He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



He failed to get a date with her that weekend, but nothing was stopping him especially they were in the same university. Their professor for Dynamics System and Control class wasn't coming in but block A was sent to the library for research. In the library, Ashley looked for Caleb and found him sitting on a corner by the window, a book opened in front of him on the table. 

"Hey Caleb," Ashley whispered as he sat across the clean cut guy.

"Hey Ash," Caleb replied in a whisper.

Ashley took out his notebook and the Dynamics System and Control book he pulled from the shelf earlier. "I honestly want to go out on a date with your sister. A friendly date" he told him, he can't believe his guts, telling the brother of the girl he likes to date.

Caleb looked up at him. "What's that got to do with me?"

"Well, she declined and told me that if I've got a good reason for her to date me then she'll accept." Ashley explained, Caleb don't seem to have a problem with him wanting to go out with his twin.

"So what do you want to do now?" Caleb asked.

"I want to know what she's interested in. Like things she wants to do."

"Are you trying to win her?" Caleb asked.

"I want to get to know her more," he answered looking at Paige's twin. "Then everything will follow after a first date with her." 

"Why don't you hang out with us for starters?" Caleb asked. "I mean she's got a lot of things she wants to do and I honestly can't remember any of them. Just skydiving."

Ashley smiled widely. "Hanging out with you guys is surely fun and I think it's a good idea too at least before I ask her out on a date. So why didn't she go sky diving?"

"Dad didn't want her to," Caleb answered. "Because she's the youngest in the family. Well not technically, you know what I mean right?"

"She can go sky diving without telling your father."

"Dad had ordered Inor Sky Diving Institute to give him a heads up if Paige comes to them and ask to sky dive."

Ashley nodded his head. "Your dad's really protective about her."

"I know, but sometimes it is really out of hand." Caleb muttered.

"So what are you guys doing tonight?" 

"Nothing much, probably just stay home and watch some movies."

"I'll come by at eight?"



***     ***     ***


So later that night, Ashley marched to the Bennington's apartment with a bag of chips and a pack of beer with him. Isaac and Raymond asked him where he was headed and when he told them where, they nodded their heads and told him good luck. Ashley pressed on the buzzer and the door opened seconds later. 

"Come in," Paige opened the door to him, she was reading a book by Joseph Talluto one of the zombie authors whom Ashley love.  She sat on the sofa by the window, so Ashley took a seat across her. "Caleb went out to buy pizza, I really don't know why he's got to go out to buy when he himself invited you over and when we can actually call for delivery."

He take it as Paige not liking the idea of hanging out with them. "Your brother and I are friends and we've got the same subjects so I have all the reasons to hang out with him, like it or not."

She just sat there silently reading her book.

"I have all six of his books." he offered.

"Nice," she answered without glancing. "You have no plans of telling me what happens in this book right? I still got four more to read."

Ashley shook his head and opened a bag of chips. "I'm leaving you be Untouchable Paige," he spoke and went to the kitchen to get a bowl and poured the chips in it when he went back to the living room.

"Caleb mentioned you wanna go sky diving," he looked at her as he feed himself with chips.

Paige slowly closed her book and looked at him. "So you're really working hard to get me out on a date."

"Wrong answer," if she was playing hard to get, well she should be prepare for he always gets what he wants and he was not one who gives up so easily. 

"No I don't wanna go sky diving," she answered irritated and stood up from where she was sitting, walked towards the stairs.

"I know of a place where no one has to tell your father that you went jumping out of a plane thousands of miles away from the sky," he called at her.

"You are the most annoying guy I've known," she came back down and stood at his side her hands on her hips. She was half smiling, half looking at him closely.

Ashley smiled satisfied. "I told you, I will never stop. I will always be your bee."

Paige laughed. It was the first time he saw her laugh, it was boisterous one. Not the cute laugh girls do whenever they are with him. She laughed so freely and he liked it. "God! Is that the way a rockstar act whenever he's with a girl he barely know?"

"Depends what type of girl I am with."

"Then what type of girl I am?" she asked him.

"That's why I want to hang out with you so I will know what type of girl you are." He stared into her green eyes. "So it's a sky diving date on saturday?"

She grinned at him. "Unless you prove that you're taking me sky diving then I'd say yes."

"What?" he asked confused. "You're not saying yes now, but you would like me to drag you to the sky diving field so you would believe that I'm telling you the truth? That I'm really asking you to go sky diving with me on saturday."

She leaned down at him, her lips inches closer from his and he could smell her strawberry scent, a sugary scent that hypnotized him. "You're a rockstar. You worked your way hard to popularity, the whole world knows who you are. I don't think my request is as complicated as when you started to play your first instrument."







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