowd. "Was. But I broke her heart, and now it's too late to have her back."

There was a gasp from the crowds then murmurs.

"You'll be fine Ashley!" a guy called. 

"It happens!" a girl called.

Ashley smiled at them. "Thanks a lot you people for supporting me and my band! Now here's a song to the only girl that I ever love - PAIGE"



You're such a pretty girl

I can barely breath from the sight of you

I see you in my dreams

I think I'm getting stoned

Stoned for you


No one ever understands me

Until you walked into my life

Should I wait too long

To make you mine


To hold you in my arms

Is all I need to keep me



& Heed


No one ever understands me

Until you walked into my life

Should I wait too long

To make you mine


Having you I own the world

Alone without you

Life is dark

Baby it's untrue

That I'll break your heart


No one ever understands me

Until you walked into my life

Should I wait too long

To make you mine


When the song ended, the countdown started for twelve midnight.






"MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!" Ashley called and they played All I Want For Christmas Is You. The people cheered and kissed their families, friends, boy friend, girl friends, sons, daughters, everyone! Ashley was happy and contented to watch the people who were happy to be with their families and friends. He is happy to be with his family and friends too, but it would be a whole lot different if Paige was there.

"Ashley!" someone called to him.

He looked to the curtains of the stage where the manager came earlier but no one was there.

"Ashley! Over here!"

"Hey you're that girl he was with on the magazine!" someone from the crowd said.

Ashley looked down on the crowd to see what was happening.

"You must be Paige," a girl said.

"Why won't you go up on stage!"

Moments later, a girl wearing a red dress was carried by the crowd towards the stage. She gulped when they locked eyes. PAIGE!

Ashley's heart began beating faster, as he stopped playing his guitar to help Paige on the stage. "Paige," he croaked.

"Hi," she managed to say. She looked really gorgeous in a red tube empire dress, with a red high heels. What made her really stunning was that her hair was curly and fall softly around her. It was the first time he saw her with make up and she looked really adorable.

"You're here," he said looking into her eyes.

"I pushed my parents to come here for the holidays." she answered. "Was the song for me?"

Everything seemed to die down around them.

"Why?" he asked. "And yes the song is for you."

"Because you're here," she said in a whisper.

"How did you know?" he asked looking at her closely.

"I called Raymond and asked where you guys are."

"When did you write that song?" she asked him.

"A month when we were together."

Ashley looked at his friend who grinned at him. He smiled back. Then turning to Paige he said, "Is it important you're here now?"

Paige sighed and looked into his eyes. She moved closer to him, pulled his head with her hands and kissed him. Ashley closed his eyes and kissed her back, they were the only person that mattered in that room right now, just the two of them. And he was the happiest guy, that night, even for that night it was really fine with him. Having her in his arms was what he needed.

She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. It was only then he realized that they were still in the middle of the stage when the crowd began shouting his name. "Why are you here Paige?" he asked softly.

"Because of you," she spoke tears streamed down her cheek. "I can't stand being far away from you Ashley. I tried to deny it. I made a mistake of not going after Matt, but I will not do the same mistake again. I love you so much and I want you back in my life. I don't care if you don't want me anymore, but I'm gonna make sure everyday at the university to remind you that I love you."

Ashley smiled at her. "Funny,"

She frowned. "You think everything's funny?"

"Funny because I also vowed to myself that when I get back at the university, I'll always tell you that I love you until that feeling is gone." He wiped a tear with his thumb.

"But I don't want your feelings for me to be gone Ashley."

He shook his head. "No it won't Paige," he kissed her once more.

The crowd cheered and All I Want For Christmas Is You played on the speakers.

"It will never be gone because I know that my love for you is forever. I love you so much."

Paige sobbed but smiled then embraced him tightly. "I love you forever Ashley."

They kissed once more. So being a popular heart breaker was now behind him. Everything was perfect with Paige back in his life.


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