He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



"Hey Ash, I think you'd better move your ass," Isaac told him as he came inside the guest house at the Harris mansion which they used to leave their things during their performance.

Ashley had just packed his wet shirt in his day pack and looked at Isaac. "Why what's wrong?"

"Paige is talking to someone, the guy looks familiar to me. She's crying,"

Ashley started for the door, fury raised inside. 

"They're talking by the poolside!" Isaac called to him.

The poolside was just near the guest house. People were scattered everywhere, and he couldn't avoid them from asking for his autograph or wanting to have a photo with him. So it took him about ten minutes before he got to the pool. Paige was pulling her wrist from Matthew's grip.

"Is he hurting you Paige?" Ashley asked as he neared them.

Paige and Matthew were both startled.

"Ashley," Paige said her voice begging for help.

"Hey Ashley," Matthew said with a not-so-friendly-smile. "If you could just leave me and my girl friend for a moment-"

"Let her go Matt," he said in a warning voice.

Matt laughed. He was such an asshole. "Who are you to tell me that? You're no one Walker!" his hands gripped on her wrist.

"Matthew you're hurting me!" Paige complained trying her best to pull away from him.

"Let go Matt, you don't want this to go bad right?" Ashley was holding his best not to punch him on the face.

"Hey dude," Raymond came followed by Isaac. The two guys were as tall and as large as Ashley. But Matthew was broader, yet there are three of them who can tackle him. If he was not letting go, that scene next won't be nice.

"Let Paige go," Isaac said.

Good, Matthew was smart enough to release Paige who went behind Ashley's back with her arms circled around his waist. "Don't think there's no payback Walker," he pointed his finger at Ashley and walked the other way.

The guys turned to Paige. Ashley slowly cupped her chin towards him, her eyes were bloodshot with tears still streaming down her cheek. "Did he hurt you aside from gripping your hand?" Ashley asked her.

She shook her head. "He wanted me to go to his house with him," she sobbed.

Ashley embraced her tightly.

"Who was that guy?" Isaac asked.

"Matthew Adlers," Raymond spoke.

"Son of Mrs. Adlers?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah," answered Raymond.

"What was he doing with Paige anyway?" sometimes Isaac just don't know when to shut up.

Ashley glared at him.

"We'll be ready outside Ash," Raymond said and tugged Isaac's shirt to follow him.

"Yeah we will!" Isaac called and the two disappeared into the guest house.

Ashley rubbed Paige's back with his hand. "Do you want to go home now?" he asked soothingly.

Paige shook her head and looked up at him. "If my family sees me crying, I swear my parents would go over the Adlers and talk to Matt's mother. As for my brothers, it will be a hunt for Matthew."

"I'll join the hunt, don't worry," he spoke with a smile.

She pinched his side lightly. "No one's going hunting."

"Where do you want to go now?" he asked her. 

"I don't wanna sleep at home tonight. It will take two days before my eyes is back to normal."

"Do you want to go back to the university?" he asked her.

Paige nodded her head yes.

"Alright, let's go."


***     ***     ***


After dinner at eight, Ashley and Paige went to his apartment. Paige was already dressed in her sleeping clothes - which was a jeans and a huge shirt owned Caleb. The two of them were lying on his bed watching television with the lights off. Isaac and Raymond were at Castlelea so no one was bothering them that night.

"He was there today because the celebrant is his girlfriend." She opened up to him. 

He never asked her anything during the ride back to the university or even when they had dinner. The issue was so delicate and Ashley didn't want her to cry again. Paige had enough crying that day, opening it up again was useless.

"I shouldn't have took you with us," Ashley said realizing that the confrontation was his fault.

"Don't blame yourself Ashley," she sniffled. She was starting to cry again. 

"Paige don't cry please," he lifted her head lightly with his hand and placed his arm underneath so she could lie on it, then he lay sideways so his front body was against her side. "I can't relate to how you feel now, but it hurts me to see you cry." Please don't cry for that scumbag, he wanted to add.

"I never thought I would still feel the pain upon seeing him. The pain still feels fresh, like everything just happened yesterday."

Ashley was no expert in this part, whatever he was going to tell her was surely not helping at all. There was one thing he can do for that moment to stop her from thinking about her douchebag ex-boyfriend. He kissed her. And Paige kissed him back. He gently run his hands to cup her head taking more of her, absorbing her pain so she wouldn't hurt anymore while she willingly opened up to him clutching his shirt pulling him to her. Ashley felt himself hardened as Paige arched her thighs against his hip pressing herself against him. He trailed his hand down her back felt the edges of her shirt and touched her hot skin. 

Every muscle of his body tightened as Paige pulled up his shirt and run her hands against his bare chest. Such power she has to bring him to a state of wanting more of her touch. He paused from kissing her, looked into her eyes and took of his shirt. She was looking at him with an expression of need that he was willing to give, but will she tell him to stop?

He moved on top of her and they kissed once more, as he trailed kisses down her neck, to her ears then back to her neck again, Paige let out a moan. Concentrating now on her shirt, he slowly rolled it up her body with both his hands, and when the shirt reached her full breast covered with a black lace bra Ashley looked into her eyes, asking for permission. She nodded her head.

Within minutes, Ashley had manage to undress Paige. He paused and looked down at the gorgeous sight that lay on his bed. She was blushing, he didn't want her to be ashamed of him. He adored everything about her even when she had that dress on. He adored the person she was that night she opened the door of her apartment for him. Ashley bent down and kissed Paige once more, hungrily this time. His hands traveled to her breast, she arched herself to him as he took one peak into his mouth, loving it with his tongue while kneading his hand on the other. He took turns doing this, it made Paige suck her breath and moan, Ashley wanted to give her more.

He trailed kisses down her tummy, darted his tongue into her navel as she spread her legs wide for him. God! She was willing to give herself to him, this made him heat up more and couldn't wait to bury himself deep down her tight sheath but not yet. Ashley needs her to forget about Matthew.

With one strong move, he pushed her legs wider and buried his face into her hot, and moist center. He sucked gently on that little yet very sensitive part.

"Oh Ashley," she said and let out a breath.

He darted his tongue in and out of her tasting her juices making her even more wet while rubbing the little sensitive spot with his thumb. Paige arched her lower body to him, begging him to take more of her, urging him to continue doing what he was doing.

"Ashley please..." she said in a raspy voice.

He slowly stopped, licked her once more looked up and meet her gaze. Ashley's stomach tightened when she bit her lip, she wanted him. "Please what?" he asked. Because he didn't know if she wanted him to stop or make love to her.

"I want you now," she said and blushed.

Ashley smiled at her then moved up to kiss her, his hands rubbing her center. "Are you still a-"

"No I'm not," she answered and bit his lower lip playfully.

"Really," he asked pulling away lightly looking at her.

"I'll explain later," Paige pulled him back into a kiss.

"Condom or no condom?" he asked between kisses.

She stopped and looked at him. "Condom of course! What if I get pregnant-"

"I'll marry you. Or even  if you aren't pregnant I'll still marry you." What the hell was he talking about?!

Paige giggled. "I can't wait to have you inside me Ashley,"

Nodding his head, he stood up and took of his pants, pulled his drawer on the side table and took a condom. Paige watched him with hunger that matched his. Sliding the rubber into his hard shaft, he settle himself between her spread legs then sucked her breast one at a time. "Are you sure you want this Paige?" he asked looking at her lovingly.

She nodded her head. 

Ashley bent down to kiss her and slowly entered her opening. Dammit, she was tight! She sucked her breath every time he moved his huge tool inside her inch by inch, she squeezed his back with her hands, and each time her nails scratched on his skin, he wanted to push harder to get all of himself inside her hot and tight sheath. But he was gentle. And when all his length was finally inside her, he couldn't help but watch as Paige shut her eyes, let out a gasp and bit her lip. That was enough to drive him in and out of her, sending them both to boundaries he thought he'd been to, she never knew existed. As Ashley pushed himself deeper into her, and Paige spreading more and giving all herself to him, he couldn't tell if she'd forgotten about Matthew even for just that night. Because he was sure of himself that he was the one forgetting that everything around him existed except for him and Paige making love.


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