He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.


12. TEN

"Okay, I'll come with you." Paige answered.

"Thank you Paige!" Ashley said over the phone on friday night. He'd just asked her to come with him to Landow for a birthday gig tomorrow night. "I thought you'd decline."

"Hey, I missed watching you perform. I think it was really silly for me not to watch you on your gigs. Tomorrow will be the start, and I'll be there to watch you on more performance on stage."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"What are you doing now?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"Thinking of you?" he answered.

Paige burst out laughing.

"What?" he laughed himself.

"You're really funny, no wonder we fit together."

"Ha! I know, that's why we're inseparable."

The two of them laughed.

"What time is it now?" he asked.

"It's only eight, why?"

Ashley stood up from his chair at the back of their mansion. A sudden urge of wanting to see her came over him. "Wanna go out?"

"Where to?"

"What about a walk at the beach?"

"I'm cool with that!"


***     ***     ***


Forty five minutes later the two of them were walking hand in hand on the board walk at Castlelea beach. The place was packed with college kids coming home for the weekend, and high school kids fooling around and taking the rides on the carnival down the road. They reached the edge of the boardwalk and watched the silent ocean, accompanied by the steady breeze that made Paige pulled her jacket tighter against her.

"Cold?" he asked looking down at her.

"Yeah, and you aren't," 

He was only wearing a black jeans and a black shirt. The weather to him was not cold at all, winter is cold to him. He positioned himself on Paige's back, pulled her to him and circled his arms around her keeping her warm. He could feel her shaking, either from the cold or from him embracing her he didn't know, his duty was to keep her warm that night. 

"Do you wanna sit on the floor board?" he asked her.

"Yeah sure,"

Ashley guided her to the side of the boardwalk then sat down and leaned on the wall, with his legs spread apart, then he motioned for Paige so sit on the floor between his legs, and she did so crossing her legs and leaned her back against his chest. He then circled his arms around her once more and rested his lips on her neck as she leaned her head on him. Ashley rubbed her arms with both his hands to generate heat, and trailed little kisses at the back of her neck as she bent her head forward, she sighed. It was the first time he done it to her in public, and she didn't told him to stop. He wondered how far would she let him go.

Paige clasp her hands with Ashley's as he trailed his tongue around her nape, going to her ear. He darted his tongue, and sucked the soft tip, this made her squeezed his hands and let out a moan, then she went stiff. "Ashley," she said in a whisper. "Stop."

And he stopped just like that. He was so scared to lose her that he obeyed when she tells her that what they were doing was too much. He didn't want to pressure her, as much as possible he wants her to feel more comfortable with their affection for each other.

Ashley embraced her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.

"Have you been in love Ashley?" she asked.


She sat up straight and looked at him. "Really?"

"Never. Is it bad?"

Paige leaned back on him and he circled his arms once more around her. "No it isn't. It's wonderful,"

He wondered if she was talking about him.

"You're always happy for no reason at all,"

He was always happy with her.

"You always look forward to each morning, each day to see that person again."

He always look forward to each morning, each day to see her again.

"Everything just seems to be perfect."

She is perfect.

"You're addicted to that feeling of being together, that you can't just get enough of each other."

He is addicted to her, and can't get enough of her.

"No one else matters except the two of you."

She was the only person that mattered to him now.

"You would do anything for that person to prove that you love them."

He would anything for her.

"There is that understanding, support, and care that you are willing to give without anything in exchange."

He understands that she has to take her time if she was still healing from that broken heart with Matthew, and because he cared so much about her he is willing to wait for as long as he can until that day she opens up her heart to him.

"But love hurts a lot," she went on with a low voice.

He would never hurt her.

"It is sometimes unfair."

He would never be unfair to her.

"When your caught off guard, because of being too comfortable with the relationship, and too much believing that nothing will ever break you apart, then everything shatters."

Matthew broke her.

"That wonderful, special thing that you both shared is the weapon that will break both of you apart and leave a wound you wouldn't know possible to heal."

Will she let him heal her?

"All those wonderful days together that you thought is forever, will soon fade, turn black, until all you see in your memories is nothing but failed promises, failed hopes. Not even one of that days shared could help you regain your existence."

Ashley turned her to him slowly. He couldn't take the pain she was feeling anymore, he didn't know why he was feeling it too, like a knife had just cut through in his heart. Her leg were tucked together and she was looking up at him. He stared into those green eyes, those eyes that Matthew had been staring for two long years and ended with betrayal for the reason that she was not ready to give herself to him. Ashley tipped her chin with his finger and thumb, tilted for his lips as he slowly bent down to kiss her and he watched as she slowly closed her eyes.

Her lips were soft, and tasted sweet. Ashley grazed his lip on hers and slowly darted his mouth urging her to open up for him. She hesitated, but with his constant undulating tongue Paige finally opened her mouth and let him in. He run his tongue on her teeth, and gave her lips a gentle tug as she held on to the side of his shirt. When she darted her tongue in his mouth, this made him ignite within. She kissed him the way he kissed her and his whole body went hard as he pulled her against him to take more, give more. A moan escaped Paige's mouth, and he covered this with his. 

Heart thudding wildly in his chest he slowly pulled away from her. He looked down on her, her eyes were still closed like she was in a dream. "Hey," he said softly.

Paige slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him. "I think you should drop me home now,"

She did it again. But he was not pushing her.

Nodding his head he said, "We should, before we get carried away." He kissed her once more, and she responded, then the two of them walked back to his car. His arms around her shoulder, her arms around his waist.









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